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Chapter 46

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A dozen people looked at Gu Laosan, who fell to the ground. For three minutes, they didn\'t move a finger.

Everyone looked at each other. Du Ming put down his cigar and looked at Qin Feng one after another.

I can\'t help but think of a sentence - this man is not simple!

Gu Laosan fell to the ground with a slap. It seems that his strength is no less than Lin Yu.

Qin Feng looked at more than a dozen people in front of him and clenched his fists. "If you want to start, go together. Don\'t waste time!"

Du Ming frowned, stepped forward a few steps and looked at Qin Feng with bad eyes. "Where did you come from? Do you know who I am? This one belongs to me! You dare to touch my people..."

"Pa -"

Before he finished, Qin Fengyang slapped him.

Du Ming instantly fell to the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood, and spit out five teeth.

Looking at the teeth on the ground, Du Ming\'s pupils trembled, "my teeth!"

With a cry of surprise, the people looked at it.

After seeing the teeth on the ground clearly, he took a breath in an instant.

Du Ming lost five teeth in a slap. It\'s terrible!

Qin Feng frowned impatiently, looked at the others and said coldly, "do you want to do it? Speed up! If you don\'t do it, I\'ll take it away!"

A dozen people couldn\'t help swallowing their saliva, and unconsciously began to retreat under their feet.

Who would fight such a person?

Slap Gu Laosan down!

One palm fan Du Ming lost five teeth!

Even if you are a fool, you can see that the man in front of you is by no means ordinary.

Seeing this, Qin Feng put his feet forward, untied the rope for Lin Feifei, and tore the tape off her mouth.

Lin Feifei blushed, and the warbler said, "thank you, brother Feng."

Fortunately, he is here, otherwise I don\'t know what will happen today!

"It\'s all right. Pay attention to safety next time."

As soon as the voice fell, I suddenly felt a dangerous breath approaching behind me——

Lin Feifei looked at Du Ming holding up the vase and blurted out: "brother Feng, be careful!"

Almost at the same time, Qin Feng didn\'t look at it. He raised his hand and accurately grabbed each other\'s throat.

"I hate sneak attacks most in my life!"

The sound is not loud, but it is very clear in the mahjong hall where you have to breathe carefully.

After that, Qin Feng made a sudden effort with his five fingers.


A crisp voice sounded. Du Ming\'s neck tilted and the vase in his hand fell.

With a bang, it broke into slag.

Qin Fengsong opened his hand, turned his head and looked at more than a dozen younger brothers aside, "if you dare to do anything harmful in the future, you will end up like him!"

Hearing the speech, more than a dozen people came back and nodded again and again.

Qin Feng looked back at Lin Feifei and said softly, "let\'s go."

Lin Feifei looked at him admiringly and nodded with a red face.

After they left the mahjong hall together, Qin Feng sent Lin Feifei back to Lin Yu\'s apartment.

When I entered the door, I looked at the things in the room and frowned slightly.

Looking back at Lin Feifei, "you\'re the only one living here?"

There are few things about Lin Yu. They are all girls\' things.

Lin Feifei said with a smile, "yes, my brother lives in tattoo shops and seldom comes back! He comes back once in a while and makes do on the sofa all night, so there is nothing for him here."

Qin Feng nodded, looked at Lin Feifei in front of him, hesitated for a moment and said, "it\'s too dangerous for you to live here alone. You can consider living with your friends."

When I first met Lin Feifei, she was being bullied.

This is true today.

But he can\'t guarantee that he can arrive in time every time. If he needs to investigate things and goes to other places, he can\'t get back.

It will be too late!

Lin Feifei pursed her lower lip and twisted her hands together. "I usually live in school. I\'m a senior this year and I\'m going to practice soon, so I came back more frequently. I didn\'t expect so many things! I\'ll protect myself in the future. Brother Feng don\'t worry."

Qin Feng lowered his eyes when he heard the speech. After thinking for three seconds, he said in a low voice: "if you have something in the future, you must call me in time! When your brother comes back, let him teach you some self-defense skills!"

"Self defense?" Lin Feifei looked at him in surprise. "Can brother Feng teach me?"

Qin Feng was stunned and said with a dry smile, "I\'ll forget it. I have something to do recently!"

Some actions in self-defense need to be pasted very close. After all, it\'s Lin Yu\'s sister. I always think it\'s inappropriate for him to teach Lin Feifei self-defense.

Let Lin Yu teach himself.

He looked up at the clock on the wall and said in a loud voice, "it\'s more than one o\'clock. If you don\'t have anything..."

"Brother Feng, can I invite you to dinner? Just think I thank you. You have saved me twice. I always have to show something!" Lin Feifei looked forward to him.

If you can\'t teach self-defense, it\'s good to have dinner together.

Qin Feng said with a light smile, "no, you are Lin Yu\'s sister, that is, my sister. It\'s also right to save you!"

Lin Feifei slightly twisted her willow eyebrows and slightly lost her face. "Well... I owe brother Feng a meal and invite you to eat again when I have a chance. Is that always OK?"

At least you can see him for this reason.

As long as I can see him!

Qin Feng saw that she insisted and no longer pushed off. It was supposed to be.

Then he left the apartment and walked back to his house.

It was evening when I arrived. As soon as I took out my key to open the door, I heard a "bang" downstairs. It seemed that someone had slammed the door.

Then he saw Su Ruoxue angrily go up the stairs.

Why does it look like it\'s coming for him?

Qin Feng frowned and thought about it. He didn\'t think he had provoked her.

It should be an illusion!

However, the next second, Su Ruoxue suddenly rushed up, pulled his collar, sniffed left and right, and tiptoed to see his neck.

Su Ruoxue tooted her mouth and looked at him angrily. "Qin Feng, you actually left me alone in the hotel! You said you invited me to dinner. Did you go to see another woman? Tell me honestly!"

Qin Feng looked at Su Ruoxue like a child and said softly, "I didn\'t go out until I had something. I didn\'t mean it!"

Then he opened the door, went in, took the money out of his pocket and asked, "how much is the lunch, I\'ll give it to you."

He left before he finished eating at noon. Su Ruoxue naturally gave him the money for the meal.

At least he invited me to dinner. I still have to pay for the meal.

Su Ruoxue stamped angrily, "you... You elm pimple! You... Who wants your money!"

After that, he snorted angrily, turned and ran down.

She left her alone in the restaurant, and there was a woman\'s perfume on it.

Must have gone to see another woman, still a young girl!

A woman\'s sixth sense must be right!

Qin fengleng was in place, and then he heard a "bang", and the center of his eyebrows could not help wrinkling.

The little girl is quite angry. If she goes on like this, the door will break sooner or later!

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