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Chapter 1031: Extraordinary: Two white CP online dog abuse 3

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Chapter 1031 Extra: Two white CP online dog abuse 3

After   , He Er had no face to tell people...I don\'t know what medicine Xiaohua gave him. He was dizzy, but he had memories all the time. This was the first time Song Bai got angry in front of him. Hey, this taste, he doesn\'t want to think about it again, it\'s terrible.

  He almost let Song Bai fall apart.

  Woke up again, it was already several days later, and—he suddenly got up from the bed.

  Why are the surrounding furnishings so familiar?

  Song Bai came in with a glass of juice.

  "Why am I on the plane?" Here is his brother\'s private plane.

  "Drink some water to moisturize your throat first."

  He Er\'s voice was dumb as if his vocal cords had been rubbed with sandpaper.

  He glared at Song Bai, took the juice and drank it.

  "The plane will arrive soon. After getting off the plane, Boss and his wife will pick you up, and you will follow them."

  He Er was anxious, "Brother and sister-in-law? Song Bai, what are you doing? What the **** is going on?"

   "You\'ll know when you get there, be good."

  At the place, seeing his brother and sister-in-law who hadn\'t seen each other for a long time, He Er temporarily put the doubts in his mind behind him.

  "Is this my fourth nephew?"

  He Er greeted him with joy, and eagerly went to see the cub in Qiao Yi’s arms.

  The little guy fell asleep in Qiao\'s arms, and was suddenly awakened by his voice, and slowly opened his blue eyes.

  He Er was surprised: "It\'s blue, just like my brother."

   "Let\'s go." He Yunting grabbed Qiao by one of his shoulders and took the person away without letting He Er look at it again.

  He two: "..."

  Brother really hates him most.

   turned around to find Song Bai, but there was Song Bai\'s shadow.

   "Song Bai, where\'s Song Bai?" The person who didn\'t just return, disappeared again. He Er\'s face turned pale in panic.

   "Don\'t worry." Qiao Yi comforted him, "He has something to do, you go with us first."

  Out of the airport, He Er only realized that Song Bai took him back to Cape Town.

  Getting into the car, Qiao started teasing him as soon as he said, "I heard that you are very hilarious when you play in China. That little flower looks pretty iconic."

  He Er blushed, "Sister-in-law, don\'t talk about me. Otherwise, how can you blow Song Bai out?"

   "Huh!" He Yunting disdainfully, "Only that promise!"

  At the manor, He Yunting directly ordered He Er: "Go to your room and change the clothes on the bed. Come out with me."

  He Er’s facial features suddenly wrinkled together, "No, brother, you have to take me to socialize as soon as I get off the plane!"

  He Yunting\'s tone cannot be refused, "You have to do this for entertainment today, go!"

   Holding a heavy body upstairs to change clothes.

  Hey, will this suit be too gorgeous today?

  He Er stared at the pure white dark pattern suit on the bed for a long time.

  This is not the style of the older brother, is it that since he got married, he has been able to open up?

  He Er didn\'t think much about it.

  As soon as he changed his clothes, the door rang. He Er walked to open the door, but a foreigner standing outside the door greeted him in blunt Chinese, saying that he was here to make his styling.

  What kind of people are you going to socialize with? Do you still have to do styling?

  It\'s not the first time he has done styling. He sat on the chair obediently and let them toss.

   Just when he was about to fall asleep for the Nth time, the styling was finally finished.

   "Let me go, am I so handsome?"

  Looking at herself in the mirror, He Er almost did not dare to recognize it.

  Is it a bit too much to do this look, it\'s just for entertainment, which makes him look like he is going to a beauty pageant now.

Go downstairs to the living room. Brother and sister-in-law are sitting on the sofa drinking tea. The four children are sitting around their sister-in-law. They are all dressed up. Xiaoyu and Xiaojin are in black suits. Fai Fei is wearing a white pettiskirt. The smallest of the four treasures is a black tuxedo.

  Do you have to take your family with you for entertainment?

  "Yes, Xiaocheng is very suitable for white and looks good."

  Qiao\'s heartfelt praise made He Yunting black face, "Don\'t look at him, only look at me!"

  He two: "..."

  Brother, you are so boring to be jealous!

   Just then, the black bear and John came in from outside, "Boss, you can go."

  He Er looked at them in the same outfit as twins, and laughed out loud.

   "You guys, why do you wear the same suit? Did you buy it heavy?"

  The black bear and John looked at each other and did not speak.

   "Let\'s go, you can\'t be late."

  He Er was stunned for a moment, and suddenly he realized a different taste.

  When he saw a series of 20 extended Maybachs outside the villa, he suddenly stopped talking.

   "Xiaocheng, you take the second car." Qiao Yi thoughtfully helped him arrange.

He Er was a little unbelievable, but he didn\'t know where to speak, until Qiao Yi pushed him into the back seat of the second car, He Er shook her hand and held her, "Sister-in-law, you, can you? Tell me, where are we going?"

   Joe smiled, and patted the back of his hand to soothe him: "You\'ll know when you get there."

  The convoy glided forward slowly. He Er was sitting in the car, his heart beating, the sweat in his palms was dry, dry and wet.

  The 20-car convoy specially asked him to make the second one. Where is this for socializing? It\'s almost the same. There is a faint answer in his heart, but reason has been holding him back to prevent him from thinking that way.

  When the shadow of a church slowly appeared at the end of the road, He Er was completely stupefied.

He was pulled out of the car in a daze, staring blankly at the church gathering friends he and Song Bai had known, facing blankly to the 8-member best man group wearing the same suits as Black Bear and John, and being pushed and taken by them blankly. Take it to the door of the church.

  Listening to the buzzing bells in the church, the huge arch of five meters high was pulled open from the inside. At this moment, his body controlled his thinking and slowly stepped into it.

   Directly ahead, under the huge cross, besides the priest waiting for him, there is also Song Bai who is dressed up like him.

  He is in a dark suit and stands upright. The black and white eyeballs clung to him inseparably.

  He Er slowly approached, and Song Bai stretched out his hand to him. The hand that holds the gun all the year round is covered with calluses from the people, but He Er feels at ease and puts his hand in his big palm without hesitation.

  Song Bai smiled, and slammed his hand, as if afraid that he would suddenly change his mind and ran away.

  He heard him whisper: "From today, you are completely mine."

  All of this is too unreal, He Er\'s whole person is confused.

  He couldn\'t hear all the noise around him, and he didn\'t know what the priest had said. He felt a sudden chill on his ring finger, and a diamond-encrusted male ring was pushed into the root of his finger.

  Song Bai was anxious like an unworldly brat, his hand trembling slightly while holding He Er:

   "I didn\'t deliberately not contact you in the past few months. I need an identity to marry you."

  "I went to the boss, and he helped me. In the past few months, I helped the South African military deal with a problem. They gave me the identity of South Africa. Here, we are legal."

   "When the boss got married, you said that you hoped that you could get blessings from relatives and friends under the witness of the priest. Do you like this wedding?"

  He Er no longer knows how to express his feelings at this moment, and there are emotions called touch and joy that are constantly rising and intertwining. The chest cavity was so full that it was about to overflow.

Seeing He Er\'s delay in answering, Song Bai\'s heart became even more guilty. He took He Er\'s hand, "Are you angry with me? I really went to help the South African military deal with the trouble. I signed a confidentiality agreement during this period. Contact you, that’s why I disappeared. Would you forgive me, I didn’t go out and mess around behind your back, you believe me!"

  He Er suddenly shook his hand, "Is it the problem that you disappear behind my back?"

  As soon as these words came out, the faces of all relatives and friends present changed.

  What\'s the situation? Is He Er going to regret it?

Now Song Bai\'s heart sank completely into the sea: "Baby, you said, what is the problem you said, I will solve it, okay?" As he said, he stretched out his hand and wanted to pull He Er\'s hand again. He grasped it.

   "Where is the ring?"

   "What, what ring?" Song Bai asked him for a moment.

  He Er couldn\'t believe it, "Song Bai, you are marrying me and ring it? You will not only prepare me a ring, right?"

   Hearing what he said, Song Bai jerked for a while, lowered his head and muttered in a low voice: "Time is not enough, I, I will do yours."

  He Er almost lost his breath.

   "If you don\'t get married, you won\'t get married. There is no pairing, and no proposal. Whoever loves to get married will get married."

  As he said, he was about to leave, and was hugged by Song Bai.

   "Don\'t go!"

  He Er hooked his lips and smiled. Song Bai didn\'t see it, but his relatives and friends looked at him clearly. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. As long as he didn\'t escape the marriage, he would be fine.

  Qiao Yi: "It scared me to death, I thought Xiaocheng really wanted to regret it!"

  He Yunting rubbed her palm, "Don\'t worry, he is taking revenge on Song Bai for deceiving him, I can\'t say how happy it is."

   "I will make up the ring later!"

   "No, no one has enough wedding rings anywhere! It\'s over!"

   "No, for today\'s marriage, you have to get married, and if you don\'t get married, you have to get married!"

   "I don\'t want to, you still want to force me to fail."

  Song Bai softened, "Xiaocheng, baby, marry me, I will never refute what you say at home in the future!"


   "It\'s true, more real than a pearl!"

  "Then you change the house in Dongcheng, I don\'t live in the small house."

   "Change and change, I have bought the villa, you can install it as you like, and you will be able to live when you go back."

   "Grandma, my mother, they don\'t know yet, what are you going to do?"

   "I will beg, I beg on my knees, they will always agree."

  He couldn\'t help him with any problem, He Er was annoyed, and at this moment, a bright light suddenly appeared in his mind.

   "You didn\'t propose to marry me, nor did you kneel on me, I don\'t..."

  Before he could export the marriage character, Song Bai knelt down to He Er with a bang.

   "Marry you? Xiaocheng."

  &Amp;lt;Outside the end>

  Alright, this book is completely over.

  Thank you for your company all the way, bow!

  The next book will be more exciting, look forward to it, and see you next time!

  (End of this chapter)

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