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C67 hijacking

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This time, they were even faster, but before they could even take a few steps, there was a person standing not far from them. He held a long sword in his hand, and quietly looked at Dao Hua and the rest who were rushing forward, and upon seeing him, Dao Hua was startled, then immediately walked forward a few steps.

"Senior brother Xu, why are you here?"

When he said that, in the next moment, the person blocking his path suddenly opened his eyes that were filled with blood red, following that, a long sword stabbed into Dao Hua's stomach without any forewarning.

Dao Hua's eyes were filled with disbelief, he looked deeply at Xu Liang. This was his senior brother who had watched him grow up, a person who was extremely respected even as a direct descendant of the Mo family, actually dared to do this to him. How could he endure this?

"Why, exactly why …"

At this moment, Dao Hua, whose body was trembling with rage, wanted to ask for an explanation, but the Xu Liang in front of him still had not moved, and was only maintaining his stabbing posture. His posture was very strange, so that even Hua Xiaoxian and Yan Ye at the side did not notice anything.

"It seems like he has been controlled by someone. Moreover, the person who is controlling him should not be far from here. Otherwise, with such strength, he cannot be so easily controlled …"

"What evidence do you have?"

Although Dao Hua believed Demon City's answer from the bottom of his heart, after all, some of their Daoists' techniques were comprehended through catching demons early on, and even ghosts, so it would inevitably give people a similar illusion. Demon City was right, but his own senior brother was not someone who could be so easily defeated.

"It's simple. He still has a sliver of self-awareness. After all, you are his Junior Brother, a direct descendant of the Daoist Sect."

Every time he thought about it, even if he himself disliked the demon in front of him, he knew that with his eldest senior brother's strength, it would not be difficult for him to stab his sword into his heart without any defense while he was not prepared at all. However, he had only pierced into his non-fatal lower abdomen, which was probably the action of his eldest senior brother subconsciously, otherwise, he would have been a standard corpse at the moment.

"Who is it? Why are you doing this? What ability do you have to hide yourself? If you have the ability, come out. Don't you want to kill me? I'm giving you this chance. Don't you want to personally come out and kill me?"

Dao Hua continued to open his mouth, and the words that came out contained a trace of stubbornness and anger, causing the people in front of them to be stunned, and then they all looked at Dao Hua, who was in front of them.

"Senior Brother, are you alright?"

In the next moment, Xu Liang's body trembled, and immediately after, another person appeared not too far away. He was an aged, old man, and the moment Dao Hua saw who he was, he became even more at a loss.

"Third Elder, is that you?"

"Dao Hua brat, you really have a huge life ahead of you. I originally thought that this trash would be able to take care of you without this old man doing anything, but this trash actually instinctively chose to avoid all of your vital parts and chose to eat your stomach. It seems that he really has a deep affection for you between fellow brothers, but this time I won't give him any chance to resist.

As he spoke, a steel nail had appeared in the Third Elder's hand, and just like that, it had been slapped into Xu Liang's brain from right above Dao Hua's head. The moment the nail entered his body, Xu Liang let out a blood-curdling scream, and his eyes became even redder than before.

"Dao Hua..."

Hua Xiaoxian called out instinctively, following that, the sword that was stabbed into Dao Hua's abdomen was pulled out by Xu Liang mercilessly, and in the next moment, he slashed towards Dao Hua's neck mercilessly.

"Yan Ye..."

Hua Xiaoxian was shocked, she anxiously called out to Yan Ye, but Yan Ye seemed to pay more attention to the old man behind Xu Liang, who was watching quietly, and comforted Hua Xiaoxian who was in her embrace not to be afraid.

"Little Immortal oppa, don't be afraid, Dao Hua is the one who led us here, it's not easy for us to find him, how can I let him die so easily?! If he wants to die, we have to wait for him to help us find the secret of the Stun King's Curse!"

Yan Ye turned his body and looked at Spirit Demon City.

"You freeloader, aren't you going to work yet?"

He still could not bear to see Demon Lian City, because this fellow actually had a marriage engagement with Hua Xiaoxian, which made Yan Ye feel a little uncomfortable. Hua Xiaoxian was comparable to heaven and earth in Yan Ye's eyes, so how could he bear to see Demon Lian City in front of him!

"You …"

However, Yan Ye instantly felt that the atmosphere in his surroundings was not right, it had become very dangerous, as though something terrifying was surrounding him. Demon Liancheng's body slowly rose up in the next moment, even his normally white hair was now shining faintly with light, and immediately after, he waved at the old man in front of him, scaring the old man, who in the blink of an eye, took three steps back and pointed at the Demon Liancheng in the air. He suddenly thought of a terrifying person, but the person in front of him did not look like him, because he was extremely confident.

The Third Elder's facial expression changed drastically. This was somewhat surprising to Demon City. Could it be that this old man knew of his identity? If that really was the case, then he absolutely could not let him go.

A trace of killing intent appeared in his heart, and his hands moved even faster. He quickly drew a half-moon arc in the air, and a fatal full moon flew toward the third elder.

"Don't tell me you really are …"

The Third Elder's eyes were filled with terror, and he only managed to say half of what he wanted to say, but the next moment, his entire body was enveloped by the moon. The next moment, something strange happened, and the Third Elder's body gradually disappeared from the top of his head, causing Yan Ye, who was standing to the side, to be stunned.

This fellow was really too dangerous, so dangerous that Yan Ye had no choice but to be cautious. The gaze he used to look at Demon City slowly became more dangerous as well.

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