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3225 Chapter 3225“You are my absolute favorite”(end)

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Although everyone was worried, with Lucifer’s orders, they could only stand guard outside.

In the house, Lucifer calmly said to Gu Yan and Lu Ye, “Xiao Yan, Ye, I want to marry Xiao Yu.”

Gu Yan suddenly looked up at Lucifer.

Lu Ye was even more furious.

“What did you say! ?”

If Gu Yan had not caught Lu Ye in time, he would have jumped onto Lucifer’s bed by now!

Although he did not jump over, Lu Ye was still extremely excited.

“Lucifer, say it again!”

“I love Xiao Yu. I want to marry her.”


Gu Yan held onto her man tightly with one hand. She looked at Lucifer with a complicated expression.

She said, “Are you serious?”

“This is the most serious thing I have ever done in my life.”Lucifer was very grateful that Gu Yan was still calm at this moment.

In fact, he was already prepared to be beaten up.

After all, Lucifer understood the thoughts of Lu Ye and Gu Yan as their parents.

However, he would not let go of Xiao Yu.

Lu Ye couldn’t get rid of his wife. He looked at his wife and turned around to glare at Lucifer, “Do you know how old you are?”

“I will love her until the moment my life stops. If I can live another 50 years, I will love her for another 50 years. If I can live another second, I will love her for another second!”

Gu Yan took a deep breath and said calmly, “So, this is what Liu Xingyun meant when he said that, right?”


Lu Ye didn’t say anything.

After all, their little Yu had a special constitution. Because of the little jade pendant, Little Yu had a special ability.

And Little Yu, who had a special ability, was the only one who could save Lucifer.

The fate of the two of them had long been intertwined.

It wasn’t easy for Gu Yan and Lu Ye to get together, so they naturally understood how difficult it was.

Compared to the two of them, they had only gone through two lifetimes of hard work.

It was even more difficult for Lucifer and Xiao Yu.

Because that was a completely chaotic space-time.

In such a chaotic space-time, the two of them could still fall in love. It could only be said that they were destined to be lovers.please visit panda(-)

In the end, Gu Yan said softly, “If Xiao Yu is willing, we won’t stop her. But, if Xiao Yu isn’t willing, you can’t force Xiao Yu.”

“I’ll go and propose to her right now!”

In reality, the two of them had almost gotten married.

Of course, Lucifer wisely didn’t say this out loud.

If he did… the couple in front of him would probably go crazy and give him a mixed doubles match.

Lu Ye was still a little conflicted, but after seeing his wife’s attitude, he hesitated for a while and said, “Well, when you recover in the future, you have to let me beat you up! Otherwise, I won’t be happy!”

Lucifer immediately nodded. “Okay, no problem.”

He had to agree first.

Anyway, whether or not little Yu would stop him when the time came was another matter.


Lu Xiaoyu slept for a while more. When she opened her eyes again, she realized that her parents were gone.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1

“Little Yu, marry me and continue our wedding, okay?”

Lucifer, who was still very weak, knelt on one knee in front of Lu Xiaoyu’s bed. He held a ring in his hand.

It was the same scene that happened in the chaotic space-time.


“Xiaoyu, you just need to love me. Leave the rest to me.”Lucifer looked at Lu Xiaoyu affectionately.

Lu Xiaoyu choked up. She looked at him quietly and then slowly extended her hand.

Under the illumination of the lights, the wedding ring glowed brightly.

The two of them hugged each other tightly.

… ..

I am your antidote.

And you are my one and only favorite!

(end of story)

The story of Xiaoyu and FA FA ended here, and the book was also finished. Thank you to the Little Cuties for their love and support for this book. This book had been serialized for a long time and had experienced many things in the middle. Fortunately, the Little Cuties did not abandon it. I hope the Little Cuties will continue to support brother Jiu. The story of Yan Yan and the others is over. The story of Boss Liu and his master is still ongoing. Oh, the Little Cuties who like this series of stories, don’t miss it.

Once again, I bow to thank the Little Cuties. Mwah

See You in the new book.

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