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Chapter 3015

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After Sheng Yuchen and mu Chuqing left, Su Nuan came to Xu Junyu's side.

"Hello, Xu Junyu, what did Chuqing whisper to you just now?"

Xu Jun shook his head, tightly grasped the things in the handshake, moved imperceptibly, and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets.


"I believe you have a ghost! Xu Junyu, do you think I'm blind? "

"And what do you see?"


Su Nuan is stuck in her throat. Xu Jun and her understated expression make her very angry.

Striding to his side, he reached out and angrily touched Xu Junyu's chest

"If you don't tell me, I'll find someone else to tell me a little secret in the future!"

Xu Junyu suddenly raises his hand and grabs Su Nuan's finger,

"Come, tell me your little secret now."

Su Nuan's heart jumped, pushed him away, and said nervously:

"I, where do I have a little secret?"

Xu Jun and Yu chuckled and finally sighed

"Sometimes, what the eyes see is not necessarily true, um... What the ears hear is not necessarily true..."

Su Nuan looked at him strangely, "what do you want to say?"

As soon as her voice fell, she was beaten and held up.

"What do you do? Don't fall... "Su Nuan exclaimed, hugging the man's neck tightly, and the tension in her mouth told one after another.

The man chuckled. "Sometimes, you have to believe in authoritative medicine."

Su Wencai didn't care what he was saying, he just kept shouting: "you put me down, what are you going to do?"


Su warm Leng Leng, immediately want to ask now go to the hospital to do what, but the next second and reaction.

"Xu Junyu, you are poisonous!"

Xu Jun and Su Nuan went to the hospital directly, and the examination results were really exciting.

Xu Jun and Su Nuan run wildly in the corridor of the hospital, frightening Su Nuan pale.

"Slow down, don't fall!"

Xu Jun and put her down and kissed her on the lips.

For a long time, he let her go, against her forehead, tone can not hide happy and excited.

"Su Nuan, we have children."

Su Nuan's face was also filled with a happy and quiet smile. Xu Junyu, we have children! "

She's going to be a mother!

She and Xu Jun and their children!


Suman wanted to tell her to warm up when she had dinner the next day.

She's so skinny. Now she's pregnant, but don't be as fussy as before. In terms of work and rest, diet, and some bad habits before, especially the greedy mouth, she's happy to eat junk food.

At that time, pregnancy can not avoid greedy, she secretly get some junk food to eat, it's also amazing.

But she didn't have time to say these words. After learning that Su Nuan was pregnant, Xu Jun and Xu Jiahui called Su man and Xu Jiahui for the first time.

When Su man received the phone call from Xu Jun and his wife, he immediately frowned.

"Don't tell me, you'll know!"

Hearing his mother-in-law's calm voice, Xu Junyu was stunned for a moment.

"... what's the matter? Mom, Su Nuan and I are still in the hospital, just confirmed... "

Suman took a deep breath and couldn't help helping her on the phone.

These young people!

Really, really no consciousness at all?

So obvious thing, two people actually didn't find out at all?!

"Since you came back from abroad, Su Nuan has been pregnant! You really don't see it at all?

"... has been broken since..."

Xu Jun and his head were a little confused. When he thought that it had been nearly two months since the doctor's examination, he quickly nodded, "yes, Ma's right. She was pregnant from abroad."

More than two months ago, were they not abroad?

Suman almost didn't mention it.

Usually looking very smart young man, how now become so stupid?

"You squeezed the lemon juice that Su Nuan drank! How many people can bear such sour things?! Does she have any preference for food recently? Is she sleepy? "


"What you've discovered long ago, you've just come to the hospital for examination now!"

Suman's sharp voice roared at the phone, and Xu Jun and grinned away from the phone.

"Forget it. Blame me. I thought you already knew! I think I'm right about such an important thing! "

Xu Jun and Xu Jun blinked, silently listening to Suman on the other end of the phone, complaining and admonishing at the same time, and finally hung up the phone.

Su man's voice is not small. Su Nuan is close to her. Naturally, she doesn't need Xu Jun to tell her. She also heard it.

After looking at each other for a long time, they finally breathed.

"Fortunately, the child is OK!"

"Well. Blame me for not noticing it

Su Nuan shook his head. "It's not your fault. I'm not aware of it. It doesn't matter. Anyway, the child is OK now. For the first time, unconsciousness is normal! "

Xu Jun and his side looked at her and suddenly hugged her tightly in his arms again.

"Su Nuan, we two have children!"

Su Nuan took a deep breath. "Well, we're both here."

Suddenly found that the world is really wonderful.

Before never to really extravagant love two people, but in the end the deepest love for each other.

Then, witnessing the crystallization of their love makes them feel that the world is really wonderful.

After that, she, he, and their children

Just think about it, I feel too happy.


Back home, Xu Jiahui was pacing back and forth in the living room when she saw someone coming back. Xu Jiahui rushed forward and pushed Xu Jun and Su Nuan to one side. Instead of Xu Jun and Xu Jun, she carefully helped Su Nuan to the sofa and sat down.

"Come on, be careful, be careful..."

"Here, have a drink..."

"Tell mom what you want to eat. Mom tells the kitchen to get ready quickly."

"Is there anything you want? Room, car, money, all for you, all for you... As long as you say! "

Xu Jiahui was excited to confess Su Nuan as her ancestor.

Su Nuan shakes his head, grabs Xu Jiahui's hand and says with a smile: "Mom, don't be so nervous. I don't want anything. I'm very satisfied with you around me..."

Xu Jiahui looks at Su Nuan with red eyes.

She tightly clasped Su Nuan's hand, tears swirling in her eyes, "Nuan Nuan, I really thank you, I really thank you, you have fulfilled my wish for so many years. You know how tormenting Xu Jun and that smelly boy are! Before looking forward to him to find a girlfriend, to find a reliable, like their own, but do not want to... In the end, it is not easy to marry you, but he still does not let people worry! Fortunately, in the end, you are kind-hearted and don't care about him. I can see that the smelly boy is absolutely sincere this time, so you can rest assured that even if he bullies you in the future, I will help you beat him! Get him out of the house

Su Nuan laughed and nodded heavily, "then I'll thank mom first!"

"No thanks, no thanks!" Xu Jiahui said, eyes on Su warm still flat stomach, eyes full of love, "I finally put Xu Jun and supplies big."

This sentence is really full of bitterness.

Su Nuan was also distressed.

It's really not easy for a woman to carry a family or a company on her shoulders.

However, she only nodded and patted her hand to comfort her, "well, you are really great! I can't do it. I'll have to work hard then. My mother taught me how to raise children! "

"Yes, yes! It's a must

Xu Jun and standing aside, this is the first time, did not say anything.


The day of Su Nuan's pregnancy begins. Xu Jun and his wife change their cooks for three days.

Su Nuan of this cuisine is tired of eating, and the next one will come home soon.

But no matter how you eat, Su Nuan's weight just can't go up!

My mother-in-law said that when she was pregnant with Xu Jun, she gained 50 Jin, but now she has been nine months, and her weight is more than 20 jin.

I eat a lot of food, but it doesn't take long.

This can make Xu Jun and his wife very anxious. Almost all the cooks of the eight major cuisines in China have invited them in turn, but they are not very effective.

Su Nuan is very happy. When the time comes, she'll unload the goods. Make a little effort and keep it. She's still the slim Su Nuan!


Mu Chuqing is crazy about playing mahjong recently.

Ye Su Su has been in Fucheng these days, so how many of them——

Ye Su Su, mu Chuqing, Su Nuan, and ye Yun play twice a day.

Seeing mu Chuqing and Su Nuan's due date are approaching, four people are still playing. After dinner, they can continue to play.

Sheng Yuchen is put aside every day, can't say bitterness, can only sit silently to one side to cut fruit for his wife.

Mu Chuqing's luck these days is good, Ye Su Su played a card, mu Chuqing just bar, the result of a rare mu Chuqing bar flowering.

For the first time in my life, mu Chuqing should not be too excited.

As a result, when she was urging others to give her money, her stomach suddenly began to ache

A room full of people's eyes are staring at mu Chuqing!

Mu Chuqing covers her stomach and lies on the mahjong table with a pale face!

"Ah Chen... Ah Chen! I'm going to... I'm going to have a baby! "

The whole family was in a hurry.

When Su Nuan saw Ye Su Su Su's uncomfortable appearance, her legs softened and her tummy hurt. She also sat on the chair and groaned!

The whole family is surrounded by mu Chuqing. Fortunately, Ye Su Su Su sees Su Nuan on one side and his head is buzzing. All of a sudden, it's a mess!

"Su Nuan, I'm afraid she is..."

Ye Su Su shouts, the room is silent for a moment, and her eyes are on Su Nuan again!

There was a few seconds of silence in the room.

The door was suddenly opened, and a tall figure was standing at the door. With only one eye, he opened his mouth and yelled, "what are you doing? Hurry to the hospital!"

A few people seem to wake up from a dream, but also a flurry!

Finally tossed to the hospital, Su warm and mu Chuqing were pushed away!

All on the same floor, in the same corridor.

In front of Su Nuan's operating room, there are more and more people in twos and threes.

Xu Jun pretended to be calm at the beginning, but he was also the most flustered.

Su Nuan's every cry in the delivery room made his heart and liver tremble.

It can't be more painful.

Mu Chuqing was born very quickly. Not long after she entered the delivery room, she heard the cry of her child outside!

Mu Chuqing successfully unloaded the goods, while Su Nuan was still struggling in it

Xu Jun and nervous hands tightly together, handsome face are some white.

As time goes by, Su Nuan's long cry and the baby's loud cry make Xu Jun and his eyes wet.

He quickly got up and rushed over.

Su Nuan was paralyzed on the bed, her hair was clinging to her pale face, her eyelids were heavy, and she was obviously suffering too much.

Xu Jun and quickly came forward to hold his wife's hand.

They didn't say anything. Su Nuan just let Xu Jun shake hands with him and raised his lips towards him.

"Husband, our baby, here we are..."

Xu Jun nodded excitedly, put Su Nuan's hand on his lips and kissed him, "well, here we are. It's hard for you. "

At this time, the doctor held the child and gently put the child between Su Nuan and Xu Jun.

"Come and have a look at your son. He looks like his father. He is handsome and healthy..."

Su warm side head, looking at two people in the middle of that still wet child, tears suddenly so unprepared to gush out!

And when Xu Jun and I saw the child, their eyebrows suddenly wrinkled!

So ugly, where is he like!?

At the moment, I dislike him a little, but when I think about it, it's him and Su Nuan's baby, so I can only recognize him.

As a result, within two months, Xu Jun and he regretted it.

Looking at the longer the more pleasing to the eye small meatball, Xu Jun and the heart of the natural love of tight.

But there was always a dark idea in his heart, and it also gave him action.

That is to do everything possible to let his son make room for him!


Because ye Su Su ordered a flower for mu Chuqing, ye Yun decided the name of "flower" for her second grandson as soon as she patted her thigh.

So that in the future, in order to make her son's nickname bigger, mu Chuqing gave Su Nuan's son a nickname called "fart Hu!"

"Fart Hu" is bigger than "Banghua"!

As soon as Sheng's son heard his nickname and got upset, he called out the young master of Xu's family and called him "fart Hu" eight hundred times. He suddenly felt much better.

The young master of the Xu family naturally refused to give up. Because of the name, he had a lifelong fight with the son of the Sheng family——

It's over. I can only work hard and thank you! More than 3.4 million words. In fact, it's more. In three years, I think it's time to update later, but I still insist on it. I don't want to write the ending. Because there are many things that can be written. Such as married life, pregnancy fun, raising a baby fun, too much, but this seems to never end. I was going to end up married, but I feel a little sorry to be born with injustice. But now there are still regrets, because we can not watch the children grow up, can no longer see how happy they live together, but they must be happy, right! Because the new book neglected here, once again say sorry and thank you! Hope there is fate, we will meet again ~ goodbye ~ ~]

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