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Chapter 641 - Army Pressure, Xiaoyu’er’s Anger (2)

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Chapter 641: Army Pressure, Xiaoyu’er’s Anger (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Hmph, do you really think that my Great Xia’s Forging Division is a pushover?” Yin Wuyou snorted coldly and unsheathed the Shadow Sword with a clang.

“Commander Ma, prepare for battle,” Yin Wuyou said calmly. She had experienced the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament, and she had seen bigger scenes. A mere Demon God Sect army couldn’t scare her at all!

Ma Fengzhang’s expression was solemn. It was too late to retreat now, so he could only fight to the death.

This Demon God Sect army had more than ten thousand people, more than twice their number. This time, it wouldn’t be an easy battle.

Ma Fengzhang unsheathed his saber. “Your Highness, please prioritize your safety and protect yourself!”

Yin Wuyou was a first-rank martial artist. If she wanted to leave, the other party wouldn’t be able to stop her.

“There are no cowards in Great Xia who escape without fighting,” Yin Wuyou said calmly. “Commander Ma, we’ve fought an army of demonic beasts ten times our number in the Demon Realm. There are only so many of them. We can definitely defeat them!”

Ma Fengzhang smiled bitterly.?How can they be compared like that?

The human armies in the Demon Realm were all elites among the elites of the various nations, not to mention that they were led by famous generals of the various nations.

This didn’t include the monster-like Zhou Shu.

What about them now?

It was just an ordinary army, and Ma Fengzhang wasn’t good at leading troops to battle. But the enemy was even more cunning than the Demon Realm army.

There was no chance of winning at all.

There was no other way.

As Ma Fengzhang looked at the approaching Demon God Sect army, a determined expression flashed across his face. “Let’s fight.”

The thousands of soldiers behind them also drew their sabers. Even Zhang Yibei held a saber in his hand.

But most of these thousands of soldiers were ordinary soldiers who had yet to enter the ranks. Even though they were forcing themselves to calm down, their bodies were trembling slightly when facing the Demon God Sect army riding demonic beasts.


Yin Wuyou’s figure flashed, and she flew into the sky. With a flick of her wrist, thousands of sword beams shot out, crossed hundreds of meters, and landed in the Demon God Sect army.


For a moment, flesh and blood flew everywhere. Countless disciples of the Demon God Sect fell from the backs of the demonic beasts.

Zhang Yibei and the others perked up. The enemy was also mortal and not invincible.

“Kill!” Ma Fengzhang roared and followed closely behind.

Swish, swish, swish—

The sound of blades piercing flesh rang out. When the two sides collided, countless figures fell.

Those who fell were from both the Demon God Sect and the Great Xia army.

All things considered, the Great Xia army probably had more casualties.

This was also normal. Although the people of the Demon God Sect might not all be ranked martial artists, there were demonic beasts under them. Demonic beasts had thick skin and immense strength, posing a huge threat to the Great Xia army.

Fortunately, there was Yin Wuyou, a first-rank martial artist, and Ma Fengzhang, a third-rank martial artist. They bore most of the pressure. Otherwise, the Great Xia army would probably have been scattered.


Yin Wuyou killed dozens of demonic beasts again. Suddenly, two figures with powerful auras flew out from behind. There were actually first-rank martial artists in the Demon God Sect!

“Haha, princess of Great Xia, surrender obediently and follow us back to serve the sect master. Who knows, you might even become the wife of our sect master. Otherwise, when we capture you—”

“Die!” Yin Wuyou attacked before they could finish speaking.

She was furious. As she brandished the Shadow Sword, a sharp sword beam was about to cut the two first-rank martial artists of the Demon God Sect into pieces.

“You want to do it the hard way? Don’t blame us for not showing mercy later!”

The two first-rank martial artists of the Demon God Sect were furious and counterattacked.

Although Yin Wuyou was a first-rank martial artist, she couldn’t spare the time to help the Great Xia army.

Seeing more and more people from the Great Xia army falling, she was angry and anxious.

“Commander Ma, retreat first! I’ll stop them!” Yin Wuyou shouted.

“You can’t even protect yourself now.” The two first-rank martial artists of the Demon God Sect laughed loudly. “Be good and surrender. If you become the wife of the Demon God Sect’s master, these people will be on our side. Naturally, they will be able to live!”

“Impudent!” Ma Fengzhang roared. “You’re courting death! How dare you offend Great Xia. Aren’t you afraid that the King of the South will return?”

“Great Xia’s King of the South? Haha, I’m so scared.” The two first-rank martial artists of the Demon God Sect laughed impudently as they surrounded Yin Wuyou. “Let him come. I won’t kill him!”

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“You deserve to die!” Yin Wuyou was furious, and the sword beams became even more violent.

Suddenly, another army appeared on a mountain in the distance.

The army was riding demonic beasts and wearing colorful clothes and masks, which was the clothing style of the Demon God Sect.

Yin Wuyou and Ma Fengzhang’s hearts sank.?There’s actually more!

This was really troublesome.

On the mountaintop, the master of the Demon God Sect was groveling beside a ten-foot-long tiger demon. On the tiger demon’s back was a little girl who was one or two years old and wearing a fiery red dress. She was sitting there with a fruit that was almost the size of her small head in her hand and chewing happily.

“Clown Face, are we almost at the capital of Great Xia?”

The little girl was Xiaoyu’er.

“Princess, Great Xia’s territory is ahead. After entering Great Xia’s territory, we will reach the capital of Great Xia after walking another five to six thousand kilometers.”

The master of the Demon God Sect bowed and said carefully, “But we have to fight our way through. If you don’t do anything, it might take longer.

“There seems to be the princess of Great Xia in the Great Xia army ahead. If we can capture her alive, we might be able to use her to threaten the emperor of Great Xia.

“But her cultivation is not weaker than mine. I’m not confident in capturing her alive. If you are willing to lend us a hand—”

“Great Xia’s King of the South is useless. If he dares to come, I’ll still slap him to death.”

Arrogant laughter suddenly came from afar. Xiaoyu’er looked up.

“Clown Face, I think I heard someone mention the King of the South just now, right?” Xiaoyu’er stood up on the tiger demon’s back and tiptoed forward to look.

Light flickered in the distance from a battle. Her gaze landed on Yin Wuyou, and her eyes lit up.

“Mommy!” Xiaoyu’er cheered. With a flash of light, she suddenly disappeared.

The expression of the Demon God Sect’s master changed. For some reason, he had a very bad feeling.


Yin Wuyou was forced back dozens of feet by the attack of the two first-rank martial artists. Her blood was churning as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You’re no match for us. If you don’t want to suffer more, give up struggling.”

A first-rank martial artist of the Demon God Sect laughed loudly.

“Being the lover of Great Xia’s King of the South is not as satisfying as being the wife of the sect master.”

“You deserve to die!” Yin Wuyou gritted her teeth angrily.


Just as Yin Wuyou was about to move forward, her vision suddenly darkened. She felt someone hugging her leg.

Shocked, she looked down and saw a little girl hugging her leg, looking up at her with big star-like eyes.

“Mommy!” the little girl shouted. Yin Wuyou was confused.

“What… what did you call me?” Yin Wuyou stammered.

“Mommy,” Xiaoyu’er said seriously. “Daddy showed me what you look like. I have a good memory. You are my mother!

“Mommy, why are you vomiting blood? Did someone bully you?” When Xiaoyu’er saw the blood at the corner of Yin Wuyou’s mouth, her face instantly swelled with anger.

“I remember now. Someone just shouted that he wanted to kill the King of the South. My father is the King of the South. You want to kill my father and even bullied my mother!”

Xiaoyu’er turned to look at the two first-rank martial artists of the Demon God Sect and said angrily, “Unforgivable!”

The first-rank martial artists of the Demon God Sect were already scared silly. “No, we didn’t. Princ—”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Xiaoyu’er swing her fist at the heads of the two first-rank martial artists.

The two first-rank martial artists of the Demon God Sect, who had been extremely arrogant just now, shattered into pieces like porcelain. They died with grievances!

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