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Xuanyue nodded, she felt strange at first, but Xing An asked her so, she was even more sure.

Suddenly his eyes lit up and he asked, "You... designed an anti-shock system?"

Xing An nodded: "Yes! I personally supervised those springs you mentioned."

Looking at Xing An\'s cheeks as if asking for credit, Xuan Yue felt both joy and bitterness in her heart.

After the beautiful girls were kicked out of the palace, Xuanyue saw that the court was stable and the world was at peace, so she said she wanted to go outside to play.

But she was pregnant, and it was unrealistic to ride a horse or a carriage.

Then he casually talked about those rudimentary spring-mounted anti-vibration systems in the 21st century. At that time, Xing An was quite curious and asked carefully. Xuanyue told Xing An what she knew.

Unexpectedly, Xing An took it to heart, and now he has made such a shockproof carriage!

The Tianmu Dynasty has strong soldiers and strong horses, and the country is prosperous and the people are safe. The most basic reason is that the road is very smooth and spacious. Xuanyue believes that Xingan\'s "quakeproof carriage" will not be a problem if she does it.

"Let\'s take a horse-drawn carriage and take a walk around the nearby places. Every day, we will travel less and taste more of the things from all over the world. If there is a waterway, we will take a boat, and if there is no waterway, we will make a horse-drawn carriage, and enjoy the scenery and beauty along the way. What do you think?" Xing An suggested.

"Really?" Xuanyue asked anxiously.

Xing An shook his head: "Not yet. Let\'s celebrate the New Year. After the New Year, the weather is getting warmer. Let\'s go again."

"What about Xiaoxing?" Xuanyue asked.

"Royal father is still very healthy, Xiaoxing can handle government affairs, leave them in the palace, we go out to enjoy the world of two. Just bring a coachman who can row and cook!" Xing secretly said.

Take someone out, that\'s a real treat.

"Then, who does the laundry?"

"Can\'t you bring a female coachman?" Xing smiled secretly,

Seeing him like this, Xuanyue couldn\'t help but ask, "You wouldn\'t have prepared such a person long ago, would you?"

Xing An nodded hurriedly, and said, "Empress Chitose, she is really smart!"

Xing An clapped her hands, and a sturdy, dark-skinned woman in her early thirties appeared in front of her.

"You don\'t worry about what will happen to me with such a person, right? It\'s also very convenient to take care of you. It took me a long time to find such a person, and I spent a lot of thought training and taught her some basic martial arts. Are you satisfied?" Xuanyue whispered close to Xuanyue\'s ear.

"Satisfied, very satisfied!" Xuanyue was very excited, and even now she is looking forward to the end of the New Year, so that she can go out to visit the great rivers and mountains.

"When you give birth to this child, you confinement last night, I will take you to Jiangnan, Dali, wherever you want to go!" Xing An said again.

Xuan Yue was so moved that she almost burst into tears.

"Come on, it\'s cold outside, I\'ll carry you in!" Xing An bent over, picked up Xuan Yue horizontally, and quickly walked to the bedroom.

The waiting people standing around lowered their heads one after another, Xuanyue said with an embarrassed face, "Hey, let me down, hurry up and let me down."

Xing An didn\'t care, she took Xuanyue and strode to the bedroom, put Xuanyue on the bed, closed the door, and said with a smile, "I\'ve done so much for you, do you want to repay me?"

"Didn\'t you say that you can\'t do it because your belly is too big?" Xuanyue found it funny when she saw Xing An\'s malicious look.

"It\'s only been three months, and your stomach is getting bigger? I mean, it\'s eight or nine months..." Xing An smiled and sat down beside Xuanyue, her hands began to become irregular.

Xuanyue said: "The emperor\'s physical strength is so good, he should leave a few beautiful girls for me."

"That\'s good, tell them to come back, they will definitely be willing." Xing An retorted.

"You dare!" Xuan Yue pretended to be angry.

Xing An immediately said with face: "Of course I don\'t dare. However, you must satisfy me now."

"The baby is three months old, he will know." Xuanyue said worriedly: "Besides, I am so excited now that I don\'t have the heart to do it."

The regret in Xing An\'s heart, she originally wanted to please Xuan Yue, thinking it would be beneficial, but she was so excited that she didn\'t want to do it.

"Little Xiaoxing has never seen him before." Xing An thought for a while, and said, "Otherwise, please help me, I feel uncomfortable..."

He hugged Xuanyue and sat down on his lap, and after a gentle grind, Xuanyue could feel his hot breath.

"No way!" Xuan Yue rolled her eyes, Xing An had more contact with Cao Haotian and Song Jianmad, and it seemed that her words became more serious.

"Then...then, help me with your hand." Xing An said hesitantly, and then pulled up Xuanyue\'s hand...

Xuanyue\'s secret vindictiveness: "Jiuding Divine Art!"

Xing An had experienced the "loss" of Jiuding\'s magic art. Seeing Xuanyue\'s half-truth shouting out, she didn\'t dare to take the risk and jumped all the way: "It\'s really unconscionable."

Then he muttered: "Father is right, only one woman will become more and more arrogant, I should really choose a few more beautiful girls..."

"Your Majesty, what are you talking about?" Xuanyue raised her eyebrows and looked at Xing An with sharp ears and a smile in her heart.

Xing An hurriedly said: "It\'s nothing, nothing! Ah, it\'s time to eat goat milk, I\'ll go get you hot goat milk."

There was no canned milk and goat milk in this era. Xuanyue was pregnant. After mentioning it, Xing An went to the frontier to bring her the best cows and sheep. She invited a special master to milk condensed milk and drink it on time every day. .

Therefore, Xuanyue has grown a lot recently, and her belly is much bigger than when she was pregnant with Xiaoxing!

Time flies, and the New Year is over in a blink of an eye. Xing An and Xuan Yue took the "quakeproof" carriage to play around the capital.

They walked very slowly, and every time they reached a beautiful place, the carriage became more full, and the horses walked while grazing, just like people walking.

When you walk to the river, you will stop to catch fish and barbecue, and when you walk to the beautiful valley, you will stop to hunt and have a picnic. Such merry days are very happy.

The two have been away for more than a month, and they both feel very happy and satisfied.

The two chose a place with more waterways to rush back to the capital. After calculating the time, they returned to the capital just to catch up with Cao Ruolan and Xiao Zhengnan\'s marriage!

The marriage of Su Ruyan and Cao Haotian had already been done as early as the first day of the first month. Xuanyue and Xingan came back after drinking wedding wine.

Cao Ruolan and Xiao Zhengnan\'s marriage was scheduled for March, so it was just right for them to rush back!

The waterway is very beautiful. This year\'s spring also depends on the special early arrival. There are willows floating everywhere, imprinted on the water, so beautiful!

Along the way, the boat also walked very slowly. The driver followed them on the shore. Xing An bought a boat with Jiang, and slowly slipped by himself. When he got to a quiet and deep place, he went fishing. It was quite pleasant. At night , or in an inn, or in a carriage.

Such a happy, rich and comfortable life is a life that the two of them never dared to imagine.

At this moment, enjoying the beauty of this great river and mountain, and the delicious food of nature, can be regarded as taking the sky as the bed and the earth as the bed, and both of them cherish and like this kind of beauty very much.

With such a slow formation, when they returned to the capital, the peach blossoms were already in full bloom, and Cao Ruolan and Xiao Zhengnan\'s marriage just happened to be caught up with them.

Those friends and relatives from the past who heard Xuanyue and Xingan talk about the comfort and beauty along the way, they were all envious, and expressed that they would go with them when they had time.

Xing darkened his face and said, "This is the two-person world between me and the queen. It\'s me making up for the five years that I haven\'t been with the queen before. What are you doing for fun?"

No one dared to refute the emperor\'s words!

In fact, Xing An has selfish intentions. Everyone has gone out. Who will assist Long Yan and Xiao Xiao Xing in handling government affairs?

This kind of careful thinking, like his own secret, he didn\'t even tell Xuanyue.

After attending their wedding, there was good news from Yunbei and Lan Yifeng, saying that Yunbei and Lan Yifeng were finally together.

After Xuanyue read the letter, although she was the most dissatisfied with these two people who were the slowest and most "shy", but they were finally together. Xuanyue was also very happy and brought a gift to Yunbei and asked her to get married At that time, as the daughter of the Xuan family, she was going to marry from the Xuan family.

Yunbei has no parents, she wants to marry, naturally she wants her parents\' family.

And now the Xuan family attaches great importance to Xuanyue, and with such a talented daughter as Yunbei, the old man of the Xuan family will naturally not object.

Yunbei replied and agreed, and thanked Xuanyue for officially recognizing Xuanyue as her sister.

After that, a surname was added in front of Yunbei\'s name: Xuan Yunbei.

After Yun Bei\'s reply, Xuan Yue and Xing An took a third route and went in another direction.

The place I went this time was closer than the last time, because Xuan Yue\'s belly was getting bigger and bigger, so she couldn\'t work too hard anymore.

This time, there were more people with them. Xuanyue and Xingan were the only ones in the carriage. They were the only two and a coachman, but there was a car and a fourth brother who was serving them.

Inside the carriage were supplements and cooking utensils, as well as production tools.

Xuanyue needs a lot of nutritional products now, and may also give birth at any time, so the midwife and production tools must be prepared.

Although it was slow, the two of them continued their previous style. After walking happily for more than a month, they chose a fourth route to return to the capital.

When she returned to the capital, Xuanyue had been lying in the palace for two days, and then she began to suffer from abdominal pain like a cramp!

"How\'s it going? How\'s the queen?" Xuanyue had been calling for two hours inside, but there was still no movement.

Xing An remembered the danger of giving birth to Xiao Xiao Xing for the first time, and she was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, and kept asking the maids who came in and out.

"Your Majesty, it\'s almost time, the child in the mother\'s womb is relatively big, so it hurts, don\'t worry!" said an older one.

Another half hour passed.


A baby\'s cry broke through the sky of the palace.

"Born, born!"


Another baby cry.

Xing An and Xiao Xiaoxing, who were standing outside, looked at each other in confusion, and were about to go in, when they heard the surprise voice of the midwife from the delivery room: "Ah, the queen has given birth to another one, a boy and a girl, a dragon and a phoenix! Congratulations to the emperor. , congratulations to the queen!"

The dragon and the phoenix are auspicious, the perfect ending!

(End of full text)

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