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Chapter 1130

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"Yes, little K, that foot was enough to hang!"

Sicong put his arms around Xiaoge and patted her on the shoulder. After winning the championship this time, all members of Ig club went on stage together to enjoy the glory. As the big boss of the club, Sicong also went on stage to join in the fun.

But it's really cool to stand on the stage and enjoy the cheers of the audience. But after standing for a long time, when all kinds of links including commercial sponsorship are added, Xiao Ge feels a little stupid to stand on the stage.

At this time, Xiao Ge just wants to quickly end these red tape, so that he can celebrate with his teammates. But after the champion was born, things on stage didn't end so quickly.

The famous beauty host sjokz went on stage to interview after the competition. The official designated interviewees were Xiao Ge and rookie, but this time they had to be accompanied by an interpreter.

"Kamen, this is your first year in the professional league, and then you lead the team to win the championship trophy that many people have not won in their whole career. What's the special significance for you?"

The first question is more official, and Xiao GE's answer is also official: "well I know that since the advent of lol, countless excellent professional players have been born. They are as bright as the stars in the night sky of varland

"Maybe they didn't win the supreme Summoner trophy, but they made people remember it in other ways. Like insec's blind monk's roundabout kick, like madlife's hammer stone, robot, Tauren and so on. "

"Some people have played from the earliest professional players to the oldest professional players, but they are still playing, such as big brother dobulelift, faker and Uzi."

"I know that in the past ten years of the League of heroes, very few people have really touched the summoner trophy. Some people take part in the s game again and again, but they always run with them. And some people take the champion to get soft, just like faker and his SKT

"Of course, it's the same with rookie, who has already won the double. In this case, it's really an honor for me to win the championship in my first year as a rookie

"But I think that old players like dobulelift and Uzi, who have been chasing the championship all the time, faker, who failed to defend the championship again, and even Ig, who have won the championship successfully, have their own beliefs."

"A strong man can't be strong all the time, and the weak can be happy as well. And the supreme Summoner trophy, it's not just a trophy, it's a goal

"The process that every professional player pursues this goal is the spirit and fate that E-sports brings us. This is the most important and the core of E-sports is no less than any professional league."

"For me personally, it's the best process to work hard for a season with my teammates and with the support of fans who like us."

After listening to the translation, sjokz looks at Xiaoge with a shocked face. She never thought that Xiaoge would say such a touching sentence with her mouth open.

She finally understood why Xiao Ge, as a newcomer, had such strength and performance against the sky, because Xiao GE's pattern and disposition were already ahead of most professional veterans.

Nodding to Xiao Ge with great admiration, sjokz asked again: "rookie player, once again won the championship. You are already a double champion. What's the significance of this championship for you?"

Rookie said shyly: "for me, the champion is the affirmation of our Ig's efforts in this year, and also the biggest feedback to the fans. The most important thing is that this s competition let me know the importance of the team. "

"The final just now is the most thrilling and exciting one in history. You won the championship two times in a row when you were 2-1 behind, and the process was not easy."

Sjokz continued: "I have two questions for the last two games. The first is that you took out the unexpected hero of casaden in the fourth game. What did you think at that time? How do you want to choose this hero

This time, Xiao GE's answer was very brief: "in fact, we have discussed the choice of this hero for a long time. I think I can summarize this choice with a sentence that everyone is familiar with, that is, you can always trust song Yijin!"

"Wow Sjokz couldn't help exclaiming: "from your answers, I can already feel the strong cohesion of your team and the strong trust among your teammates."

"After you were killed three people in the last scene, how did you discuss letting jackeylove steal the house and Kamen stop four people on the other side?"

"Kamen, in the end, you had the blind monk's big move to keep the operation of three people at once. What was your thought at that time?"

Rookie shyly scratched his head: "in fact, my brain was blank at that time, and the whole process was directed by little K."

Sjokz was stunned and handed the microphone to Xiao Ge again. Xiao Ge said faintly, "I didn't discuss it at that time, because I know that we can't keep it when the four people from the opposite side push us. Stealing is the only way.""As for the last big move, I didn't think much about it either. All the operations and choices are the only ones that can turn us over. If we're going to turn the tables over, I have to interrupt Ritz

"After that, all that's left is the operation. The result is good, I have been able to operate, this time there was no mistake, and then we won

For Xiao GE's understatement, sjokz was stunned again, and then continued: "last, what do you want to say to the fans who support you on the scene and in front of the screen?"

Xiao Ge and rookie are both ready for this problem. They take a deep breath and shout: "we are champions!!"

After the interview, a group of bulls came on stage to present medals to the whole team. Then there is the selection of fmvp. This award has long been out of suspense - Xiao GE has become fmvp.

Being caught in the middle of the stage again, Xiao Ge first stood on the stage with a fist high level he didn't know, holding the fmvp trophy for half a minute, then had another interview.

“Hi,Kamen! What do you want to say about this fmvp trophy? "

Xiao Ge shrugged: "I would like to say that next year's s competition will be held in our country, and other teams are welcome to compete with us for the championship. But it will be our Ig, fmvp who will finally stand on the stage to receive the award I will keep it, too! "

"Bang, bang, Bang..."

A sudden noise rings in her ears. Xiao Ge remembers that she seemed to be high yesterday and fell asleep after nine o'clock. But the sudden noise disturbed his dream.

After opening his eyes and slowing down for a while, Xiao Ge found that he was not in the hotel bed, but in front of a computer. To be exact, he was in an Internet cafe.

In front of the computer screen is the red "failure" sign, obviously last night, half of the night, Xiao Ge fell asleep again.

With a wry smile, he shook his head: "Alas, it's really a dream!"

Move the mouse, click OK, and exit the game. At the moment, Xiao Ge finds that someone is sending him a message in the lower right corner of the game interface. Click to have a look. Xiao GE's spirit comes immediately.

The sender's game ID is "dys all-around king". Although Xiao Ge just woke up, his brain is still not clear, but he clearly remembers that this is the game ID of retired, former professional players, sturgeon general, 443 and children Youshen, who live in deyunse!

"Little K, I discussed with brother sun and brother Li just now. They said to ask you to come here and help you find the team while broadcasting live."

"Ig is short of playing field now. We can arrange you to go to Ig training first. If you do well, maybe you can play in the spring match!"

"You're a comparison. Did you fall asleep in the Internet bar again? Wake up and read wechat. If you agree, I'll book you a ticket the day after tomorrow!"

"Wait! It's not a dream this time

Xiao Ge rubs his eyes and pinches his thigh. The pain tells him that he is not dreaming.

"Ah, network management!" Xiao Ge turned to the network manager who woke up because of the cleaning behind him and yelled, "what's the date today?"

"Oh, God, you are awake! You are not sleepy, today is March 9, 2020! You forget, today's S10 spring race starts online

“WC! I didn't go through the past, I went through the future! Xiao Leyan and the emperor of shoes break down, Ig will rely on me to change his life? Air tickets the day after tomorrow Damn, network manager, charge me 100 yuan first... " , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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