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Chapter 7

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Staff dormitory.

Qin Feng returned to his room and got into the bathroom after a short rest.

After taking a bath, he came out in a beach pants.

He frowned slightly, still thinking about Li ningshuang\'s moves before.

I always feel like I\'ve seen it somewhere!

Bang bang!

Suddenly, there was a violent knock outside the door.

Qin Feng put on a shirt and opened the door.

The moment he opened the door, Qin Feng\'s eyes were wide.

I saw a beautiful woman in violet suspender pajamas standing at the door.

The beautiful face was full of panic, and the slender sling had slipped off his shoulder.

The fragrant shoulder as white as fat is full of luster under the light.

Rao was determined by Qin Feng. At this time, he couldn\'t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Su Ruoxue grabbed Qin Feng\'s arm and said in a panic: "little brother... I... A mouse went into my room. You help me drive it out!"

Qin Feng was stunned and said with a light smile, "it\'s just a mouse, aren\'t you?"

In the wild, mice are a big meal!

Su Ruoxue turns a deaf ear, grabs Qin Feng\'s hand and goes to her dormitory.

Qin Feng\'s eyes jumped. The girl\'s heart is so big that she\'s not afraid of plotting against her!

As soon as she entered Su Ruoxue\'s room, a mouse ten centimeters in size came out from under the sofa.

Su Ruoxue screamed and immediately grabbed Qin Feng\'s clothes.

Qin Feng had just approved a shirt, which was caught by Su Ruoxue.

The little mouse ran to Su Ruoxue. Qin Feng immediately turned around, but saw the little mouse climb onto Su Ruoxue\'s instep.

Su Ruoxue didn\'t move. She didn\'t dare to breathe. Her pupils contracted sharply and almost fainted.

Qin Feng can see that the beauty is really afraid of mice.

He approached carefully, found the right time, jumped up and caught the mouse.

Su Ruoxue\'s Nightgown is very short. Qin Feng just got ready to get up and saw some scenery he shouldn\'t see.

After standing up, Qin Feng\'s face was hot.

Su Ruoxue threw her shirt at the mouse in Qin Feng\'s hand. After covering the mouse, she sat down on the sofa and breathed heavily.

Qin Feng smashed the rat\'s lungs with his internal strength and threw them into the nearby trash can.

Su Ruoxue patted her chest and took a deep breath to stabilize her mood.

Qin Feng picked up the clothes on the ground and said with a smile, "close the doors and windows at night, or there will be mice coming in!"

Then he turned and prepared to leave.

Su Ruoxue quickly called Qin Feng: "you... Wait a minute!"

Qin Feng stopped, turned and asked, "is there anything else?"

Su Ruoxue said carefully, "please help me check whether there are any mice in the room!"

While talking, Su Ruoxue looked at Qin Feng seriously.

Not handsome but resolute face, straight body, not fat or thin, beautiful lines and tight muscles.

My God!

Six strong abs!

Su Ruoxue\'s eyes shone like a wolf.

Qin Feng noticed Su Ruoxue\'s eyes, quickly put on his clothes and buttoned up again.

Su Ruoxue stared at Qin Feng\'s abdomen and said, "little brother, are you a new employee?"

Qin Feng nodded and said, "well, I just came yesterday!"

Su Ruoxue immediately asked, "which department are you in? Let\'s add wechat!"

Somehow, she felt an unprecedented sense of security in Qin Feng.

Because he helped himself catch a mouse?

Qin Feng said without taboo: "I\'m in the security department!"

He didn\'t feel ashamed to make money by his own labor.

Su Ruoxue\'s eyes lit up and smiled happily, "can I see you every day?"

Security guards stand guard at the door or patrol the factory.

She can see Qin Feng at work.

However, Qin Feng shook his head and said, "I\'m at the back door, guarding the dump!"

Back door dump?

Su Ruoxue was stunned and said angrily, "it\'s too much. It\'s too much. This small company can\'t hire people at all!"

From Qin Feng\'s muscles, most of them are veterans from the army. Such people should be reused. Even as security guards, they should also be placed in some important posts.

"My name is Su Ruoxue. You can call me Xiaoxue!"

Because Su Ruoxue is sitting on the sofa, she is used to staying at home alone, so her sitting posture is a little unsightly.

Qin Feng just raised his eyes and saw the pink at the bottom of his skirt.


Qin Feng bit the tip of his tongue and quickly turned away: "I\'ll go back to bed first and go to work tomorrow!"

He was afraid that if he continued to stay, he would be unable to restrain himself!

Anyway, he is also a hot-blooded man.

Su Ruoxue stared at Qin Feng\'s fleeing figure. Only then did she realize that she was gone.

She blushed and said with a smile, "this little brother is really shy!"

Qin Feng just walked to the door of the room and suddenly found that the door was wide open and the room was dark.

He left in a hurry and never had time to turn off the lights.

Is it because the people in the dormitory management office turned off the lights when they saw no one in the room?

Qin Feng stepped into the room and immediately heard a sound breaking the air.

He retreated slightly and kicked out.

A figure was kicked off, and then fell heavily to the ground, making a dull hum.

Immediately after, they beat down with sticks.

Qin Feng knocked the three down by five in three and didn\'t even turn on the light.

Fighting in the dark is a required course for a dragon soul team member.

This is the training condition set by Qin Feng himself.

Qin Feng turns on the light and finds a middle-aged man dressed in Kung Fu lying on the ground.

They are about forty years old. They are all strong men with strong backs and shoulders. They should be physical porters.

Qin Feng said lightly, "I didn\'t offend you. Why bother me?"

One of them covered his chest and said, "we... We saw a stranger enter the dormitory. We thought there was a thief, so we ambushed here to catch the thief!"

When he spoke, the man\'s eyes looked away and it was obvious that he was lying.

Besides, catching thieves can catch a new employee\'s dormitory. Who dares to enter the company in the future?

Qin Feng said coldly, "come on, who sent you!"

The three people didn\'t answer, and even closed their eyes directly, like I wouldn\'t say even if you killed me.

Qin Feng also knows that these people work with money. They are ordinary workers, old and young, and are unwilling to offend their employers.

But he had vaguely guessed who was behind the scenes.

Early the next morning.

Qin Feng came to the security department on time to report.

After receiving the work clothes, he was taken to the back door dump by the team leader.

In addition to domestic garbage, there are colorful fabrics in the garbage dump.

The smell is so bad that flies fly everywhere.

In the security booth, Wang Qiang wore his hat askew and walked out foolishly with a cigarette in his mouth: "Oh, this is president Yang\'s little brother-in-law! Why, your waste brother doesn\'t arrange a better job for you?"

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