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Chapter 1475 - Introducing the Kouhais

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Chapter 1475 - Introducing the Kouhais

When I had dinner with Illness-san on the night of the Flying Board Competition, we agreed to go on an outing together next time. We still need to think about various things, such as where we should go or depending on the situation, whether we should stay overnight, but for the time being, we can’t go there right away, so we will decide after discussing this matter with Illness-san.

Now then, as for matters that I would be doing right away, there’s the promise to visit Shigenobu-san’s house, and maybe the participation in the festival in Archlesia Empire with Amel-san 2 months later?

For now though, I’ll visit Shigenobu-san’s place at a later date, but this time, I brought Aoi-chan and Hina-chan to Kaori-san’s store. I had been planning to bring them here for a long time, but I haven’t been able to find the right timing and ended up only being able to bring them here now.

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan don’t have any Teleportation Magic Tools, so I had to bring them with me. From what I heard from Kuro, Aoi-chan apparently had an aptitude for Space-Time Magic, so she might eventually be able to learn Teleportation Magic, but Teleportation is an extremely advanced magic, so it seems like it would take Aoi-chan a lot of time to learn it.

Aoi-chan herself also reads books about Teleportation Magic, but it was apparently so difficult that she apparently doesn’t know how many years it will take before she can use it.

One might misunderstand otherwise because of the fact that there are so many people around me who are able to use it so quickly and easily, but Teleportation Magic is a really difficult magic to learn.

In any case, when I took the two of them to Kaori-san’s restaurant this time, she welcomed us even before her restaurant was opened and said she would be treating us three.

[You two, no need to be shy. You can eat whatever you like!]

[Thank you Kaori-san.]

[Thank you. They all look delicious~~ It’s nice being able to eat set meals over here in this world.]

Seeing Kaori-san receiving them with a smile, they both happily discussed what to eat while looking at the menu, and as she watched the two of them, Kaori-san nodded with a hearty expression on her face.

[Unnn, unnn…… This is it. This is the cute kouhais that I had been waiting for.]

[You say that like the ones you encountered before them weren’t cute enough.]

[Is a kouhai who deals a full-on super effective damage to my stomach cute…… Hmmm, it’s rather hard to give an immediate answer.]

Hearing the words Kaori-san told me with a wry smile, her eyes looking at me astounded, I couldn’t say anything. I guess it is my fault that Olivia-san had become her regular customer…… But well, her not asserting definitely that I’m not cute, I guess even with all the jabs she’s sending me, she’s still a nice person.

As I had such thoughts in mind, Kaori-san, looking as if she suddenly thought of something, spoke.

[Speaking of which, you met Shige-san, didn’t you?]

[Yes, by chance, when we came to join the Flying Board Competition.]

[Ahh~~ Come to think of it, I heard about that. That only lively event in the frontier town where Shigeru-san lives. Hydra Kingdom is too far away for me to have a chance to go there often though, so I have never seen that competition myself.]

Indeed, without a Teleportation Magic Tool, Hydra Kingdom would be quite a distance away from here, and making use of a Teleportation Shop would cost a considerable amount of money. Moreover, since Shigenobu-san lives in a place where there’s no Teleportation Shop nearby, it would also be necessary to travel there from the nearest large city via horse-drawn carriage.

Incidentally, this only applies during the Flying Board competition, but there are multiple sponsors who can use Teleportation magic, and one can ask such people to send you off with Teleportation Magic.

While I was thinking about this, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan decided what to order. I also ordered myself a chicken tatsutaage set meal. While eating the set meal that Kaori-san nimbly prepared for us, we continued our conversation.

(T/N: Tatsutaage is like karaage, just seasoned.)

[if Akane-san’s schedule permits, it might be a good idea to bring her along too.]

[Are you and Akane-san close?]

[Unnn. She comes to eat here quite often. She also helps me out by giving me discounts when I’m stocking up on ingredients.]

[I see…… However, thinking about it again, I guess I’ve already gotten to know all the Japanese who have immigrated here.]

[Speaking of which, there’s still one more in your group, right?]

The one Kaori-san hasn’t met yet is Seigi-kun. Well, there’s also my mother and father here, but the situation in regard to those two is different from immigration, so it’s difficult to explain and I’ve excluded them to the count.

In that case, the only one of the four who came here due to the summoning incident that I haven’t met yet is Seigi-kun.

[Yes, he has become a noble in Symphonia Kingdom now. He just got married recently and seems to be busy though, so I didn’t invite him this time, but I will bring him along some other time.]

[Ahh~~ I see, he’s the child who played the role of Hero, right? I wonder what it’s like, actually emigrating and becoming a noble? Shige-san, Akane-san and I hadn’t accepted when we were offered that option, so I’d like to hear about it.]

[Well, Seigi-kun married the Second Princess, so I think he may be a special case.]

[……You’re seriously saying that, Kaito-san?]

[Aren’t you no different from a clump of special cases, Kaito-senpai……]

[I see, it isn’t just us who think like this, you’re also a strange one for these girls who are relatively close to you huh.]

I wonder why I feel like the odd one out here…… It even feels like the hearts of these three have become one. Before their indescribable gazes, I just averted my eyes and brought another piece of tatsutaage to my mouth.


Serious-senpai : [When oh when will Seigi-kun appear again…… I’m really uneasy though, so I can’t exactly call it out.]

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