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Chapter 663 Fighting Underwater Enemies

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So when arriving at the Hectors continent, they wouldn’t be able to make an impact there. They needed help. And that was also the same condition Fang said before moving up north.

I thought first about using Sara, then thought about using Sara and Leo as I’d leave Lily back to defend the capital.

But right now, all of them were busy fighting. I had no way to recall any of them or take away part of their forces.

The other solution I had would be the all hidden armies of mine and Angelica. But I had to wait until the two vanguard generals of mine reached Hector’s land.

At this point, the Hectors would accept their losses and wouldn’t mind the few forces landing over their shores. They would mistakenly think they could exterminate them easily.

I hoped they wouldn’t recall their forces, keep coming to my kingdom and start joining the fight at the capital. Who knew, even that bastard might show up as well.

When they would think they won it, and I screwed up, I’d appear there and prove them wrong.

Well… Even while using brute force, one had to use his mind to put it into the best use..

As things started to get into a serious and intense stage, I kept a closer eye over the general situation of the entire war.

The frontline was doing great. They kept eating up zones one after another, expanding the areas under my control.

The enemy seemed to use that battlefield to disturb our forces. He kept sending out large numbers of forces, but with the tactic of directly crushing the portals, things weren’t that bad for the two girls.

The spearhead dude was getting under immense pressure right now. He spread out his forces in the central plains, killing anything he faced.

Yet he was facing lots of enemies everywhere! Gradually he started to lose much, and even got ambushed more than once.

He relayed all these to me, with a tone shifting obviously from being arrogant to getting panicked.

I closed my eyes over what he sent, ignoring his pleas for support. I knew he was going to have a hard time thanks to his arrogance, but that didn’t mean I’d leave him to die.

He was doing great as well. Putting aside his arrogance, he was a formidable force in such a big war.

He would get reinforcements, coming from the frontline girls when they would control the entire frontline.

I’d simply ask them to retreat towards the capital, crush any enemy in their path.

As I fanned out my forces before, I’d start gathering them up towards my capital one by one. The first step would come from the two girls up front.

They would retreat and help the spearhead, then join with Isac to go directly towards the capital.

When that happens, I’d have a chance to relocate more forces towards Hector’s continent.

After all, this was a brand new continent! One that came from another world, a world with a higher energy, rich with new resources, and filled with many treasures.

As for me, I was just playing slowly with that enemy of mine. The two of us were moving pieces over a broad chessboard, while glaring at each other from the shadows, waiting for the first one to grow impatient and commit the first mistake.

Despite my kingdom getting rampaged with monsters from all directions, I wasn’t worried or pressured at all.

My forces were handling the situation perfectly fine so far. Even with such losses, I knew things weren’t even close to being called stressful.

I still had three grand armies not joining the battle, not to mention my personal army of soulers.

The focus was over the eastern coast right now. Hector forces drew closer to the southern New Jersey gulf, while the jumper and Fang were preparing to move out once these forces would arrive.

[They entered the gulf] I sent this intel to the two.

[I’m already at ocean]

[I’m on my to that continent]

The two sent these words back. The jumper was the closest one to these forces, so he had to time his move right.

It seemed he had a way to detect the incoming forces. As for Fang, he had to cover a longer route, allowing him to bypass any incoming hostile forces.

[But what if they tried to return back to their lands?] Fang sent this concern of his back, [You know there are over one million troops in the these waters]

[Just go the land and secure a foothold there, worry nothing about the rest]

[Are you sure?]

Sure? Dude, I was going to bring two huge armies to secure your backs. You just had to reach these lands and secure a wide space there.

[Just go forward, don’t look back]

[I’ll entrust this task over to you then] this bastard! He knew all along that I’d come and help with my forces. Then why did he even ask? Did he just want to say this line?

Sigh! The two really suited each other perfectly! The jumper and Fang… Both were bastards!

When I thought about the harsh battles they were going to have, I chilled out. They deserved such bloody confrontations.

“Now all that’s missing is you, bastard,” I moved my eyes towards the still coming monsters and mercenaries out of Niagara falls.

?[0)??? For long hours, my soulers kept killing nothing but weak enemies. Despite that, the enemy didn’t even send much stronger forces, or stop this useless fight.

[I got company] yet just as I was feeling bored, I got such message from that jerk, [It seemed they left patrol units underwater]

[I have enemies coming from underwater. They aren’t that much, but it’s hard to kill!]

Also Fang faced the same situation. Well, even I, one who belonged to the human race, found a way to build aquatic forts under water.

Then it was expected for such a mighty race, who was deeply versed in aquatic matters, to have such defensive forts and forces under water.

[Just ignore them, and keep pushing forward] I knew they might see such a force as weak and easy to crush. But if they did so, then they’d fall directly into the enemy’s trap.

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