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Chapter 16

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Su Ruoxue trotted all the way, out of breath.

As soon as I came to the door, I saw a figure flying over.

It was too late to dodge. Su Ruoxue closed her eyes.

However, her imaginary scene of being hit by people did not appear again.

Carefully opened his eyes and saw Qin Feng standing in front of him.

Qin Feng pressed behind Sister Zhang with one hand, and the floor tiles under her feet immediately broke and exploded.

Chen Dong came and clapped his hands. He was shocked at the bottom of his heart.

He used all his strength just now.

The woman can fly at least 500 kilograms.

This man can catch the woman easily, and his feet are still motionless. It seems that his strength is equal to his own.

Qin Feng put down Sister Zhang, whose life and death were uncertain, and said to Chen Donglai, "go out and fight, lest you get beaten, and compensate my eldest brother\'s furniture!"

With that, Qin Feng went directly to the yard of the villa.

The yard is very spacious, which is better than a small playground.

Yang Huihui came out with Yao Yao and Qin Hai in her arms.

Yang Huihui worried and said, "your brother, will he be all right?"

Qin Hai only knew that Qin Feng had been a soldier. He didn\'t know whether Qin Feng could master martial arts.

Su Ruoxue raised her fist and said, "Qin Feng is very powerful. It\'s no problem to hit ten of them!"

When she was in the zero bar, she saw Qin Feng\'s power with her own eyes.

Qin Hai also comforted: "don\'t worry, wife. My brother has been in the army for so long. He must have two sons!"


The lights in the yard are on.

Qin Feng stood with his hands down and looked at Chen Donglai coming face to face indifferently.

Judging from Chen Donglai\'s fight with sister Zhao just now, his strength should be at the peak of xuanjie.

Qin Feng reached the peak of the earth level as early as two years ago.

Just one step away, you can become a strong man.

Chen Donglai only knows that Qin Feng is a warrior, but he doesn\'t know his strength.

However, judging from his age, he is at most a small yellow level warrior.

Chen Donglai said with a smile, "boy, I admire your courage. Is this the so-called young frivolous?"

Arrogance requires arrogant capital.

He wants to see how many pounds this boy has.


Lightning flashed across the night sky, and Chen Donglai made an invitation gesture!

Qin Feng was not polite. His muscles were tight and rushed up with an arrow.

Almost in an instant, Qin Feng came to Chen Donglai.


Qin Feng smashed Chen Donglai\'s face with a fist and a broken sound.

This punch is enough to break through the sandbag.

Before the fist arrived, the fist style had made the meat on Chen Donglai\'s face shake.

Chen Donglai was shocked. He kicked his foot and retreated five or six steps in a row.

Qin Feng lost his fist and continued to bully him.

When confronted with the enemy, he must not be given a chance to breathe.

Before Chen Donglai could react, he saw Qin Feng hit him with another punch.



A dull voice sounded.

Chen Donglai vomited blood and flew out.

Qin Feng\'s speed was so fast that Chen Donglai didn\'t even have a chance to fight back.

Chen Donglai, who fell to the ground, covered his chest and vomited blood again.

He stared at Qin Feng in horror and said, "you... You are a strong man in the earth!"

Such a terrible speed, I\'m afraid only the strong of the earth level can do it.

Qin Feng stared down at Chen Donglai and asked coldly, "now... Can you tell me who sent you to attack Yao Yao?"

Chen Donglai was pale and slowly stood up from the ground.

He took a deep breath and said, "I underestimated you just now. Now I will try my best to compete with you!"

Before, because Qin Feng was young, Chen Donglai took it lightly.

He is a warrior at the peak of the Yellow rank. If he tries his best, he won\'t have a chance to fight back.

Qin Feng carried his hands on his back and said faintly, "then try it!"

Chen Donglai was so lucky that he jumped up and threw his feet at Qin Feng\'s tianlinggai.

If this foot goes down, even the wrench will break.

If you can hit Qin Feng\'s celestial cover, this person will die.

But the next second, Chen Donglai\'s face changed greatly.

A strong rebound directly shook him out.

My bones creak!

Qin Hai and Yang Huihui only felt their scalp numb.

Only Su Ruoxue shouted for fear that the world would not be chaotic: "Mom, it\'s too strong, Qin Feng, you\'re my idol!"

Chen Donglai fell to the ground again.

His face was pale and his eyes were full of fear.

This is the power of heaven!

How could there be such a young strong man?

Looking at the real South City, the strength can reach the sky level is only five fingers.

Who the hell is he?

Qin Feng came to Chen Donglai and asked again, "tell me who\'s behind the scenes. I can spare you from dying!"

Chen Donglai was shocked and hurriedly said, "Qin Tianhe, he asked me to get rid of Qin Hai\'s daughter!"

Qin Tianhe!

Qin Feng and Qin Hai widened their eyes at the same time.

Qin Hai shook his head and said, "it\'s impossible. How can my second uncle harm my daughter?"

Qin Tianhe was his second uncle. When the Qin family went bankrupt, Qin Tianhe rolled up a lot of money and fled abroad overnight.

Qin Hai did not blame the second uncle. After all, the wind was very tight at that time. Hiding and taking refuge was the best choice.

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes and asked, "where is Qin Tianhe now?"

Chen Donglai said reluctantly, "he is still abroad, but he will return home soon!"

Qin Feng\'s eyes flashed a cold light.

It seems that my second uncle has been doing well abroad these years!

He deeply suspected that his parents had a car accident, perhaps planned by his second uncle.

When he provoked the big man, the Qin family was punished accordingly, and Qin Tianhe took the opportunity to plan a car accident.

His purpose is to the Qin family\'s only remaining property.

Qin Hai sat on the ground with a pale face. He couldn\'t believe that his second uncle would find someone to attack Yao Yao.

Yang Huihui tightly hugged Yao Yao in her arms, and her eyes were very complex.

Qin Feng sighed, "there\'s still a chance to live in the hospital now. Don\'t let me see you in the future!"

After all, this is not a battlefield. Qin Feng didn\'t plan to kill Chen Donglai.

However, he has penetrated a genuine Qi in Chen Donglai\'s Dantian.

When Chen Donglai wants to practice Kung Fu, this true Qi will destroy his Dantian.

If you dare to attack his niece, you can avoid death, but you can\'t escape life.

Chen Donglai limped away from the villa with his crippled body.

At this time, Sister Zhang got up from the ground.

She saw what had just happened. She didn\'t expect Qin Hai\'s brother to be so strong.

Qin Feng stared at Sister Zhang coldly and asked, "did Li Tianyu order you?"

Yang Huihui and Qin Hai also turned to look at Sister Zhang.

Yang Huihui asked, "why, I have treated you well these years. Why did you do this?"

Sister Zhang knelt on the ground and said helplessly, "I\'m sorry, President Yang. I owe the Li family a favor. I also hope you can live better!"

If the Li family let her hurt Yang Huihui, she would never agree.

But if we get rid of Yang Huihui and Qin Hai\'s children, we can cut off Yang Huihui\'s only feelings for Qin Hai.

At that time, Li Tianyu will have a chance.

Married to Li Tianyu, Yang Huihui can live a better life.

And she also paid back the favor by the way. Why not?

Yang Huihui roared, "do you think I will marry Li Tianyu if I kill my daughter? It\'s impossible. I won\'t marry him all my life!"

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