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Chapter 1028

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Since Yushou sect can fight with demons and beasts, it is not the only way to drive them.

They have a lot of secret skills, can cooperate with the monster, let the monster play a stronger fighting power.

The present battle is completely disturbed by the appearance of the young men in cloth clothes. The God of the Lord must take risks and turn Wu into his contract beast now.

If you want to do this, Zhao Feng's role is indispensable.

Zhao Feng wanted to cry for help, but how could it be? At the first time when he caught him, the Royal God had already suppressed Zhao Feng.

In order to let endless fast finish the last step and sign a contract with him.

In fact, there is only one semi-finished step, because there is no blood sacrifice.

As the spirit of all things, the human race should not be underestimated. When the Yushou sect made Wuwu, it only used tens of thousands of different kinds of animals.

The last step is to use human blood to enlighten the spirit, and then it can be controlled by the people of Yushou sect, which requires sacrifice.

Zhao Feng can't move anything. He can only watch Yu Shen take him to Wu's back.

His hands are like butterflies wearing flowers, making different fingerprints. Soon, a scarlet array appears on Wu's back.

The Royal God directly threw Zhao Feng into it: "the last step is completed, and the Royal beast sect will rise in my hands."

Wu's body turns red at the speed visible to the naked eye, and the expression of Yu Shen's face becomes more and more rich. As long as Wu turns red, this last step is completed.

At this time, behind him, a familiar voice suddenly came: "what are you doing? Is it the secret art of Yushou sect? "

Yu Shen was so stiff that he almost forgot that when he took the last step, he had no resistance at all.

In this case, the fog created before will naturally dissipate, and there will be no result of trapping everyone.

"Zhao Feng, what about Zhao Feng? Zhao Feng is gone. "

At this time, Guya said in panic.

At this time, Wu's body turned red, and the God laughed: "it's finished. The last step is finished. His name is Zhao Feng, right? The emperor will remember his contribution. No, kill them for me. "

But nothing happened.

Yu Shen was stunned and kicked Wu's feet: "what are you doing? Move quickly!"

The Wu under his body shook his head and directly dropped the Yushen on the ground: "what are you talking about? I don't understand! Old thing

The familiar voice came from Wu's mouth, which made everyone be stunned, quaint, and murmured, "Zhao Feng, what's the matter?"

It's really not clear how Zhao Yufeng was thrown into his body through the array.

Then, he can control Wu's body, which is a sense of strength that he has never had before. He only thinks that the people in front of him, including the young people in cloth clothes, together, may not be enough for him to slap.

Of course, he won't do anything to these people, but the Royal God always wants to take revenge.

"How can you, how can you control the body of Wu? It's not right. It's not right! I'm wrong. Am I wrong? "

Zhao Feng can understand the Madness on the face of the Royal God. No matter who is planning something for a thousand years, he will be crazy if he is intercepted.

"You should be wrong. You gave me such a big chance. How can it be funny?"

While speaking, Guanghua surging, Wu became Zhao Feng's appearance.

Seeing this scene, the Royal God rushed directly to Zhao Feng and said, "come out of Wu's body. This is the treasure of our royal beast sect. This is the highest realm of the Royal beast. Come out for me."

Zhao Feng breathed a sigh and blew a breath. He directly blew the Royal God who had come to him.

"Old man, you gave me this. It's not so easy to go back now."

The strong wind directly blew the Yushen to a place thousands of meters away. The Yushen, who used to have some immortals, now looks like an old madman.

"I'm stupid, really."

"I'm stupid, really."

Repeat this sentence.

Zhao Feng's mood is a bit low.

At this time, Guya came to him, complexion complex said: "you are now Zhao Feng, or no?"

Zhao Feng was stunned and asked: "what's the matter?"

"If you have nothing, can you return Zhao Feng? I can give you my body. "

"Ya'er, come back quickly. What are you talking about?"

Gu Yun in the distance said quickly.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng was moved. He didn't expect that Guya could do it for him.

"Then you may be disappointed. Of course, I am Zhao Feng. Of course, Wu has not disappeared. He is just transformed into my strength. So, girl! Live wellThe young man in cloth took a look at Zhao Feng: "do you want to fight? I can feel that you are strong now. "

Zhao Feng hesitated: "not good!"

"That's all."

"That's all."

In a flash, the wind moved. Zhao Feng put his hands behind his head and walked toward the distance: "Uncle Gu, I should still owe you an anti death pill. I'll get it for you now and let Guya give it to you at that time."

The young man in cloth looked into his hand, and the wooden sword turned into ashes and disappeared between heaven and earth.

"Is this the last step? It's really strong. "

In one day, all the dead places in the hell disappeared.

Three years later, earthly.

"Zhao Feng, come here quickly. The baby is awake again. Go and feed it."

Zhao Feng, who is preparing breakfast in the kitchen, runs into the room and takes over his daughter from Wei Ying, who is full of maternal brilliance.

"Hard work, wife."

When Zhao Feng reported his daughter, he secretly kisses Wei Ying on the face.

"Oh, my daughter will cry again in a moment. Go and make the milk powder quickly."

"I see."

After three years, Zhao Feng became a father successfully. Now he has become a slave to his daughter. He doesn't go out every day, but takes care of his daughter at home.

Make Wei Ying a little jealous.

He had just finished feeding his daughter, singing a nursery rhyme in a soft voice and coaxing her to sleep. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Zhao Feng walked to the door and was startled as soon as he opened the door.

"Hu Ling, Gu ya, fan Shuang, Lao Jie, Wu Ziqi... Why are you all here?"

Seeing this, Zhao Feng wanted to leave in a hurry.

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