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CH 117

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The book “An Elegant Evening of a Noble Lady” was a story about a naughty princess and her maid of honor in a fictitious kingdom.

The main character is a naughty princess whose unpredictability causes all sorts of problems, but she manages to get out of them thanks to a clever maid of honor.

The story is not one big story in one book, but a series of complete stories in which the princess causes a problem in each story, and the maidens follow up and solve it.

Il Valeno interpreted the story as an amusing one in which the princess is well followed by her attendants, and the people around her start to see the good in what she says and does, mistaking her for an amazing and capable princess and worshipping her.

At the end of each episode, the princess sips tea in her room and asks her maid, “Have I behaved like a lady today?” The story ends with the line, “Of course, the princess was a gracious lady again today”. It is a recovery of the title.

If this synopsis is all we have to say about the story, it is surprisingly to Diana’s liking.

However, perhaps because of the different audience, there were many expressions that were different from those in the picture books and fairy tales that Diana usually reads, and Il Valeno read the story while suppressing a headache.

There were an excessive number of female and male characters.

“Her golden hair, shining like the sparkling sun, was as fine and lustrous as the finest silk threads, and the way it flowed smoothly over her shoulders was like the sunlight filtering through young spring buds.”

“Her black hair was as deep as the sky on a new moonlit night and shone like a starry sky in the sun. She was truly a beauty worthy of being called the Queen of the Night.”

“There were many stars twinkling in her eyes, which were deep and absorbing like purple crystals. Her slightly moist jewels reflected not only the sun’s rays, but also the sparkling water from the fountain and the blinking of the water droplets on the petals, making her more beautiful than any other precious jewel I had ever seen.”

“Her long, curled lashes glistened in the light, their length casting shadows over her eyes and cheeks. Her face, slightly downcast and melancholy, was as fragile and beautiful as the spirit of spring bidding farewell to the passing season.”

“The tall, stout, broad-shouldered man’s hair was blowing in the wind with the strength of ears of rice swaying in the autumn breeze, and his eyes, dark green like the trees in a deep forest, were filled with a deep and quiet affection that matched the color of his eyes. Oh, what a kind and generous person he is. He is like the second coming of the founding hero who accepted and forgave everything.”

Il Valeno was writing a book on worldliness in the servant’s room next to Cain’s private room, reading the book little by little while waiting for the ink to dry.

He tried to read the book all at once, but his mind was too tired to absorb the content. The writing was too fine and difficult to read, but there were too many metaphors about the sun, the forest, and jewels, and in the end I had no idea what color the characters’ hair was or what color their eyes were.

If a young lady of noble birth who is familiar with jewelry would read this book, she might be able to understand it, but this is a field in which Il Valeno, a commoner and a man, has no interest, and Diana has not yet expressed a desire for jewelry or accessories, so she is probably not interested in it.

I thought that Diana would probably have the same impression if she read it now, although it might come out in the future.

Serenosta, Il Valeno’s younger brother, who lives and works for an accessory maker, might know a lot about jewelry, but I don’t think he would ask something like, “What color is the stone with this name?”

After reading a few stories, even though they were difficult to read, I understood why Parepantol told me to read this book.

Perhaps Sasha has read this book. And she is influenced by it. Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

Sasha likes to read and watch plays, and I have been informed that she likes romantic plays about a daughter and a knight, or a princess and a knight. According to a friend of Sasha from her school days, who went to the theater with her several times, she used to call the actress, who was dressed in men’s clothes, by “Sir”. After seeing the play, she said that she was sure she would fall in love with a knight and marry him. She said she would fall in love like the actress.

Every time she went to see the play, she was told enthusiastically about it. The friend who was the source of the information was a little disgusted when he remembered to tell Il Valeno about it.

She then got a job as a maid at the royal palace and was assigned to the knight’s ward as she had hoped, but she despaired that there were no beautiful and gorgeous knights like the one played by “The Actress”.

Perhaps, Il Valeno was convinced, the original story of the “perfect maid of honor” was “The Elegant Evening of the Noble Lady.”

A little thought should have made him realize that although knights are kind and courteous to their citizens, their private lives cannot be as graceful as their theatrical performances, since the workplace itself is a male-dominated one.

The only knights Il Valeno knew were the knights from the estate who guarded the Elgrandark family and Fabian, the vice-commander of the Kingsguard. He also thought that Cain and Il Valeno wouldn’t understand, but they were still looking at the women in front of the gate and talking about whether they were breast- or bum-oriented.

Even Fabian, the knight of the Kingsguard, was amused as he chased after Il Valeno and held him under his arm while laughing.

If one were to observe the knights who go about their daily lives, whether they be fathers, brothers, uncles, or other male relatives, one would know that there is no such thing as a knight who is played by a man dressed as a flower by a grown man.

Perhaps, we can assume that Sasha is very emotional and easily influenced by the story.

The maid of honor in ” Elegant Evening of a Noble Lady” is perfect.

Before the selfish princess says something selfish, she anticipates what kind of selfishness she will say and fulfills it ahead of time so that people will not think she is a selfish princess.

If the spoiled princess does something spoiled, she will make it look like a beautiful story and make people think that she is playing the part of a spoiled princess.

Of course, the perfect maid of honor does not always allow the princess to be selfish or carefree, but she does try to discipline her by telling her the importance of being a lady in ordinary situations.

The story is about a princess who tries to correct herself when she is warned, and a maid of honor who follows her every step of the way, and as the story progresses, they gradually build a relationship of trust, and eventually the princess becomes a great queen…

Il Valeno had only read half of the book, but the synopsis on the last page of the book said so.

Having read half of the book, Il Valeno closed the book, thinking that he understood the pattern of the story and that he was done with it.

Then he crossed his arms and thought about it.

Diana’s idea of having the audience understand about the “temporary form of enduring the world” through the story of the reformation might be a surprisingly good strategy.

The princess in “Elegant Evening of the Noble Lady” is by no means a perfect daughter. Therefore, I think that if there is an opportunity to follow Diana, she will let a little selfishness and naughtiness slide.

So far, when Sasha warns Diana of something that is out of character for a young lady, Diana is quick to correct it on the spot. This is the same as in the story, so I guess Sasha is not giving up on her goal of becoming a perfect maid of honor. The anticipatory care is a little off, but not too far off.

But the Princess of the Elegant Lady Yubei is just a naughty and selfish woman.

Diana wants to be a knight. She wants to be a mystery woman with two faces, the face of a lady and the face of a knight. In that case, Sasha is not enough to be the perfect maid of honor for the noble lady of the evening.

“Don’t make Lady Diana apply to the selfish princess. Make her apply Sasha to Mr. Kaku.”

Il Valeno took a stack of study paper and a bit of lined paper he had been given for codex practice out of a drawer, picked up a pen, and began spelling out the words

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