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Chapter 1016 - Hidden Attic

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Chapter 1016: Hidden Attic

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“It’s rare, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there,” Jiang Yu said and went to the second floor.

She didn’t go to Jiang Hai and Wei Juan’s bedroom, but went straight to Jiang Ran’s bedroom.

At first, Jiang Ran liked to decorate her room, saying that it gave her the feeling of a princess. So whether it was the wallpaper or the carpet, they were all very expensive and gorgeous. Only Jiang Yu was like a poor person who could only live in the smallest room at the end.

Jiang Yu pushed open the door to Jiang Ran’s bedroom. Behind her, Lu Qi and Dai Zhu were almost blinded by the pink color inside.

“Oh my God! Jiang Yu, is this your bedroom?!” Dai Zhu was so scared that she covered her eyes with her hands. “This is way too pink! Even Disney’s Princess wouldn’t use such a pink color!”

“It’s not mine, it’s Jiang Ran’s bedroom,” Jiang Yu explained.

“Her taste is really terrible,” Dai Zhu complained and put her hand down.

“Is there a secret room in Jiang Ran’s bedroom?” Lu Qi looked up at the ceiling, but only saw the ceiling full of stickers and hanging decorations. There was nothing else.

“There’s a secret room hidden in the ceiling. Many novels and TV shows have acted it out,” Jiang Yu explained, “The only way in is through the ceiling. There are a lot of stickers and decorations on the ceiling of Jiang Ran’s bedroom. It’s very likely that the entrance was blocked. That’s why the police didn’t find it when they searched last night.”

“Then where is the one who opened the entrance?” Lu Qi looked around. “There are all kinds of strange things in her room. We can’t try every one of them, right?”

“The more ordinary the thing, the more like a mechanism,” Dai Zhu said and picked up the table lamp on the bedside table.

“Look at this. Maybe it’s a switch.”?As she said that, Dai Zhu tried to turn the table lamp, but the lamp didn’t respond.

So she had to put the table lamp back and continue to look for other common items.

However, what she said just now reminded Jiang Yu — the more common the item, the less suspicious it would be.

Therefore, Jiang Yu looked at the row of books on the bookshelf again.

Jiang Ran rarely read books, and she only bought them to put on an act in front of others when people came to visit.

She looked carefully and found that the books in the middle were upside down, and a few books were placed askew with the top corner exposed.

“Come and have a look.” Jiang Yu called Lu Qi and Dai Zhu over and showed them the books. “These books are different from the others. Although I don’t know if they are booby traps, it’s better to try than not to try.”

As she spoke, Jiang Yu took out the books and put them back. Then, she straightened the books that were exposed.

Then, they heard a cracking sound from the ceiling.

They looked up and saw an entrance slowly appearing on the ceiling. It was just under the stickers.

“There really is a secret room!” Dai Zhu walked to the entrance. “But it’s so high. How do we get up there? Oh my, there seems to be a winding staircase at the entrance, but how do we get it down?”

“It should also be controlled by the mechanism,” Jiang Yu said, and her gaze fell on the bookshelf again.

She thought for a moment and tried to take out all the books that she had just moved out. Then, she heard a thump, and the winding staircase on the ceiling slowly descended.

“Go up,” Jiang Yu said, and she was the first to climb into the attic.

The attic was not big, but it was decorated very warmly, and it did not have that eerie feeling at all. Jiang Yu even saw Jiang Ran’s former doll in it.

It seemed that the whole family knew about this attic, but she, the “Outsider,” didn’t.

There was a small shelf on top of the attic, which just happened to hold up the roof of the attic. The things on it were all fake, just for the sake of looking good.

Jiang Yu went over the shelf and saw Wei Juan hanging up.

“Wei Juan!” Jiang Yu shouted and ran over to step on the chair to untie Wei Juan.

Wei Juan had been hanging here for a long time. Her wrists were tied up, and her flesh had long rotted, giving off an unpleasant smell.

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Lu Qi and Dai Zhu also walked over and saw the thin Wei Juan lying on the ground.

“She’s really here!” Dai Zhu exclaimed.

Jiang Yu said calmly, “Let’s call an ambulance and inform the police!”

“There are police at the door! I’ll go now!” Dai Zhu said and went downstairs at lightning speed.

Jiang Yu and Lu Qi carried Wei Juan and led her out of the attic carefully.

When they came out of the attic, the police were already waiting at the door. When they saw Wei Juan, they were shocked.

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