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Chapter 600

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At the moment of his exertion, there was a thorn in the air. Once this thing is ingested into the human body, it will surely die, and no one can stop it.

What makes people feel surprised is that Lin Ling has stood in front of Wang Tan without hesitation at this time.

Wang Tan saw this scene, his heart has been burning with countless anger. In the past, he calculated that Lin Ling had a bloody disaster during this period of time, but he didn\'t expect that it was now.

The reason for Lin Ling\'s accident is because of himself.

Thinking of this, Wang Tan\'s whole expression has been ferocious to the extreme, he will never let Lin Ling have an accident.

At this moment, it directly uses killing moves, even if it is to spend the whole body\'s cultivation, it will be desperate to protect Lin Ling.

Because it\'s his responsibility as a man.

However, at this time, a cold and tender voice came.

"It\'s so annoying that I\'m not called on when I fight."

After hearing this familiar voice, Wang Tan\'s eyes have been widened to the extreme.

She turned her head and saw a 18-9-year-old girl with a braid. The whole person flew over, and in the blink of an eye, she had come to him.

"I didn\'t expect it was you. When I was at the airport a few days ago, I didn\'t like you. I haven\'t had a fight for a long time. How about a contest?"

After saying that, the girl\'s legs slightly bent, the whole person is like a cheetah, directly put out a fight posture.

However, the next second, all the people present were shocked.

The girl rushed out and there was a deep crack in the ground.

How can a child be so powerful?

most of the faces are red.

They have practiced for the most part of their lives, and their strength is no better than this little boy.

At first, the old man was still contemptuous, but when he saw the momentum of the little girl, his face changed.

This one in front of me must be a master.

The old man did not have any hesitation any more, and went out directly to the girl\'s heavenly cover.

This is also a killing move.

The little girl\'s mouth kept saying, "old thing, it\'s really good, let you try what is called invincible Feifei fist!"

Finish this sentence, the girl\'s whole face is serious up, directly in front of 100 fist, strange to the extreme.

Finally, these fists, folded and intersected, broke out ferociously at the moment when the old man appeared.

Two powerful forces collide with each other.

The old man thought that two people would draw a tie, or the child would be killed by him directly, but he didn\'t think that there was a strong force that directly penetrated his arm.

His fist suddenly hit the little girl in the chest.

He\'s going to go straight through the girl\'s heart.

Let this little girl know what is real dignity.

All arrogant people should die.

"I\'ve said you\'re rubbish, and you don\'t believe it?"

In the next second, the girl\'s body suddenly disappeared in place.

His whole face has changed, at this moment, he has completely lost his direction.

His eyes eagerly look around, the whole person\'s heart is also very excited, he has no idea where the little girl will appear.

"Here I am!"

A cold voice came.

The old man did not care about everything. Suddenly, he grabbed the past with a fist, but he didn\'t think that he could really fight the sky.

The little girl stood in front of him at this time and slapped her hard. The old man\'s heart was filled with fear and subconsciously wanted to stop him.

There was a click, and the bone was broken.

The whole man smashed out to the back and hit the wall hard. The old man tried to get up with all his strength, but he didn\'t get up. His body kept twitching and his blood gushed out.

He did not think that he felt his strength could crush everything, but a little girl turned out to be a breaker.

I lost my whole life to a little girl.

The old man felt that he had been insulted and spit out a mouthful of blood fiercely.

Even if he continued to live, he was also a waste. At this moment, the whole party had fallen into a dead silence.

This little girl, even if she is from her mother\'s womb, can\'t reach such a level.

People suddenly pour out a breath of cool air, summer season, suddenly seems to drill into winter.

Zhang Tianhao, who was already sitting on the chair, shivered when he saw the scene in front of him. At this moment, he quickly bent over to the little girl in front of him and said, "I don\'t know if you are here. My name is Zhang...""What the hell are you going to play with?"

"Yes, yes, my elder is very right."

Although he called the elder in his mouth, he really wanted to rub the girl doll on the ground, but he didn\'t have such strength at all.

The little girl directly came to Wang Tan with a smile, "give you a chance to praise me."

"Go away."

When people hear this sentence, they can\'t help but take a breath.

Is Wang Tan going to die?

Everyone thought that the little girl would be unhappy. Unexpectedly, the little girl pursed her mouth and said, "Wang Tan, how can you bully me again?"

It felt like a little afraid of Wang Tan.

Such a powerful master should act in front of Wang Tan\'s face. When people saw this scene, they were deeply lost in thought.

"This time, you must not throw me out. I am your long lost sister."

Hearing this, Wang Tan couldn\'t help rolling his eyes.

At the beginning, I saw this little girl wandering on the street and gave me a drumstick. I followed myself directly for so many years.

But today, thanks to her, she was able to avoid such a encounter.

"How many drumsticks do you want?"

"Can I have it every day?"

"Of course."

"After that, I won\'t go to the mountain to practice and eat drumsticks at home every day."

Wang Tan

You can only nod.

Finally, he killed Zhang Tianhao without hesitation. They also killed Zhangjia.

Wang Tan will not have any pity for others. This is his style of doing things and his principle. If Zhang Jia is not destroyed today, he will surely return to revenge in the future.

Wang Tan said to all the people, "I don\'t like killing people, and I never kill innocent people."

He came to Longyan and took out pills to heal him.

The next step is a peaceful life.

He came back to Lin Ling and said, "we both go home."

After hearing the simple two words, Lin Ling\'s eyes turned red. She could feel how tired the man in front of her was!

From small to large, she basically lives in the bondage, but the man in front of her forcibly tears this fetter.

All of a sudden, there was a clear voice.

"The three of us go home together."

Tong Xiaonan knows things and comes here.

When the two returned to the villa, Lin Ling took the initiative to open his mouth when they had dinner. "I\'ve been very happy with you two these days. I also want to understand that maybe my feelings for Wang Tan are just sustenance. He can make me feel at ease. But it\'s worth meeting him all my life. I don\'t have to be bound by the family any more. My parents have already given it I called and asked me to travel around. "

In the later days, Wang Tan and Tong Xiaonan lived a happy life. Wang Tan group also climbed to the peak of life and became the top enterprise of the country.

Lin Ling came out of the shadow and sent photos to them from time to time.

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