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CH 138

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Food had piled up the table.

Everyone was absorbed with eating as they had to satisfy their hunger. And this was the same with Hong Na-yeon.

It wasn’t until the bowls were empty that they could start a conversation.

“It is raining so much, should we just stay here in the inn?”

Jin-sung looked out of the window at her question.


As she just said, it was raining outside and it was impossible to see anything out. And it looked like it would rain all day.

Making their journey back delayed.

‘This is troubling.’

Mumu was reassuring to have beside him, but the rain causes two problems.

The first was that the longer their time bac gets delayed the more chances the enemies have to attack them.

Since the ambush had failed once, now they would resort more unique means.

‘And we it rains like this, we cannot cross the river.’

Not far from here is a river. And it wasn’t a small one but wide which needed them to be on a boat or a raft.

And with such rains the water level is bound to rise making the currents strong too.

‘And if we cannot cross it, we will be delayed further.’

And that is just more ambushes onto them. Jin-sung said,

“I think we need to assess the situation correctly.”

“The situation?”

“Yes. It is raining heavily right now, so I think as lady said, we will have to stay within but if the water level of the river ahead rises the time gets longer with the currents getting stronger and the journey.”


“it doesn’t look like the rain will stop today though and if we only the rain weakens a little we might have to hurry up and cross the river before the flow of currents builds up.”

“Then, the current at river must already be high considering the rain, will the ferry people even float it?”

Jin-sung was also concerned regarding this.

If the flow is strong then even the ferry and boat will get pushed back and forth, so most people would chose to not float their boasts.

But continuing to delay tjeir return could only bring more danger. While the were doing it, someone said

“This old man can lend you his ferry if you pay enough for it.”

Their eyes turned to the table next to them. A man with curved waist who seemed to be in his 70s was sipping alcohol.

Jin-sung approached him and asked

“Are you a sailor?”

“hehehe. Right. I run a raft with my sons at the river up.”

“Ah! then, would you move the rift for us?”

“isn’t that what I just said?”


“Sometimes it rains heavily on narrow rivers, and the current gets so strong I tell you, so I tied it to a rope at the side of the river to keep in afloat.”


There had to be a way. If the rope had been connected to the land then it was done in preparation for the strong currents.

Jin-sung’s face turned red.

“Even if the rain gets weaker, the current will become stronger making it dangerous to even think about it for the sailors.”

“I know. It is quite a dangerous task to take, so we will pay how much you want.”

“These young friends are so upfront.”

The old man smiled as if he liked this.

When the situation was going ahead, the officials too smiled saying situation was going favourable for them.

However, Hong Na-yeon was full of doubs of this old man. And after some time the old man left them saying he was tired and told them to inform him when the rain comes down a little as he left for his room

And then she asked

“Doesn’t something fell odd? No matter how high the payment is, this is too titled for us and…”

“You mean a trick?”


“I know it too.”

“You know it?”

Jin-sung nodded at her question. He had already thought of this man being suspicious the first time he intervened into their conversation.

As if waiting for it the old man offered them the raft and this made him unsure.

And the biggest,

“he isn’t a sailor.”

“He isnt one?”

“For a sailor, he light skin and no calluses on the left hand.”


Hong Na-yeon couldn’t hide her surprise at this.

She was surprised by how alert this man was to catch the suspicious guy within a short moment. As Jin-sung said, sailors tend to have tanned skins even if they weak bamboo hats.

And they have calluses on their hands due to holding the long pole all day long and moving it, but the land left hand was too clean and right hand held calluses.

“Looking at the placement of calluses, he seemed to be practicing blade for a long time.”

Depending on the weapon used the calluses always appear in a different place and in the view of Jin-sung the man is a thief or bandit.


She exclaimed.

This was expected from the royal inspector of palace!

“You pretended to fall on purpose?”


“Then how will you respond?”

Even if he pretended to fall of it, there had to be a way out of the trap the man dug. To which he looked at Mumu.

It was difficult to figure out what the old man was aiming for, but fortunately they had Mumu


It was still raining out but unlike the morning the rain was weaker so they could move

And so they headed to the river with this unknown old man who called himself a sailor.

Despite the width of the river, the water level was high making the currents strong.

It was different from what they saw in the academy,

“Oh! A rope!”

Jin-sung looked at where the official had pointed to.

He was convinced this is a trap so expected nothing to be around the river, but this was unexpected.

Jin-sung thought that this was good.

Aslong as the ropes were in good state it meant they could use the river to cross using the raft.

“hehehe. Those kids there are my sons.”

The old man with bamboo hat pointed to the men coming out of the ferry. And their sight puzzled Jin-sung.

It was a little far away but they really seemed like sailors. Their appearance of looking dark skinned was unmistakable.


Did he actually get real people for this? as they got closer he looked close but he couldn’t get any traces of martial arts.

Just ordinary people. Hong Na-yeon as also unsure.

“Inspector Yu. They are…”

“We still don’t know”

Jin-sung shook his head.

It was unknown if they were real boat men hired by the man or just people hiding their internal energy.

But if they are being called as sons, then he can talk to them and find something which doesn’t make sense but the old man said,

“Are you warriors?”


Jin-sung stopped at his words. What could the purpose behind this be?

He didn’t expect the man to suddenly ask such a thing and this made everyone on laert.


“Hehehe. I am just asking because you could be my juniors. We can never known right. it is the law of murim to be aware of those who seem too good.”

Jin-sung’s eyes shone. To call them junior meant he was revealing he is a warrior too

“… then you are a senior? Please tell us.”

Jin-sung was trying to get the big picture. He was skeptical and the old man said,

“It has been a long time since this old man retired up, so I don’t know the young kids. I am Byeok-woong.”


Jin-sung;s eyes widened.

No one would not know his name.

He was one of the top ten warriors in the past and known for his strong stabbing technique.

It has been more than en years since he retired but the reputation wasn’t forgotten yet.

In response, Jin-sung raised his hands

“How can this junior not know you sir? I am junior Yu jin-sung…”


At that time, the old man grabbed Jin-sung’s hand and shook the head

“Shh! My sons will listen.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I have retired for a long time and I didn’t revel it to you to get such a greeting, I just retired from the scene and I revealed it so you would be comfortable to move.”


Jin-sung felt so moved by his words. He hadn’t cleared up the doubts but he respected the goodwill the man had to his juniors.

Hong Na-yeon too let down her guard. At this sight, Byeok-woong smiled inside.


The first time itself he noticed Jin-sung looking at his body and he knew that this inspector was keeping an eye on him and so he revealed his identity right then to dispel any suspicions

‘So annoying but this is fun.’

In fact the old man thought if he had to kill them within the inn. But due too the people there he decided to do this hidden like he was asked.

[Let them drown.]

The river further up and the water level rising with rain. And what if the river which the people clogged up breaks now?

The halted water will rush down like a tsunami.

“Now. let’s cross over.”

Byeok-woong turned his head and smiled.

‘This is worth watching.’

There were four rafts there and considering their size, it is a weight of 4 horses and 4 people at most excluding the sailor.

And so they turned to groups.

One with Mumu, Hong Na-yeon, Kang Mui and one person of palace, that was to protect Hong Na-yeon.


Byeok-woong thought it was good. Once they cross the first raft together, he could break the embankment and turned to Mumu the one with the most stern face

‘I will take his life after crossing the river.’

As he was thinking, Mumu looked at the people on the raft and stroked his chin.


He turned the band around the arms and seeing that Byeok-woong was confused



The muscles of Mumu swelled up and steam began to release from the body, Byeok-woong frowned at this.

‘What is this?’

The sudden increase in the muscle was unforeseen even in his time as a warrior but then something more unexpected happened

A dark skinned boatman pulled out the beams to support the raft and push.


At that moment, the raft floated up.


“W-what are you doing?”

Mumu had lifted the raft. Everyone let alone the sailors couldn’t hide their shock.

Horses and the people up the raft would be heavy, so they didn’t expect it to move that lightly. But more embarrassing


They saw Mumu bending his knees as the raft moved.

Byeok-woong stared t him and then


The ground on which he was standing had collapsed and Mumu holding the raft flew up the river!



In the blink of an eye, Mumu and the raft moved across the river.

Everyone felt dumbfounded at this

Did this make sense?

“Is this a dream?”

“is he human? How can he carry a raft across the river?”

“Huh! l-look there!”

And they saw Mumu put the horses down with the people and raise the raft again. It looked like he was tyring to move people across the river like this.

And Byeok-woong had lost it at the sight.

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