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Chapter 1595: The most beautiful thing in the world is that one plus one equals three (the finale)

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"Killalllivingthings" is already written all over the walls of the hospital, just like when he first came here, but the situation is completely different now and then.

Tang Yuan used his ECHO eyes to check his current situation.

【Comprehensive data analysis-】

[You are Han Meimei, a general nurse at Arkham General Hospital, working in the first liver department. Two days ago, hospital executives decided to seal off the hospital and isolate its patients. 】

[The hospital will release poison gas soon, killing all living creatures here and completely eliminating the infection. 】

Sure enough, it was Han Meimei from the Department of Hepatology. In the novice mission, she solved many mysteries by relying on the work log she left behind. Tang Yuan thought, if he escaped with this body, would the original Han Meimei be able to come back?

After all, this girl has indirectly helped him... but thinking about it, I feel that there is not much hope. According to the rules of exchange spirit, Han Meimei should have been eaten by the flying hydra.

"Arkham General Hospital?"

Tang Yuan noticed the term, so was this blocked hospital in Arkham City?


He was standing in front of the hospital map in the hallway.

I didn\'t notice it before, but now I found it.

"Compare the topographic maps of Arkham Asylum and Arkham General Hospital."

[Comparing, the similarity is as high as 90%——]

Therefore, this Arkham General Hospital should be the Arkham Asylum. Tang Yuan rubbed his chin and stared at the map.

It\'s 1993 and this is Arkham General Hospital.

It was 1973 and it was Arkham Asylum.

Something must have happened in the intervening two decades that turned the madhouse into a general hospital.

And their hidden mission is to destroy the institute.

The research institute is actually underground in Arkham Asylum. If Liu Conghui and the others successfully completed the task, then Tang Yuan should be able to see the results directly.

"Xueba and Gouzi should have successfully completed the hidden mission. Now that the research institute has been destroyed, there is no need for the madhouse used to supply the great race with bodies."

Destroying a hospital is no small matter. Whether it\'s an explosion or a fire, it can be on the local news.

If such an accident occurs, the insane asylum will inevitably be closed and the patients inside will be transferred.

"It\'s a reasonable development to use the ruins of the lunatic asylum to reopen a new hospital after taking a break for a while."

However, Tang Yuan wanted to complain about one thing.

This is clearly the United States, but Han Meimei, Li Lei and other Chinese appeared, so did they all go abroad for further study after learning English?

After all, in his impression, the English of these people is textbook-like, especially Li Hua, who has English pen pals all over the world, and it is not impossible for Han Meimei and Li Lei to go abroad together.

Well, reasonable, Tang Yuan gave a like for his brain hole.

[Your thoughts are like wild horses galloping on Hulunbuir, and the horse will never return. 】

This string of words flashed before his eyes, pulling Tang Yuan back to reality from his brain hole.

Tang Yuan walked over to the ward area, found a room at random, and looked into the ward through the small window.


There was a vibration, but there was not much noise. The sound insulation effect of this door is good.

An angry and frightened face suddenly appeared on the small window,


Mouth open, shouting something.

Tang Yuan stepped back subconsciously, squinting his eyes and looking inside.

He is an ordinary man, half of the skin on his face has been covered with green pustules, but he still has his own consciousness.

"help me!"

Tang Yuan couldn\'t hear the other party\'s voice, and could only know it through his mouth.

In fact, he wasn\'t malicious, he was just asking for help.

As an innocent, abandoned person who can only wait to die.

Tang Yuan shook his head. When he saw the man\'s face, he knew that this person was helpless, and even if he was released, he could only continue to infect other people.

He walked a few more wards and found that they were filled with desperate patients, and even people who looked healthy were locked in.

Those people\'s faces were pale and their eyes were empty. After these few days of unpredictable disasters, all that was left was despair.

Only one mother, when she saw Tang Yuan passing by, slapped the door frantically and pushed her child to the door.

"He\'s still normal, he\'s not infected!"

"Please, let him out, okay?"

The mother cried silently, tears streaming down her face.

Tang Yuan\'s eyes flashed, and he reached out and twisted the doorknob.


Tang Yuan stared at the child.

[He has been infected, but now it just hasn\'t erupted, and soon he will get sick. 】

He shook his head, and his mother sat on the ground slumped, crying with her child in her arms.

The silent hospital was filled with despair, and the cries of dying people were everywhere.

But it was too quiet, not right.

Tang Yuan stared at his crying mother and suddenly realized something.

He quickly rushed to the bathroom and faced the mirror, seeing Han Meimei for the first time.

A nurse\'s uniform has been stained with stains, and the nurse\'s hat has fallen off. She herself is quite beautiful, her black and shiny hair is loose, giving people the feeling of a close sister.

Tang Yuan raised his hand and picked up the hair around his ear. The ear under the hair had festered, covered with green pustules, and a cloud of mucus blocked the ear hole.

No wonder Han Meimei was kept here. It turned out that she had been infected long ago. This symptom may have infected her brain, and she should have lost her consciousness long ago.

He looked in the mirror and reached out to pick out the mucus stuck in his ears.

Looking at the mucus on his hand, Tang Yuan stuck out his tongue and licked it.

[Physical strength +1. ]

The taste is salty, that\'s right, it tastes the same as the flavoring agent secreted by the sake brewing Yuanzi!

In the mirror, Han Meimei raised the corners of her mouth slightly, her fingers like green onions were stained with translucent mucus, and then she stuck out her small tongue and licked it slowly.

Well, it\'s delicious, but I\'m a little hungry.

Tang Yuan licked the mucus off his hands.

Then he turned on the faucet and stuck his head in, letting the water wash his ears.

clap la la la-

Like a broken headphone suddenly being repaired, the whole world suddenly becomes alive and sound.

Looking up again, the pustules near the ears are still there, but the mucus that blocks hearing is gone.

Tang Yuan left the bathroom and returned to the corridor, this time he walked to the ward area.

dong dong dong! Bang bang bang!

Cries, calls for help, collisions, and all kinds of desperate screams mixed together to form the now desperate hell.

It\'s not quiet here at all, on the contrary, it\'s very noisy.

"If these patients are locked inside, then Wang Tianyi should also be there..." Tang Yuan suddenly felt that it was not accidental that he came here, and he didn\'t come here to visit and walk through the scene.

He had to do something, somewhere, as if there was some kind of power guiding him.

What are the wards of Wang Tianyi and Li Lei?

[Searching from the past information bank——]

[Read intelligence: Clinical Nursing Work Log. 】

[Patient name: Li Lei, bed number: 0310-3. 】

0310, that\'s room 310!

Tang Yuan began to trot in the corridor.

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