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Volume 2 - CH 265

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He can no longer see those three with his eyes.

But they must be coming closer from somewhere.

Because he is aware of this, he does not slow down his attack.

He continues to buy time and simply wait for them to weaken.

The time limit is 30 minutes.

There are only ten minutes left.

He was concerned about the sound of explosions coming from far away, but the three men had not shown their faces once since he had blown them off.

Either they have already been crushed, or they are still alive but hiding somewhere.

He doesn’t know which it is.

But that will be over in ten minutes.

It seemed like a very long battle, but for Garak, it was an incredibly short time.

The longer you live, the shorter your sense of time becomes.

That’s what they say.

But because he has become a spectre oni, his life span has become shorter.

Because of this, the flow of time seemed to move even faster.

That was a strange perception.

So, he punched the sky and created a broad gust of wind.

The ground was gouged out and torn up, and a cloud of dust and smoke rolled up.

He had already repeated this more than a hundred times.

His body must have already been losing functionality.

Even if he did nothing at this point, he would die on his own.

To that degree, this everlasting realm is a toxic place for human beings.


How boring.

With a look as if he wanted to say so, he punched the air again.

Then he puts his foot down, and the ground rumbles, and he splits the ground.

There was no struggle, from a mere human being.

He couldn’t understand why the humans were out here for an oni in the first place.

“Tenma ……. I, really dislike human beings.”

This time he hit the empty air three times.

The rocks lifted, shattered, and blew away.

It had been fifty years since Garak had become a spectre oni.

As a traveler, Garak had seen many different kinds of people.

Some of them were indeed good people.

A shopkeeper who was kind to a demi human oni like him, or an adventurer who took him out for a drink.

Furthermore, there were traveling merchants who, when making purchases, would talk to him about their travels and offer himi more food than they could afford as a thank-you.

Everybody was a wonderful person.

However, there are people who are the exact opposite.

He was well aware of that.

He thought it’s not like they had become that way by their own choice, and he had seen people who did not have a choice.

The children are like that.

In the village of oni, everyone always has a job and is able to live with food, clothing, and shelter.

But in the land of humans, there were many children who did not.

The same goes for the adults.

There are even some towns that are scorned as slums.

What is it that has pushed such people there?

And who pushed such people there?

And why didn’t the people who smiled and were kind to him reach out to those people?

He doesn’t understand.

And he doesn’t know why.

In all of his travels, he has never come up with an answer to that question.

After much thought and consideration, he found the answer …….

It was crying.

It was to feel sympathy.

It wasn’t even an answer, but crying was the only thing he could think of.

Why do they kill each other and why do they discriminate against each other when they are of the same race? ……

Why …….

His fist punching the air was powerful.

The reason for bringing Hisui was something else entirely.

But he felt terrible resentment toward humans.

That is the reason why he cannot go easy on them.

He was going to kill them with everything he had.

“Can you please stop damnit……”

“No way!!?”

He heard a white-haired man’s voice from behind him.

He turned around and was about to strike, but the man’s fist was already touching his back.

“[Wave Fist]!”


A shock was felt in the chest area, enough to break through the hard skin and stir up the internal organs.

His heart stopped for a moment, and all the air in his lungs was exhaled.

In order to force the stopped heart to move, he punched the chest with a thump.

He put a little too much force into it.

His blood pressure rises and he feels dizzy.

However, if he let himself get caught off guard, the attack would come again.

He has never been attacked like that.

It is a genuine and dangerous skill.

He quickly regained his position, and this time he attacked.

It seemed that he couldn’t evade in time, and his fist slammed into his abdomen, knocking him out.

The sound of breaking something and a clod-like substance scattered, but it was probably some defensive skill he was using.

A cloud of dust rose in the distance.

Perhaps he could have been defeated by the blow he just received.

However, the damage he had done to himself was horrendous.

Blood poured out of his mouth without stopping.

“Gakh …… chough ……. Seventy percent of my physical strength was lost……. With,  such a light,  punch….”

He was caught off guard.

He never expected to be attacked from behind after he launch hundreds of air punch.

In addition, the way he erased all signs of his presence.

That guy is not a normal guy.

He needed to rest for a while.

If he continued to attack, the damage to his internal organs would accumulate.

Unfortunately, there was no chance to rest.

“That hurts ……”


The man who just blasted by him walked up to him without a care in the world.

The clothes are tattered and there is blood in some places, but he still looks like he can fight.

He doesn’t understand why he is still alive after all that barrage of attacks.

The man began to understand what he was trying to say from his expression and began to explain.

“I managed to get under the ground with a land spirit, and then I used an assassin to make my presence disappear and surprise you. I managed to block your attack with my mud armor and pneumatic shield. But the damage was so severe that I had to heal myself.”

Assuming that was the case, the healing power was strange.

“My, attack power is 7000 ……. How come ……”

“Seriously, ……. Now my equipment has been shredded. ……”

In reality, Garak’s body had been wrecked by Wave Fist.

When he hit the man, his attack power had not drawn even a tenth of his original strength.

That was why that guy survived.

If he had been in perfect condition, not even a piece of flesh would have remained.

But the wounded Garak would never come to that conclusion.

He is still pondering what to do with this serious injury.

However, the time will soon come.

It will be his last moment.

“Oh, by the way, I have [curse] [pollution] [infection] [disease] [corruption] and [impurity] in my resistance, so I can probably stay here indefinitely. Well, maybe this feeling is impurity? Is it a curse? If it’s a curse, then all of you are in the same boat.”

I didn’t think it was possible, but for some reason, there was strength in his words.

After all, it was the truth.

He had no need to hide it.

Then Garak admits his defeat.

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