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Chapter 865: The Toughest Battle About To Start

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Chapter 865: The Toughest Battle About To Start

“What the hell?!”

“I’ve been played again!”

Luo Tian was very angry, but Mount Hua’s progenitor had already disappeared.

His Xumi Ring originally had a trace of spiritual energy and a little bit of divine might, but they had all disappeared now. It looks like it had turned into a normal spatial ring except for it being a higher grade that could hold more things.

“Entering the Ancient World… Mount Hua’s progenitor, why are you so afraid of me not going there?” Luo Tian muttered to himself. He was already yearning to go to the Ancient World, but Luo Tian felt like there was some type of ulterior motive based on Mount Hua’s progenitor’s tone of voice.

Mount Hua’s progenitor can fool him once and fool him a second time.

What benefits could he get from going to the Ancient World?

Can his two cave manors and that so-called Burning Staff really be that strong?

Luo Tian couldn’t tell. He also didn’t have the time to think about this.

The twenty-ninth day was almost over, which meant he was only one day from the time limit the system had given him.

He had to break through into the great perfection of the Profound God Sovereign realm.

Otherwise, he was going to be obliterated by the system.

Luo Tian opened up his system interface to look at his experience points. “My experience bar is 99% full, so I’m just missing a little bit of experience from leveling up. One day’s time should be enough. Even if I can’t kill the Arcane Dark King, his followers should be enough for me to keep my life.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing the Old Ancestor Flowing Cloud. You have gained 1 experience point, 1 profound energy…”


“Undefeated points +1.”

Three days ago, Luo Tian kept getting these types of alerts in his mind.

The alerts never stopped.

He was surprised at how strong the Eight Formations Chart array was since it could easily kill experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm.

But the smile on his face suddenly froze. “Damn it! A few days ago, the experience I got was still ten million, but now it has changed to one. You bastard system, come out here if you have the guts! I guarantee that I will beat you to death this instant!”

Ten million experience points becoming one experience point… this…

Luo Tian was speechless.

Even though he was only one percent from leveling up, it was still around five billion. If a Profound God Sovereign expert was worth one experience point, how was he supposed to level up now?

Luo Tian was instantly engulfed in misery.

At this time, the system suddenly gave off an alert tone.


“Eight Formations Chart has been broken!”


“Now I can’t even get one experience point! This is too motherf*cking messed up! Since the Eight Formations Chart has been broken, that means Mount Hua Immortal Sect is in danger. Chunchun, Eggy, Fatty, little sister Xue’er, you guys need to hold on! I’m heading back there very soon!”


Mount Hua’s mountain range.




Dust and smoke blasted everywhere the moment the Eight Formations Chart was destroyed. The Arcane Dark King’s army started killing their way forward at devastating speeds. The alliance army couldn’t resist them and pulled back their defensive lines. In less than ten minutes, only the main peak of Mount Hua Immortal Sect was left. All the other areas were taken over by the Arcane Dark King’s army.

Blood flowed like a river and seemed to have stained the sky red.

When those people died, they resurrected a few minutes later when the Arcane Dark King’s forces used some type of resurrection power on them. Now, they were completely under the command of the Arcane Dark King and joined his army. The invading army grew stronger and stronger while Mount Hua’s peak was getting more crowded.


“Luo Tian, scram out here for this daddy! Hahaha…” Murong Wanjian yelled in arrogance. “How did you suddenly become a turtle now?! Weren’t you very arrogant in Shattered Sky City?! Come out here for this daddy! You damn dog thing; you want to snatch this daddy’s woman?! If this daddy can’t have something, you can also forget about possessing it!”

Murong Wanjian had a ferocious look on his face as he screamed with unbridled arrogance.

At this time, the Arcane Dark King’s army kept attacking the Mountain Protection Array that the Gnome tribe had used their own lives to refine. This was also Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s last defensive line. Once the array is broken, no one in Mount Hua Immortal Sect will survive.

Mount Hua’s main hall.

“This is outrageous!”

“That damn dog thing Murong Wanjian! I’m going to kill him right this instant!” Fatty Lei was pissed off. People can say anything they want except for insulting Luo Tian. This was his bottom line!

Fatty Lei was so angry that he was about to rush out after saying that.

Wild Blade shouted: “Fatty, stay here! The array will open up once you go out! At that time, the Arcane Dark King’s army will be able to come in! Do you want everyone to die here?! You should be clear on how strong those Arcane Dark Beasts are. We can only wait for the time being.”

Fatty Lei responded fiercely: “I can’t stand that Murong Wanjian! He died already, yet he came back alive! In order to suppress him, the boss has been training desperately for three whole years! Murong Wanjian was like a mountain sitting on top of his head for the entire three years! Now, he dares to clamor about outside when he’s only a dog of the Arcane Dark King?! If I ever get the chance, I’m going to end his life immediately!”

Extremely pissed!


“Luo Tian, a damn turtle like you doesn’t dare to come out?! A damn piece of trash like you will be stepped on by me for your entire life! Once I take down your Mount Hua Immortal Sect, I will make all your people crawl under my legs in fear! Hahaha…”

“Today is the day of your death! You just wait for me!” Murong Wanjian’s aura burst forth above Mount Hua’s mountain peak as he mocked Luo Tian.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Fatty Lei. Even Eggy, Murong Bai, Jingang, Xuanyuan Yi, and Blindman Liu couldn’t endure anymore.

Even Wild Blade was barely holding on as killing intent surged out of his body.

Most of the people in the main hall were angry.

Murong Wanjian was no longer that strong in their eyes. Fatty Lei or Xuanyuan Yi, who had absorbed the Tianxuan Origin Essence, could easily kill him now. But the moment they step out, the Mountain Protection Array will deactivate, and Mount Hua will be quickly breached.

Once the Arcane Dark Beasts attack, no one here would be able to hold them back.

Murong Wanjian kept mocking and insulting out there and managed to be more insulting as time went on.

Many people were trying to hold in their anger with ugly looks on their faces.

“This daddy can’t endure any more!” Fatty Lei yelled.

“Even a turtle can’t endure any more!”

“I want to go twist off Murong Wanjian’s head right now!”

Many people in the crowd voice their displeasure.

At this time, a Mount Hua disciple ran into the main hall and said: “Reporting! Elder Fan Zhangjian said the array cannot hold up for much longer. At most, it can hold on for ten more minutes before it is broken through.”

“It’s going to break in ten minutes?!”

“Why isn’t your Sect Leader Luo Tian back yet? So you guys have been deceiving us? Has Luo Tian hidden himself far away already? Are you guys treating us as cannon fodder? You, people of Mount Hua, are truly sinister!”

“We might as well go out and surrender instead of waiting for our deaths here!”

Many leaders of their forces felt resentment.

There were internal worries and external enemies!

Mount Hua Immortal Sect had already reached the brink of destruction!

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