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Chapter 658

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Su Moyu looked at Qi Nanzhi, who was dejected, and knew that she must not be able to cook, but because it was proposed by Xiao Wang, she was embarrassed to refuse, so she insisted. But Su Moyu knew that his son Wang's cooking was delicious. He used to cook for him. The reason why he was so excited just now was that he thought he could taste ZIWANG's food again, but now it seems impossible.

Therefore, Su Moyu is ready to go in and help. In the past, he was under the influence of Qin ZIWANG. In fact, his cooking is still good now, but no one knows. Su Moyu only wants to cook by himself, so other people are not qualified to know.

Su Wanghe followed Qi Nanzhi to the kitchen like a small tail. Qi Nanzhi looked at the colorful vegetables and felt that her head was getting bigger. She didn't know any other ingredients except potatoes, potatoes and peppers. Now the situation is very embarrassing, so Qi Nanzhi had to take Su Wang away, and then she was slowly thinking about how to finish the dinner.

"Xiaonaibao, you go out first. I'm afraid the oil will splash on you. It's not safe in the kitchen. Go outside and wait for me." Qi Nan Zhi is right to say.

Su Wang thinks his mother's words are very reasonable. He is not tall enough to stay here. On the contrary, it will make trouble for his mother, so he left obediently.

Qi Nanzhi watched Su Wang go away, then she closed the sliding door of the kitchen, and took out her mobile phone to recognize the ingredients like the picture.

"This is celery, this is okra, this is cucumber." Qi Nanzhi said to herself in the kitchen, and has been focusing on her food recognition career.

After su Wang came out of the kitchen, Su Moyu felt uneasy. She was afraid that something might happen to Qi Nanzhi in the kitchen. For example, she accidentally cut her hand and was accidentally splashed with oil. She was full of doubts. So when Qi Nanzhi was absorbed in identifying the ingredients, Su Moyu secretly came to spy on Qi Nanzhi, Seeing the situation in the kitchen, he couldn't help laughing. Then he shook his head helplessly and left. It seems that their lunch this afternoon may not be until the evening, according to Qi Nanzhi's speed.

After recognizing the ingredients in the kitchen, Qi Nanzhi began to search for recipes on the cooking app. After a long time of reading and thinking, Qi Nanzhi thought it was a cucumber salad, a tomato scrambled egg, and a sweet pepper scrambled meat.

Qi Nanzhi's choice of food is easy to handle, almost all of which don't need to be cut with a knife. So Qi Nanzhi thinks that these three dishes should be OK, but she can't guarantee the taste.

Qi Nanzhi decided what to do and began to deal with the ingredients. After waiting for Qi Nanzhi to cut all the ingredients she needed and put them on the plate, she decided to taste the seasonings first, and then prepare them in advance according to the amount of the recipe.

It took nearly an hour for Qi Nanzhi to finish these preparatory activities, while Su Wang was already outside, so hungry that her hair was faint and her feet were soft.

"Daddy. How long will Mommy be able to come out? I'm dying of starvation. " Su Wang is lying on the sofa with no energy.

"Drink some water first." Su Mo Yu said that it doesn't matter. Now he thinks it's the most important thing for Qi Nan Zhi to come out safely. It doesn't matter when to finish Chengdu.

When Su Wang heard Su Moyu's reply, he thought he might have been picked up by Su Moyu. He was starving to death. His father asked him to drink water to satisfy his hunger. Is this his father's reaction? Su Wang did not answer Su Moyu, continue to lie on the sofa to wail, but Su Moyu is automatically selective ignored.

But Su Moyu listen to the kitchen for a long time no sound came out, afraid of what happened to Qi Nanzhi, so Su Moyu or secretly sneaked into the kitchen, at this time Qi Nanzhi is ready to encourage pour oil, so she did not notice Su Moyu has unknowingly come to her behind.

"When the pot is hot, put in the right amount of oil." Qi Nanzhi said while looking at the pot, while looking at the mobile phone.

But Qi Nanzhi did not know how much the right amount of oil was, so he estimated that he poured the oil.

Su Moyu looked at the oil Qi Nanzhi poured in, and felt that this pot of oil could make four or five dishes, but he still didn't make a sound, just looked at it silently.

"When the oil is boiling, put the meat in." After reading the menu, Qi Nanzhi threw the meat in directly.

"Zlazla" after Qi Nanzhi threw the meat in, the oil in the pot fried, and then the oil splashed on Qi Nanzhi's hand.

"Ah" Qi Nanzhi immediately threw away the shovel in her hand, quickly backed back, just hit Su Moyu who wanted to check the situation, and then Su Moyu held Qi Nanzhi in her arms.

"How's it going? Are you all right? " Su Moyu quickly grasped Qi Nanzhi's two hands, and then began to check where she was injured. He felt that he was more nervous than Qi Nanzhi.

Qi Nan Zhi and so suddenly by Su Mo Yu embrace in the bosom, completely at a loss, has completely lost.

Qi Nanzhi felt that Su Moyu's embrace was inexplicably familiar. She felt as if she had seen it before, but she couldn't remember where it was for a moment, but she felt a little strange in her heart.

Qi Nanzhi tries to force herself to recall the previous scene. Suddenly, her head feels like it's going to explode.

"Ah ah" Qi Nanzhi suddenly squatted down with her head in her arms and began to beat her head with her fist.

Su Moyu saw so abnormal Qi Nanzhi also quickly squatted down, "what's the matter!"

Su Mo Yu asked nervously.

"I have a headache, especially pain, want to explode the same, Su Moyu, how to do" Qi Nanzhi feel that he has a sense of imminent death, breathing suddenly also become shortness up.

"You relax a little, first try to breathe deeply." Su Moyu sat patiently beside Qi Nanzhi, trying to ease her mood and let her try to relax slowly.

"No way, Su Moyu. I feel like I'm going to suffocate." Qi Nanzhi said while he began to touch his neck, feeling that he was really about to suffocate.

Su Moyu saw Qi Nanzhi, who was so miserable that she didn't know what the situation was now. So in a hurry, Su Moyu chose to stun Qi Nanzhi directly, then picked up Qi Nanzhi and walked out.

"Su Wang! Call Chen Shaowei and ask him to come right away! Come on Su Mo Yu holds Qi Nan Zhi and rushes towards me, saying, "he Bo, take the towel!"

"Daddy! I'll call right away! " Su Wang jumped up from the sofa in a hurry.

"Just a moment, young master." He Bo took action immediately.

Su Wang took out his intelligent communication device and quickly dialed Chen Shaowei.

"Uncle Shao Wei, come quickly! My mommy is in a coma As soon as Su Wang heard that the phone had passed, he began to yell.

Chen Shaowei and Su Wei just finished their domestic affairs and returned to Su Moyu's villa in Y country. Before they got hot, they received Su Wang's call for help.

"Well, I see. You ask your father to call my elder brother. I need to know what's going on first As soon as Chen Shaowei heard that something happened to Qi Nanzhi, he didn't dare to be careless. He immediately called Max and asked him to come and pick him up as soon as possible. He also immediately went back to his room and took out the emergency medicine from his box. Then Max came.

After Chen Shaowei and Su Wei got on the plane, they didn't receive a call from Su Moyu, so Chen Shaowei anxiously called Su Moyu, and Su Moyu almost answered in seconds.

"Su Moyu, what's the situation of Qi Nanzhi now."

"Just now she said that she had such a headache that she wanted to explode. Then she felt out of breath and I knocked her out. Now all of a sudden high fever does not subside, but also has been in a daze talking in his sleep Su Mo Yu finished Qi Nan Zhi's symptoms in one go. He can't leave any.

"Chen Shaowei, what's wrong with her?"

"Did you stimulate her just now?" Chen Shaowei initially speculated that Qi Nanzhi was stimulated, leading to physiological disorders, will appear these abnormal phenomena.

"No, it's always been fine." Su Moyu thought for a while and answered that Qi Nanzhi was worried about preparing lunch for Su Wang. Since he went in, he suddenly did so, but he didn't treat her anything, so it shouldn't be a stimulating question.

Su Moyu's words let Chen Shaowei overturn his conjecture. Now he's not sure what happened to Qi Nanzhi. Only when he's gone can he know what the problem is.

An hour's journey was shortened to half an hour by Max, so Chen Shaowei soon arrived at lover's reef.

"Where are the people! Where are the people? " Chen Shaowei asked anxiously when he got off the plane.

"The young master and his wife are upstairs!" He Bo has been waiting outside for Doctor Chen to come.

Chen Shaowei didn't wait for he Bo to show him the way. Instead, he rushed straight in, intending to find it by his own intuition. He was afraid that Qi Nanzhi would be more dangerous if he delayed one more minute, so Chen Shaowei ran with him.

Su Wang, led by he Bo, also rushes to the house.

Chen Shaowei really found Su Moyu's room with his intuition. The moment he opened the door, he saw Su Moyu changing the towel for Qi Nanzhi. Qi Nanzhi was lying on the bed lifeless, pale, sweating all the time, and her mouth was still nagging.

"Get out of the way! Let me see! " Chen Shaowei impolitely directly pushed away Su Moyu beside Qi Nanzhi, then took out the stethoscope and began to diagnose Qi Nanzhi.

Almost five minutes later, Chen Shaowei stopped his hand movement, and then looked at Su Moyu very slowly, but he didn't speak, because he didn't know what to say next.

"What's the matter! What's going on! Say it At this moment, Su Moyu has completely lost his reason.

"Su Moyu, before you listen to me, I hope you have to be psychologically prepared."

"Whatever it is, I can take it." For Su Moyu, everything is not important, as long as she is still alive, anything is OK.

"Qi Nanzhi, she," said Chen Shaowei chokingly, "her head should have been stimulated, which may affect her to recall the past memories. Because the sudden stimulation led to the defects of her central nervous system control, after the fever subsided, Qi Nanzhi either remembered all kinds of things before, or forgot all the memories of the past. "

Chen Shaowei thinks that this is really cruel to Su Moyu.

After listening to Chen Shaowei's words, Su Moyu's mind kept repeating a sentence: "forget all the past memories."

"What is the ratio of two to one?" Su Moyu said hoarsely.

"Half of the half."

"I see. You can treat it first." After hearing this, Su Moyu left silently, saying that it was impossible not to be sad. Does God have to make fun of him? Can't ZIWANG stay with him?

But what Su Moyu doesn't know is that Chen Shaowei cheated him just now. He just learned through the examination that Qi Nanzhi will soon recover her memory, so he wanted to give Su Moyu an unexpected surprise, so he chose to cheat him.

After su Moyu left, Chen Shaowei gave Qi Nanzhi a drop, so Qi Nanzhi's fever soon subsided.

After Qi Nanzhi was knocked unconscious by Su Moyu, she had a dream that she was still chasing Su Moyu in her dream, but what was different was that Su Moyu led her through a familiar place. At the end of the dream, she remembered her name and everything about her and him.

After Qi Nanzhi wakes up, pulls out the needle on her hand, runs out, and sees Su Moyu leaning against the wall with a disappointed face. Then she excitedly says, "Su Moyu."

Su Moyu looks into Qi Nanzhi's eyes. He knows that his son is looking back.

(end of the book)

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