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Chapter 1900: The Last Supper

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Under the protection of the ninth emperor and Tiantian, although the earth was temporarily spared from being affected, the previous trauma has made the earth devastated.

The ancient city of Guide is at the top of the layered ancient city. Although most of the human beings who have turned into animals have returned to their original appearance under the influence of the power of the ninth emperor, they can see the mirage in the sky. The sight, one by one, is still trembling.

In the different dimension, it is already like the end of the world, the earth is cracking, the mountains and seas hang upside down, there are ruins everywhere, and the universe is also bursting with pieces of nebula.

This scene made people feel like ants. If someone stepped down at will, the entire group would be trampled to death.

Wang Lu was praying with his eyes closed, Ya\'er looked up at the starry sky in Ouyang Lan\'s arms.

Just when people were horrified. However, I suddenly felt the earth shaking, and the ancient city that had originally overlapped was sinking and dissipating little by little.

Cracked mountains and rivers, collapsed buildings, as if upside down, quickly restored to their original appearance.

All kinds of fragments rose strangely and returned to their original positions.

Broken mirrors were restored, and those who died in the cataclysm were miraculously resurrected.

Collapsed high-rise buildings stand up again in the city, various plants are regenerated and restored, and green covers the earth again.

The waters rushing to the mainland receded, and the dumped peaks returned to their original positions.

Affected by that terrifying power*, the planet that has deviated from its orbit has returned to its original trajectory, and the broken starry sky is shining again.

Looking at this incredible scene, people were both surprised and delighted, thinking that it was God\'s apparent spirit that prevented this terrifying catastrophe.

In the starry sky, many starry sky creatures roared excitedly as they looked at the recovering universe.

It\'s just that those creatures from different dimensions have a sad face at this time.

The earth universe is recovering, but in the other dimension, everything is still perishing, and two rounds of light, one black and one white, are destroying everything.

Before they longed to rush into the earth universe, now they long to go home, but unfortunately their home is in ruins.

The creatures of the two worlds are looking at the illusory other-dimensional scene. But suddenly I saw a person breaking through the sky like a soaring sky in the daytime, stepping step by step towards the illusory different dimension.

That person went to the place where the different dimension was separated from the earth universe, UU reading www. uukanshu. Com pulled his hands, and the alien dimension and the earth universe that had been separated turned out to be like a curtain, and he was pulled together again.

He walked into a different dimension like that. Wherever he walked, everything was restored, and everything under his feet was revived.

Just like when God is at the end of the world, in front of him is the ruins of heaven and earth, but behind him is the world of flowers.

Everywhere he walked, everything in the world returned to its place, the mountains and rivers were reset, and everything was reborn.

"The gods have finally appeared!" The different-dimensional races almost cried with excitement.

"Human Sovereign is back" After the human beings saw the figure clearly, they were all excited and uncontrollable. Their Sovereign came back.

"Master Wen, has he become a god?" An Sheng was surprised and delighted, and couldn\'t help crying.

"Finally done something." An Tianzuo snorted coldly, but his eyes were full of joy. . .


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