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Chapter 341: The End of Ninja World (The Finale)

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【Konoha: Make Uchiha Great Again】【】

"Hey, Zuo Zhu, Xiang Rin, wait for me!"

On Konoha\'s main street, Naruto accelerated and rushed forward, and Zuosuke, who was communicating with other Uchiha clan in front, couldn\'t help holding back his mouth when he heard this voice.

He really didn\'t want to respond to Naruto, who was so careless, but after Naruto approached, he sighed and replied.

"You\'re really slow, and please don\'t be so blah, don\'t you feel ashamed?"

Zuo Zhu\'s tone was full of helplessness, especially when he noticed that many people around him had looked over, which made him feel even more embarrassed.

The war has ended for a year, and the whole ninja world has undergone tremendous changes in one year, and many people have also changed in this year.

The kid Zuo Zhu is one of them. After all, he was also a member of the absolute main force in the final battle a year ago. To put it bluntly, the war a year ago would not have ended so easily without him!

The war a year ago has been defined as a war of annihilation at this time.

And the propaganda of this war to the world is that those foreign destroyers conspired with Uchiha Madara and those guys, the purpose is to control the ninja world and eliminate disobedient people.

And their method of control is to drag everyone into the illusion, making everyone\'s life worse than death, thereby eliminating all wars.

In fact, for this set of rhetoric, I have to thank that guy Onogi for the original version he provided.

And this version has also been widely revised by Jiraiya, Nara Shikahisa and others, and now it has begun to promote it to everyone.

As for the effect, it goes without saying, after all, everyone has experienced such a cruel battle, and everyone believes in such a result in their hearts.

What\'s more, this result is the result that Habara has already approved!

Although a year has passed since the war, for those who participated in and experienced that war, this may be a scene they will never forget in their entire lives.

In particular, the terrifying combat power displayed by Habara in this battle seemed to be engraved in their souls!

At the last moment, Habara used all his strength to summon an unprecedented Suzunoku with a body size of a thousand meters or ten thousand meters, as well as that peerless sword technique.

Everyone seemed to have seen the collapse of the world, the destruction of everything, and even witnessed the death of the foreign invader and their own annihilation!

That\'s right, while they witnessed Tao Shi\'s death, they also witnessed that they were turned into powder at that moment.

The feeling of despair is indescribable and equally unimaginable.

However, what was even more beyond the imagination of all of them was that in their consciousness, when they had entered the pure land and were about to sleep forever, white rays of light broke through the cloud of the pure land.

These rays of light enveloped all of them, took all of them out of the pure land, and brought them all back to life!

"God · reincarnation born!"

They didn\'t know what happened, they just remembered the voice that rang in their ears.

And the figure floating in the sky, who was clearly far away from them, but could be clearly seen by all of them.

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【Konoha: Make Uchiha Great Again】【】

As more and more people wake up and come back to life, they finally know what is going on, that is, someone resurrected them who had died!

And the person who did all this is the head of the seven major families who actually control the village among Konoha, who controls Konoha\'s most powerful department, the Minister of Security Uchiha Habara, Minister Habara!

Countless people have always been curious about the strength of Minister Habara, and what level he has reached.

And now they know what level of existence this minister is.

This is definitely a person who can destroy the world with his own power, and he is definitely an existence who can save the common people in the ninja world with his own power!

He has completely exceeded the scope of human imagination. It seems that no one can achieve such a level except God, right?

Perhaps, this Minister Habara is a god, a **** who walks in the world!

With such an idea, it is unimaginable for all the beings in the ninja world to be fanatical about Habara. With such fanaticism, no matter what Habara says or does, there are countless people who support him.

Therefore, during this year, Konoha\'s control over the other three major villages can be said to have no major obstacles.

With Ohnoki in the Land of Earth, everything went smoothly.

In the country of water and the country of thunder, although there are still some people who want to oppose Konoha\'s control of power, because they can see that the policies promoted by Konoha are eroding the power and independence of their village.

But with Habara\'s such a strong performance, and in such a big environment in the ninja world, their resistance was useless and ineffective.

It can be said that the major countries in the ninja world at this time are basically under the control of Konoha. Even though the name has not been officially changed yet, in fact Habara has achieved his goal!

And now, the entire ninja era has also entered an unimaginable peaceful period.

Of course, such peace is only internal, because they still have a common enemy now.

That is the Uchiha Madara and Qixiao organization, that is those guys from aliens who are believed to have a deep connection with Uchiha Madara by the ninja world.

What Zuo Zhu and the others are going to do now is to go to the front line to perform tasks.

In fact, as one of the "ninja world saviors", they don\'t need to perform such tasks at all.

But in order to boost morale, and to prove that Habara and the others attached great importance to Uchiha Madara and other Xiao organizations, Zuosuke and Naruto still needed to go to the front line from time to time.

In fact, if you really want to boost morale, Habara is the most appropriate way to go.

But how could this kind of thing get Habara to come forward, so it naturally fell on these two little guys.

And the two of them are very happy about this kind of thing, after all, they really have to fight on the front line.

"What\'s wrong?"

Naruto didn\'t care about his situation at all, he still said with a big grin.

"Really, what are you doing so quickly, wait for me, can\'t you?"

"You\'re such an idiot, shut up."

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【Konoha: Make Uchiha Great Again】【】

Zuo Zhu noticed that there were more and more people looking around, and now he suddenly regretted why he had to wait for Naruto.

"You are the idiot!"

"I don\'t care about you, I\'m leaving."

"Hey, wait for me, the mission is together, we set off together."

"Can you stop following me, at least not now?"

"You bastard, let\'s go together!"

Looking at the backs of these two people, Xianglin couldn\'t help but sighed slightly, why did these two people still have this virtue after so many years...


"Are you still used to it here, Mother?"

"For me, it\'s the same everywhere, there is no difference between the seal and here."

In the small thatched hut in the pure land, Hime Kaguya sat at the stone table in the front yard and looked at the sky.

And there are dots of white light shining in the sky, which is the door to the outside world, at least for her.

She can completely know everything about the outside world and everything about the current ninja world through this \'gate\'.

The terrifying battle a year ago is still fresh in her memory even now. She really didn\'t expect a young junior to go this far.

That young man made his bloodline completely reach the stage of Otsutsuki by himself, and even more so by his own efforts, he obtained the power of Xueji snare.

This kind of thing is beyond the imagination of Kaguya Hime, even if that young man actually has the blood of Otsutsuki, but at least she thinks it is unrealistic to really reach this step.

But the fact is that the boy named Uchiha Habara did it, which makes Kaguya also have to feel the talent of this young man.

Looking at the ninja world that has changed greatly from the outside world, watching people are constantly working hard to repair their homes, Kaguya seemed a little silent.

After a long time, she quietly said to Yu Yi beside her: "I seem to understand your thoughts."

"Oh?" Yuyi couldn\'t help being a little surprised when he heard his mother\'s words, but he was still very happy.

A year ago, they witnessed Habara killing those Otsutsuki on the moon, and this also made Kaguya not to mention the unlimited monthly reading plan.

It\'s just that although she didn\'t say it, Yuyi and Yumura were both worried that Kaguya was not thinking about it for the time being because of their brothers and young people like Yubara.

If this is the case, then although their plan was successful, they still feel somewhat uncomfortable in their hearts.

What they hope more is that their mother can feel the will of these ordinary people and feel the flame in their hearts just like them.

But they still have hope, at least their mother has changed, hasn\'t it?

And now that his mother is speaking like this, how can Yuyi not feel surprised and curious?

"Master, you understand..."

"Something interesting, something to think about."

Kaguya shook her head, she didn\'t seem to want to say anything more, she slowly retracted her eyes and stared at Yuyi.

"By the way, what about Indra and Asura, their powers don\'t need to be passed on, so their consciousness should be revived, right?"

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【Konoha: Make Uchiha Great Again】【】

"Well, that\'s true."

Although Yuyi was a little helpless as his mother only spoke half of what he said, he still felt some different emotions.

This made him very happy at this time, and he couldn\'t help showing a smile.

"It\'s time for those two kids to come back, they\'ve almost recovered, I think...

After a while, they can come back to us.

After so many years, I miss them too..."


"Finally come to this step!"

In an area along the coast of the Land of Thunder, Uchiha Madara suddenly stood up and clenched his fists excitedly, while Senju Hashirama glanced at him and didn\'t bother to pay attention.

However, Senju Hashirama is still a little helpless and eager in his heart, because he knows that Uchiha Madara has definitely completed the fusion of the five attributes of Chakra!

A year ago, the two of them teamed up to deal with Otsutsuki Kinshiki, and this was the first time they felt Otsutsuki\'s strength.

Such formidable strength really gave them a huge shock, even if they also found that the guy had no actual combat experience, let alone any technical and tactical skills.

But others only need to use strength to crush them, and it is enough to go straight, because what they lack most is strength!

To be honest, fighting such a person is not particularly rewarding for Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara.

But they are not ordinary people, and they have grown to a certain extent under such extreme pressure.

Especially Uchiha Madara, this guy constantly squeezes and fuses his own five-attribute Chakra in such crazy battles.

At that time, this guy had already reached a very advanced position, a position that Senshou Bashima was extremely envious of and could only keep chasing after.

The subsequent battles had nothing to do with them, but they also witnessed Zuosuke and Naruto, the two rising stars, killed a big Tsutsuki after getting their very familiar but very strange power.

It also witnessed Habara\'s destructive power, the power to destroy the ninja world with his own power and then give life to the ninja world again.

Naruto and Zuosuke, the two little guys, Uchiha Madara and Senju Zhuma are not interested in studying how they did it.

After all, they are not stupid, and they actually have some conclusions in their hearts. These two young people are the reincarnation of Indra and Asura just like them.

The power that these two people got that made them feel familiar and unfamiliar was probably the power that belonged to Indra and Asura.

They are not envious of such power, nor are they interested in involving it, after all, they are all independent individuals.

And they have also found their own direction, which is the same as Habara.

Especially since Habara has already proven his strength, they have no reason to change.

It\'s just that they also know that the path Habara chose is really not easy at all, especially the process of merging chakra is unimaginably difficult!

Fortunately, Qianshou Zhujian is also a very talented existence. It took him a whole year to finally integrate his non-attribute chakra.

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【Konoha: Make Uchiha Great Again】【】

But he had just merged, and Uchiha Madara had already completely merged over there, which made Senju Zhuma really helpless.

"Hashirama, how are you doing now?"

After Uchiha Madara was a little excited, he immediately turned his head and looked at Senju Bashirama.

And Senju Zhuma sighed, then closed his eyes simply and didn\'t bother to pay attention to Uchiha Madara. He felt that paying attention to this guy would only waste his time.

"Hey, why don\'t you talk, are you still not making any progress?"

"Could you please be quiet?"

Senju Hashima, who was so annoyed by Uchiha Madara, could only sigh faintly, and then he closed his eyes again and silently carried out his own practice.

He has really been opened too much gap, he must find a way to bridge these gaps as soon as possible.

Especially beside him there is a triumphant Uchiha Madara, he really doesn\'t want to be pulled away too much by this guy.

"What happened to those two guys inside?"

Outside, the shadows of all ages looked at the deep room curiously, and then they asked Nagato curiously.

The shocking battle a year ago also made them realize how terrifying outsiders are, and they have already made a decision.

They have made up their minds to help the ninja world to train the ninjas, and to help the ninja world maintain their combat readiness, so they all volunteered to act as these villains.

But what they never expected was that they not only witnessed the destructive power of god-like power, but also witnessed the miracle of life with god-like power!

Habara\'s natural reincarnation technique not only revived all those who were wiped out by the aftermath of the power and killed by their attack, even including themselves.

They never thought that they could survive, and they never thought that they would be treated like this.

But because they were resurrected, they are now acting more seriously and working harder, even though they know that this situation happened only because of an accident.

Let\'s go and give it a try. 】

"I don\'t know either. What\'s the use of asking me?"

Nagato shook his head lightly, he wanted to say something else at first, but when he saw Yahiko and Xiaolan walking over, he interrupted directly.

"Okay, don\'t hang around here, think about how to cause some trouble over there.

Also, I heard that Zuo Zhu and Naruto are here, and you know how strong those two boys are, so don\'t expect any surprises. "

After saying this, he ran towards Yahiko and Xiaolan without waiting for those shadows to react.

In fact, Obito doesn\'t care whether he is a decent or a villain at all, and he doesn\'t even care whether he has any effect on the ninja world.

Because in his opinion, being able to be with Yahiko Xiaolan and the others is the most important thing.

"Hey, how long will it be before Kakashi and the others come."

On a roof, Obito looked boredly at Nagato and the others, as well as those shadows sitting and chatting together, he couldn\'t help but sighed slightly.

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【Konoha: Make Uchiha Great Again】【】

Everything in his life is pretty good now, but for him, what he looks forward to most is being with Kakashi and Lin.

As for other things, he doesn\'t care at all, they are all the same to him anyway, he will complete those tasks well, after all, this is his salvation, the salvation of Konoha.

But at the time of redemption, he also longed for his former friends, and that was the person he was most worried about.

"Really, when will Habara let them go on missions?"

Obito withdrew his gaze, and then he lay down on the roof, his gaze turned to the sky.

"And that guy Habara, I heard that he went to the moon, and I don\'t know what it\'s like to live on the moon..."


What is the experience of living on the moon? Actually, Habara himself is not very good at describing it.

But for him, it\'s not a bad place in this place, especially after he improved the connection between the moon and the ninja world, everything became more convenient.

Habara is not a misfit. Although sometimes he likes to be quiet, it is really a torment for him to lose his human presence.

Therefore, he directly changed the teleportation array of the moon to the connection of the Uchiha family\'s own room, which made it easier for him to return to the ninja world, and at the same time it was convenient for people in the ninja world to come up to him.

After all, he has not forgotten that he is the patriarch of the Uchiha clan, let alone the head of the security department.

"How does it feel?"

Sitting on a lawn inside the moon, Habara looked at Yan Ye beside him with a smile on his face, and he asked curiously.

"It feels a little strange."

Yan Ye raised her hand to look at her situation, and then she thought for a while and gave her answer.

"It feels as if my time has slowed down, and even my own physiological metabolism is the same, but isn\'t this the effect you want?"

"Indeed, it seems that the result of this experiment is not bad."

Habara couldn\'t help but nodded slightly when he heard Yan Ye\'s words, this was the result he wanted.

He has remembered what Yan Ye once said, and he is not a person who wants to spend his whole life alone, so he must make some preparations.

And the current situation of Yan Ye is the result of his preparation, or the answer he got through studying the power of time.

Habara possesses the power of time, but his power of time was originally only through skills to allow himself to go back to the past.

But with his research, especially in the final desperate stage of Hetao Shi, he accidentally let the blood grow to the final stage, allowing the "transcendent" power of the "God\'s Long Stage" to cover the blood.

He successfully reached the level of Datongmu, and the benefits of such a level are really unimaginable.

Not only a manifestation of strength, but also an incredible improvement in his thinking ability, research ability, and perception ability.

With the help of such super perception and research abilities, Habara finally thought of a way, which is to suppress the flow of time.

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【Konoha: Make Uchiha Great Again】【】

This way of suppressing the flow of time is specific to the individual, and it can slow down a person\'s physiological metabolism—including blood flow and even heartbeat, etc.—to an extremely low level.

In this way, the consumption of energy is also greatly reduced, and it can also make people live longer!

In fact, his idea was based on the results of a certain female sorceress pile driver, and it turns out that the effect seems to be pretty good.

"It should be pretty good, but it will take time to fully prove everything."

Yan Ye closed her eyes slightly, then leaned into Yu Yuan\'s arms, and only now did she continue to ask.

"Speaking of which, what are your plans for the future? You must know that you are a **** walking in the world now."

"Let\'s forget about the gods, as for the future..."

Habara shook his head lightly, then his eyes turned to the floating island floating in the sky.

On that floating island, Tenseiyan flickered on and off, as if it had consumed too much energy.

In fact, this is indeed the case. A year ago, after Yubara killed the big tube wooden peach pose and successfully got the guy\'s eyes, he was thinking about how to activate the natural technique of reincarnation. UU reading www.

Finally he made a decision, that is to rely on the power of Tenseikan to accomplish all this!

Facts have proved that there is nothing wrong with his choice. Under the burst of Tenseiyan\'s power, the natural technique of reincarnation eye he cast fully achieved the effect he wanted.

And this technique has fully proved its strength, it completely resurrected all the dead people, even those who were reincarnated from the dirt.

There was some element of surprise in this, but Habara didn\'t care that much, after all, just a glance with Yan Ye said, he is now a "god walking in the world".

But is all this really enough?

Sometimes Habara secretly asks himself in his heart, but he actually has an answer to this question, or he has always had an answer!

"The future is uncertain, but I know my future is certain."

Yu Yuan hugged Yan Ye tightly in his arms, and he spoke quietly.

"I can\'t stop my steps, although I can\'t be sure whether the flowers are blooming like a brocade or not, and I can\'t be sure if I can see the sea of ​​stars.

But people are always moving forward, pursuing and challenging themselves, especially when there is such a strong external pressure. "


Yan Ye nodded slightly in Yu Yuan\'s arms, showing no emotion at all.

But Habara didn\'t care, he closed his eyes slightly and continued.

"But it doesn\'t seem to make sense to talk about such a distant future now. I still have some important things to deal with right now."

"What\'s up?"

"Our business..."


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