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Not knowing that he has become the dream lover of countless young women, Ziyi is studying maps by candlelight.

Yu'er went to bed early. The boy is very good and doesn't like to make noise. He plays by himself during the day and sleeps by himself at night, which saves him a lot of thought.

The colder it gets, the colder it gets. The army celebrates the new year and drinks a little wine at dinner. At this time, the strength of wine comes up and he feels dizzy.

He shook his head and continued to look at the map, but he couldn't go any further.

Just, he sighed, put the map away, sat down beside the bed, looked at yu'er, and then took out a jade pendant from his arms.

The whole body is snow-white, with several foreign characters engraved on it.

He also asked people, but those people said that this is definitely not their writing, but rather from the southeast.

He is in the northwest, how can he get to the southeast?

Does the person who sent him the jade pendant know the meaning of the words?

He sighed again, put the jade pendant in his heart and recited the name of the man.

In recent years, he has been in the battlefield, used to see blood and corpses, used to wielding knives and guns. Only when he recites that name, can he get a little redemption and a little soberness.

He put the jade pendant away, lay beside yu'er, looked at his innocent sleeping face, and slowly closed his eyes.

Since the beginning of the spring, the place where they were stationed has been changing, and there has been constant fighting.

This is Ziyi's busiest time since the war. The enemy keeps attacking. Even if he is defeated, he will continue to rush up in a very short time. It seems that he wants to be exhausted before anyone else.

Ziyi is young and vigorous. Since they want to play, they will play with them.

The battle lasted nearly a year, and the enemy finally had no strength, and Ziyi was able to rest for a while.

This year, yu'er was babbling and stumbling to learn to walk.

A month later, the enemy attacked again and changed their tactics. They were very close to each other.

Ziyi adjusted his tactics several times, but they all won narrowly. Both sides suffered heavy losses. As time went on, they gradually deepened. If the reinforcements and food were cut off, they might be trapped here.

Aware of the seriousness of the matter, Ziyi told them to retreat and wait for reinforcements to arrive before attacking.

This battle has been fought for nearly two years, and it is the end of the year.

On this day, Ziyi led a group of officers and men just beat back the enemy, but before they were relieved, the enemy attacked again.

He frowned, feeling that the encounter was definitely a hard stubble, so he called the deputy general and whispered: "you take people out from the right side, reinforcements will arrive soon. The terrain here is complex, no one leads the way, it's hard to find, I'll take some of the main force, you come back as soon as possible!" After thinking about it, he thinks that this is the best way. They are not dominant now, and the only thing they can rely on is reinforcements.

"General, let your subordinates stay. I'm afraid it's dangerous for you to stay." The deputy general shook his head and said, "this time the enemy is coming. I think there must be a fight to the death. He can't let the general stay here. He's the one who's going to die.".

"Can you stop it? My orders, you remember! If something should happen to you, I'll take care of it. " Ziyi seems to have a premonition that there is little hope for him to go back alive in this battle. If he can go back alive, he must say what he has not said.

"Yes The deputy general's eyes were slightly red and he nodded heavily, determined to bring reinforcements as soon as possible.

"Newspaper! The enemy is coming again The soldier rushed into the tent and announced.

"Fight Ziyi gets up, reaches for his sword and strides out.

The deputy general did not dare to delay, so he quickly took the men to join the reinforcements.

Half an hour later, most of Liang's troops were killed and wounded, and Ziyi was also injured. He looked back. The snow covered his sight, and he didn't know whether the deputy general had received reinforcements.

However, no matter what, he must defend the territory and not give up any land!

"All the officers and men listen to the order! Reinforcements will be here soon! We will all be heroes! Kill them and defend the country! " Ziyi points to the front with his sword. The first one rushes over, and the soldiers behind him rush up one by one.

The fighting was fierce, and the blood stained a large area of snow.

Everyone was red eyed and felt no pain when they stabbed their swords. There was only one belief in their heart: to protect their country.

I don't know how long time has passed. Ziyi finally hears the sound of the horse's hooves and sees the vice general running towards him.

He fell directly on the ground and felt the hot blood flowing out of his body. The deputy general's red eyes said something in his ear, but he couldn't hear anything.

He took the jade pendant out of his arms and held it tightly in his hand.

The unfinished words are, after all, the unfinished words that need not be said.

After a long time, he didn't have a chance to sing in front of that person.

I remember when I was reading, my husband said that he was very talented and intelligent. Now it seems that he is just a fool.At the end of his life, he seemed to hear a familiar voice.


I really can't see you again

"General!" The deputy general cried out that he was still late. If he had come back earlier, the general might not have died.

The deputy general helped Ziyi's body to the side, raised his hand and wiped his eyes. His eyes were full of killing intention, "none left!"

The officers and men were so overwhelming that they seemed to be stimulated by the death of the general. They were all killed one by one, and the battlefield was full of corpses.

The enemy retreated and soon surrendered, and a truce was drafted.

The deputy general didn't want to sign it, but the general's body had to be sent back earlier, so he signed the agreement.

He made up his mind that when he came back next time, he would directly attack the enemy capital, so that they would never invade again.

The atmosphere of sadness shrouded in the garrison. The deputy general remembered what the general had asked him to do and wanted to send yu'er to someone else's home for foster care. But the child was young, but he was very stubborn and didn't want to go to someone else's home. He had no choice but to take the child back to the capital first.

When he arrived in the capital, he entrusted yu'er to his friends first, and then sent the general back to his house with his soldiers. He didn't dare to see the general's family or face the heavy sadness.

After leaving Rui palace, he went to see yu'er. He wanted to tell him about it, but he found that the child seemed to know everything.

"I'm going to find my father. My uncle will take me to find my father, OK?" Yu son pleads a way, he knows father already can't accompany him.

In fact, Yu son secretly took back the body that night.

Dad's hand is very cold, just like snow, no matter how he calls, he will not respond.

The deputy general frowned, thought for a long time and nodded, "uncle will take you tomorrow."

He took the child to dinner, bought him some new clothes, and coaxed him to sleep.

The next morning.

The deputy general takes yu'er to Prince Rui's residence and conceals yu'er's identity. He just says that this is the child picked up by the general and was raised by the general before.

Shen Zongming and Su Yuchen decide to leave their children to him.

From the Rui palace out, Ming Yuchen holding Yu son home.

Rich brocade is very curious about this child, "this is..."

"Jinxiu, I have something to say to you." He put the child on the ground, told the servants to wait for the child to play, and then went into the study.

The rich brocade "claps in the heart" to walk.

"You and I are not husband and wife at all. Do you have a lover? If there is one, I will ask the emperor to marry you. " Mingyuchen slowly said, with this child, he now just want to find a beautiful land, watching him grow up.

"Why Don't we have a good time? Yuchen, I can raise my child as my own. " Rich brocade flurried ground says, today is son Yi funeral day, he is in a bad mood, she can understand, but why should say so hurtful words?

"If..." If Ziyi didn't die, if he didn't have this child, he might really be able to live a lifetime with Jinxiu, but things are hard to predict.

"Bing Xueming is smart. You should understand what Ziyi means to me. The child was picked up by Ziyi and will be my child later. I made a lot of mistakes I don't want to hurt you. " Ming Yuchen sighed, full of sorrow, holding the jade pendant in his hand, as if holding the man's hand.

Jinxiu shook her head, "OK, OK, even if I knew I couldn't be with you, I still The rich brocade originally is the young master's person, but all depends on the young master to make the decision She sniffed, turned and ran out of the study.

"Cough, cough!" Ming Yuchen cough a few, a lot of things are like farce.

He looked down at the jade pendant in his hand and said with a bitter smile, "are you kidding me? Your sweetheart is not the best person in the world at all. He is not good at all

The jade pendant can't speak, but the little red in the middle is very eye-catching.

The next day, Ming Yuchen went to the palace to see the emperor, let him realize his promise.

The emperor once said that he could agree to anything, but he was still in a bit of a dilemma in the face of his request.

He said that he wanted the emperor to arrange a good marriage for Jinxiu. But when they got married, the scene was grand and everyone knew it. Who would marry such a wife among the nobles?

If point to marriage at will, how should let rich brocade suffer grievance in case?

"The emperor slowly think of a way, the house I have left to rich brocade, only hope the emperor within two years, to rich brocade find a good family." Ming Yuchen kneels to the ground, kowtows, then leaves the palace.

At last, he went to Wang Ming's mansion to say goodbye to his family. Then he took yu'er to the mountain in the suburb. There was a other courtyard, which was given to him by the king of Ming that year. It was very quiet.

He didn't really want to live in the mountains. After all, yu'er couldn't stay in the mountains all the time.

The so-called big hidden in the city.

Five years later.

Yu'er is eight years old. She had a serious illness three years ago. After she got well, she didn't remember what happened before. Later, she followed Ming Yuchen to learn to read and write. Occasionally, she went to the market to have a walk. She lived a happy life.Mingyuchen see he can be so happy, also very pleased, not be ashamed of Ziyi.

When he was looking at yu'er's writing, he often took out the jade pendant and held it in his hand. He had a gentle look in his eyes. It seemed that it was not a piece of jade, but a living person.

Yu'er is very curious about the jade, but she doesn't dare to ask rashly. She only knows that when father and son have dinner every day, her father has to put more chopsticks beside him. When he asks, her father always smiles.

That should be very important to Dad.

One day, yu'er's curiosity finally can't help it. He puts down his pen and comes to Ming Yuchen and stares at the jade pendant.

"Dad, what kind of jade is this?" He asked curiously.

"You see." Mingyuchen hook lips, handed him to see.

Yu'er knows that it's a favorite of her father. She takes it very carefully. She looks at it carefully. She thinks it's really beautiful. It's snow-white and only a little red in the middle.

"Dad, what does this word mean? Yu Er has never seen it. " He asked curiously. He has been reading and writing for some time and has never seen such a word.

Ming Yuchen's smiling eyes swept the foreign language on the jade pendant, and slowly said four words: "eternal union."

Just as the voice fell, a gust of wind outside the house blew the bell hanging on the door.

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