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Chapter 119 0119: Wanda’s Special Training (1/2) **

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Feeling Alex\'s warm breath tickle her ear, Wanda felt her heart skip a beat as a jolt of pure pleasure shook her body. Before she realized it, the blanket that she was using to cover herself while she and Alex ate food slipped away, revealing her marvelous and perky breasts. Her nipples were already hard from her arousal.

Alex\'s gaze instantly shot down to her breasts as he decided to play a little game with Wanda, "If we\'re going to spend the next week fucking like rabbits, I want to make it productive." He said while resisting the urge to grope her tits.n0VeLusb.c0m

"Oh? You don\'t want to play with these babies?" Wanda squeezed her breasts between her arms while wiggling her chest, making Alex gulp. His resistance failed, "You\'re really irresistible..." He whispered throatily as his hands made their way to her breasts and cupped them. As he started playing with her chest, "But, I\'m serious, and I have the perfect game in mind for that." He said as he squeezed both her breasts, making Wanda gasp. When he loosened his hold, his thumb and finger made their way to her nipples to start teasing them.

Wanda shakily replied, "What kind of game..." At the same time, she closed her eyes, enjoying the way Alex played with her breasts. They were a very sensitive part of her body so whenever Alex paid attention to them, Wanda felt unprecedentedly good.

"We\'ll train your concentration and your conjuration together. I\'ll convey the exact image of the construct that I want you to create and you are going to create it. We will keep creating more and more constructs while you maintain all of them simultaneously." Alex finished while still playing with Wanda\'s breasts. He was sure he could never be bored of her milk makers.

When Wanda nodded, Alex continued, "I will keep sexually stimulating you in increasing amounts with every new item that you can conjure and maintain."

Wanda nodded again and asked in a comfortable tone while leaning her head back on the headboard with her eyes closed, "Reward..." Her tone almost had a begging tone to it that made Alex unable to refuse her.

"After each training session, the number of continuously conjured items that you could maintain stably will be the number of orgasms that you receive as the reward. And I\'ll make sure that you go crazy each time." Alex\'s words made Wanda smile excitedly as she agreed with a lot of enthusiasm.

"But..." He added a condition, "The number of simultaneous items has to increase by at least one after each session, if not, then I will edge you until you cry and beg." Alex seemed to be very proud of the reward and punishment system that he\'d come up with.

"Nooo..." Wanda instantly whined, "No denial, that\'s torture..." She looked at him with the cutest puppy eyes that she could muster.

"But then..." Alex wasn\'t able to finish as Wanda put her finger on his lips and said, "I know, if there\'s a reward, then there should be an equivalent punishment, but I don\'t want that." She just refuted logic.

"I..." Alex was speechless as he looked at Wanda\'s puppy eyes. He couldn\'t help but melt, and Wanda noticed the subtle shift in his expression, "Thank you so much, I love you." She just pulled him in for a wet sloppy kiss. Alex\'s hands were just resting on her tits as he needed a moment to restart his brain.

When Wanda pulled back from his face again she said seriously, "I promise I\'ll try my best to follow along..."

"Fine..." Alex sighed with a little smile on his face, "You just have me wrapped around your finger, don\'t you?" He chided her as his eyes narrowed a little.

"I don\'t know what you are talking about." Wanda looked to the side, "Nhh~" She let out a little moan when she felt him pinch her sensitive nipples. She looked back at him with pouty lips and lustful eyes.

"Let\'s start. Make a collar." Alex transmitted a detailed image of what he wanted Wanda to conjure— A thick black leather collar with multiple layers and designs. The leather had multiple designs carved on it along with multiple metallic parts attached to the collar. It was far more complicated than it should\'ve been under normal circumstances.

"So that\'s what you want to do..." Wanda looked at Alex with a sly smirk, she completely understood where Alex was going with this game.

"Get to it." He twisted Wanda\'s nipples, making her yelp as she looked at him with a cute begrudging look that made him want to bully her even more.

She raised her hand up and concentrated for a moment. Meanwhile, Alex went back to playing with his favorite puppies and started teasing Wanda\'s tits. He brought his mouth to one of them and started teasing her nipples with his tongue while occasionally brushing it with his teeth, making Wanda\'s spine tingle. He hadn\'t neglected her other breast either and was giving both of them equal attention.

Due to Alex\'s actions, Wanda kept getting distracted and, the construct kept getting unstable for the first few seconds before it finally formed.

"I\'m done~" She moaned out freely after being forced to keep herself low.

Alex didn\'t stop playing with her breasts, but Wanda received a painful spank on the breast that his mouth wasn\'t focusing on. That sent a pleasurable shiver through her body as her chest stung with pain.

"Oww..." She whined as her hand rubbed her abused breast, "Why?"

[Incorrect design.] Alex transmitted the differences that Wanda made from the design that Alex gave her.

"Ahn~ The details are... so minute..." She said with difficulty, she was feeling more and more aroused.

[Keep trying.] Alex wasn\'t going to budge here. With an annoyed pout, Wanda let out suppressed whimpers and let the conjured collar disappear before trying again. It took her three tries to finally get the whole thing correct.

Alex finally pulled away from Wanda\'s breasts as she held the collar in her hand. She was breathing heavily with a red face as she looked at him with lustful eyes, "That\'s my girl..." He pulled Wanda into a passionate kiss as his hand made its way to her nape and pulled her up toward him.

She dropped the collar that she\'d just conjured at the side and hugged Alex, melting into the kiss.

A few seconds later, Wanda felt that same collar being wrapped around her neck. But she didn\'t care and kept kissing Alex passionately while trying to grind her hips on his already erect cock. Even as she felt the collar being tightened up a little, making it hard for her to breathe, she kept making out with Alex passionately, she wanted to feel connected to him.

Alex didn\'t disappoint Wanda and threw away the thin blanket that was acting as the barrier between Wanda and him. He didn\'t waste another moment before plunging himself into Wanda\'s dripping pussy. She was already unbearably aroused after their little foreplay while Wanda was creating the collar.

As Wanda arched her torso and took in a heavy breath before releasing a muffled moan into Alex\'s mouth, Alex noticed the collar flickering as if it was about to disappear. That was when Alex pulled away from Wanda\'s mouth and grabbed her hips, preventing her from moving them, "Alex~" She whined as she tried to reach Alex\'s face again.

"The collar." He reminded her with a teasing smile while keeping her at bay. Wanda pouted as the collar stabilized again. That was when Alex freed Wanda\'s hips and pulled her back in for the kiss. She didn\'t waste any time before thrusting them forward and back, letting out cute moans as they both fucked.

It didn\'t take long before Alex felt that Wanda was close to her climax, and his movements grew erratic and didn\'t have any rhythm anymore. Wanda was the first to feel it as she pulled away from his kiss and whined, "Alex, please... I\'m so close~" She buried her face in his neck after saying that and started sucking it, wanting to put a few hickeys on his neck.

"Where\'s the fun in that..." Alex smirked as his movements stayed erratic, not letting Wanda reach the climax.

In the end, the climax that should\'ve taken Wanda only a few more seconds was delayed a whole half hour as she writhed under Alex\'s cock before he finally gave her mercy and moved rhythmically, allowing her to reach the tipping point.

"I\'m cumming..." Wanda was already feeling black spots surrounding her vision as she moaned out deliriously. At the same time, as her pussy tightened up around his cock and Alex felt Wanda\'s feelings of ecstasy, he couldn\'t hold himself back and filled Wanda\'s pussy up.

Giving her a few minutes to recover from that explosive orgasm, Alex said, "The collar, Wanda." It had disappeared at some point as Alex delayed Wanda\'s climax. He didn\'t mind, he knew that it was going to be impossible for her to maintain the constructs while she climaxed.

"A minute..." She said as she took some heavy breaths.

"Chop chop, baby. We don\'t have much time." Alex said with a sense of urgency that didn\'t exist. He had all the time in the world with Wanda.

She gave him a begrudging look as she created the exact same collar that she\'d made before, "That\'s my girl." Alex praised her as he took the collar and put it around Wanda\'s throat, tightening it up just enough that it would always let Wanda know of its presence without hampering her breathing too much.

"Let\'s continue, shall we?" Alex said with an excited smile as he transmitted another image to Wanda.


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