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Chapter 1455: Scaling the Firmaments is Easy! III

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Chapter 1455: Scaling the Firmaments is Easy! III

After Yacucoatl and Pyxis, there was Cecilia.

A small time Primordial, but she was a Primordial nonetheless as her death…was not without consequences!

Within yet another Prime Reality.

At the very center of this Reality, a vast structure reminiscent of a shrine was enacted as many statues surrounded it, and golden stairways the size of thousands of Cosmos endlessly stretching down from the doors of the shrine could be seen.

Within this vast structure, a green haired woman letting out the unique aura of a Celestial Vine and a Primordial could be seen playing with the ashes of a dried leaf.

“Little Cecilia…why would you go and perish just a few million years after I help you become a Primordial?”


Her voice was sonorous and enticing as within her green gold eyes, one could see a trace of anger from this being!

“And for your Mark to not even be laid upon the one who did this to you…just what could have happened?”

The Primordial stood up gracefully while holding the ashen dried up leaf in her hand, taking light but powerful steps as she moved to solve a mystery! She knew which Realities Cecilia was assigned to. Whether her death was within one of them or in others, she would simply check and leave everything up to fate.

As for the force responsible?

‘Whatever means you have to not become a Marked Ones, can you escape my gaze if I am looking straight at you?’


Imperceptible waves of destiny echoed out as a Celestial Vine moved, and she wasn’t the only one trying to solve this mystery that caused the deaths of three existences from three heavyweight factions- the culprit of these mysteries being a single existence that had only begun scaling the Firmaments of Ascendancy days ago!

The storm that would follow this mystery was bound to be a fantastic phenomenon that would begin to shake the roots of powerful Bloodlines…


All three recently killed existences belonged to powerful groups and had deep backing, and yet Noah had taken them down as apart from everything else…he had gained their memories!

He knew of their factions and the powerhouses that surrounded them. He also knew of the reaction these beings might have as such knowledge would have made any common Higher Existence to run and hide across the vast Infinite Realities. Yet Noah still moved steadily as with the memories he gained from the three defeated beings were the most crucial and important things that they even rivaled all the loot he gained through the Resplendent Treasure Emperor.

‘The Bloodline of the Royal Blight Serpent Dragons, the elusive and hidden Bloodline of Enders of Reality, the Celestial Vine Primordial Overseer…’

The memories of locations and people within these factions crossed Noah’s mind clearly as they should have been enough to cause one to despair, but he simply forged forward with confidence as even if they were in the Fifth, Sixth, or even Seventh Firmament of Ascendancy…he was confident of the coming future and his own power!

His own power that was rising at such a stupidly fast rate that he neared the Third Firmament of Ascendancy in mere days! As all of these thoughts settled, Noah breathed out as he opened his eyes to look at the vibrant crimson Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe that had 15 brilliantly shining golden bands around it.

This Halo had granted Noah a tremendous authority that effectively allowed him to kill any beings that did not have a completed Halo with powerful Insuperable level Edicts contained within it. Which Firmament of Ascendancy had existences with multiple Insuperable level edicts within their Halo? If they didn’t meet this requirement, Noah could take them down whether they were in the Second Firmament of Ascendancy or the Fourth!

This was one of the many reasons for his confidence in the coming future! The Authority of Catastrophe was robust as it came with many things, Noah analyzing it as he was RUINATION gradually finishing the Essence Conversion before him.

As an Overseer of his Reality, Noah had gained the passive Generation of 1 Unit of Essence of Reality as even after a whole day, barely a smidgen of his reserves were filled even with the small ‘container’ within his Origin and soul to store the Essence of Reality.

Yet the Authority of Catastrophe said fuck all that and granted 10 Units of Essence of Reality daily as with it, Noah could foretell that at least one third of his reserves would be filled passively every single day!



The Quasi-Primordial Relic released a glorious light as it trembled, multicolored essence coming out of its body drop by drop as it soon formed into a cluster of drops before Noah’s eyes.

<5 Units of the Essence of Reality daily, Master.>

The multicolored drops flowed into Noah’s chest as they were stored, Noah nodding with shining eyes as when he calculated once more, he realized that his ever expanding space within his origin that held the Essence of Reality could be filled up more than half every single day!

This was because the space was constantly expanding as he became more powerful, and he was about to expand it even more as his goal was to elevate RUINATION into a genuine Primordial Relic that would grant him even more Essence of Reality every single day.

<I’ve already used TRIPLICATE on the Shards of a Seed of Reality and Existential Pearls Master. They are ready for you to absorb.>


RUINATION sank back into his chest while saying such glorious words, Noah reaching into his expansive space and seeing 225 Seeds of a Shard of Reality from the original 31 from Pyxis and 44 from the Serpent Dragon Prince! 225 Seeds that signified 225 Million Cosmos!

It would be elevating his base power by three or four times as when all of his percentage boosts were applied…his Ascendancy Value would not be at 889 any longer.

It would break into the Third Firmament of Ascendancy with ease as the only question was how far he would scale this Firmament with the current loot?!


The fantastical Seeds of a Shard of Reality began to disappear from his Expansive Space as he devoured them directly from there, his body beginning to crackle and pulse as if it was a battlefield.

He was doing something terrifying as with absorption of a single Seed, 1 Million Cosmos would have to be forged as he was freely devouring a dozen every second!


It felt like skies were shuddering and being torn inside of his body as millions of Cosmos were formed, merely a few seconds passing before the grandiose 1000 Value was broken into nothingness as Noah continued to ascend upwards- now entering the Third Firmament of Ascendancy!

For him, it was too damn easy as he actually reached the same stage as Elder Monos within just mere hours of meeting such an existence!

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