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CH 1.5

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-Yui’s POV-

This evening, a human corpse was lying on the bench where I sat alongside Kazu.

I smelled a fishy smell as the wind blew.

Devoured organs were scattered around the bench and beside it was a black haired western woman in revealing armor.

Her mouth was smeared with blood and her eyes were glowing purple.

At first glance, anyone could tell that she’s not human.

She’s dressed like a valkyrie of legend but her black toned equipment shows that she’s not a messenger from Valhalla but a servant of the demon king.

—Dark Valkyrie

Dark Valkyries are enemies of mankind.

「Get out of there!」

Don’t defile my memorable bench!


It reacted to my voice and growled, leaking purple smoke from its mouth as if it didn’t like being interrupted from its meal.

It sent me bloodlust.

There’s no sign of anyone around.

When this thing appears, unwanted humans subconsciously avoid approaching it.

It is said that its very existence has the same effect as a magic tool to make people stay away.



Using two fingers, I activated the tights I’m wearing by touching it from the side below my miniskirt.

Runes glow on the tights and letters converge at the angle in the form of a frisbee-size magic circle.


Pleasure and intense pain ran through my entire body.

Magic power is concentrated in the lower half of my body.

Tights type divine object replica.

It is a “weapon” that will continuously absorb my magic power everyday to accumulate power.

My mother’s Emecute family is a family that has a long history of fighting against them though the shape of divine objects differs.

And tonight is my debut.


The dark valkyrie seems to have recognized me as an enemy.

The spear that appeared in its hand was hung carelessly. It walked towards me slowly with a curved back.

It was like a zombie as it approached me, shaking its head unsteadily.

However, I know it’s not brainless.

Unlike in the past, we can now train using VR simulators.

As a result, the mortality rate in the first battle is said to be much lower.


The dark valkyrie instantly closed the gap between us and thrust the tip of her spear at my face.

I took a step to the side to avoid being hit which even a professional boxer would not be able to react to.

It is all due to the effect of gungnir.

It has a function that forces my lower body to move in response to the stimuli obtained from my thought prediction and optic nerves.

No matter how much a human trains, he can never win against something non-human.

Unless he uses magic.

Today, there are only a few people in the world who can use magic without magic tools.

That’s why they developed replicas of divine objects.

If you can adapt to this, you can fight.

And today is my debut battle.

I had trained for this day and should have been prepared for it.

However, my legs were shaking and wobbling as I dodged the attack.

If I receive even one serious blow from that spear, I would lose my life.

Even this trembling will be compensated for by the divine object.

I had to do it.

If I run away, more people….Kazu will die.

That is my mission.

I kicked up the spear that had been thrusted towards me and slammed my other leg directly into its abdomen.

At the same time as the impact, the magic circle on my leg shines brightly.


The dark valkyrie blew up for around ten meters and slammed its back into a tree.


If it were a human, that much force would have punctured his abdomen but it quickly got back up.

It then held up its spear forward and charged.

It was much tougher than the robots I had fought for training.

I managed to evade the charge but a series of thrusts slightly cut through my skin.

Its physical abilities are still too different compared to a human.

I can’t believe that even with a divine object, I’m still pushed to this point….

I kicked the ground as hard as I could while avoiding a thrust.

At the same time the ground rumbled, a crater of about the size of my open arms was formed and the dark valkyrie lost its balance.


「Gungnir! Edge mode!」

As I touched my thigh, my right leg glowed blue.

As it was, I delivered a spin kick toward the dark valkyrie’s neck.


The dark valkyrie’s head fell off, leaving a grating sound and a blue trail.

Purple smoke rushed out of the wound where blood should have gushed out.

—a short battle.

This is the ironclad rule in fighting against non-humans.

The reason is that both sides have high offensive power so if the battle goes too long, injuries are unavoidable.



When the divine object was deactivated, a voice, which can’t be made by humans, echoes from the corpse of the dark valkyrie—


An explosion occurred around the corpse.

Self destruct magic!?

Unlike humans, non-humans use that kind of magic.

A nearby swing blew up and an iron pipe flew out.

I reflexively protected myself but the bone in my left arm made a sound.

It broke….

I’m so careless.

I had heard beforehand that some species live for a while after losing their heads.

But in any case, I guess I won my debut battle.

The “organization” will recover the human corpse.

I fell to my knees.

I was still very tired from using the divine object in real battle.

The dark valkyrie’s death should have broke the magic that induced humans to stay away from this place.

If I don’t get out of here soon….

When I forced myself to stand up, I felt something bad run through my spine.

Then, I saw three shadows in the night sky when I looked up.

One dark valkyrie had taken one of my arms and now, there are three of them.

I reactivated my divine object and fled and once—

However, by the dark valkyries have already landed on the ground, surrounding me before I managed to do so.

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