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Chapter 489:

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[After you finish solving the monsters, you look around, although you can\'t say nothing, but it\'s still desolate, except for those monsters, there are no signs of life. 】

[You try to move in space again, but unexpectedly, you encounter this group of monsters again. The monsters attack you, and you destroy them. 】

【Your eyes are serious, and after trying a few more times, you find that there is no doubt that it is an exception. 】

【You are lost in the unknown world. 】

【You are lost in the unknown world. 】

【You are lost in the unknown world. 】

【"System, stop, stop, I choose to give up this simulation..."】

[After solving the three-digit monsters for a day, your face is full of embarrassment, and you realize that you can\'t go on like this. 】

[If this goes on like this, you won’t know when you find it out, so why not just give up on this simulation...]


[It is detected that the host has given up on this simulation. 】

[This traversal simulation is over, settlement is in progress...]

Accompanied by the sound of the system.

Bai Ye\'s consciousness also returned to the pitch-black world of bullets in an instant.

He is back!

Bai Ye never expected that this simulation would have such an ending.

The wind of decadence is a bit too perverted.

Although this is unexpected, it is also reasonable.

Bai Ye was still thinking about it when he got the halo of the red talent protagonist.

What will be the ending this time.

No matter how strong and perverted the wind of decadence is.

He shouldn\'t be defeated, or even die.

After all, he is the protagonist, has a protagonist aura, and is the highest level protagonist aura.

Even if it is the main character who is drawn again, at least he can get along with the boss in the battle.

Otherwise, why is it called the protagonist?

The protagonist\'s halo is such an unreasonable thing.

If he dies so easily, can he still be called the protagonist?

This time he was in a stalemate with the decadent wind, obviously unable to solve the decadent wind, and then ended the battle directly by accident, which is quite the protagonist style.

Faced with a strong enemy that cannot be defeated, he separated from the strong enemy through various accidents, and then his strength in one place improved by leaps and bounds, and when he came back, it was time to solve the strong enemy.

These are the old-fashioned plots of the protagonist in the novel that can no longer be old-fashioned.

I didn\'t expect to let myself meet now.

I have to\'s really cool!

md, Bai Ye is almost going to die of excitement!

In this world, who doesn\'t want to be the protagonist!

With this talent, it is no exaggeration to say that Bai Ye will never die in the simulation from now on!

No matter what you do, you won\'t die, this is the protagonist!

At most, it is probably the same as this time, lost in the so-and-so world, or being rescued by so-and-so because of serious injuries, and then waiting to rise again and return.

He is still the highest-level protagonist aura, so it can be said that he can adapt to any world.

Although the protagonist\'s halo this time did not bring any substantial improvement to Bai Ye on the surface.

But in essence, it is Bai Ye\'s biggest gain.

Even if it is the same perverted limit breaker, it is still inferior to the protagonist\'s halo.

After all, is it possible that only the protagonist is eligible to obtain something like a limiter?

Bai Ye\'s face was full of smiles, and at the same time he took a deep breath.

Probably the only thing that puzzled him this time.

It is estimated that he was sucked into the world where he arrived.

But at the moment, he doesn\'t have any clues, so he doesn\'t care too much.

"¨¨I just don\'t know where the wind of decadence has been taken."

Bai Ye muttered to himself, also thinking.

It\'s just that he didn\'t pay much attention to it.

With the strength of that guy, Wind of Decadence, no matter where he goes, nothing will happen, and he will return to Little Garden sooner or later.

[Ding, the settlement is successful, your evaluation for this simulation is S-, you can choose two of the following rewards.

1. Blue talent · I am also a person with status.

2. Red Talent·Protagonist Halo.

3. Red Talent · Limit Breaker.

4. The strongest strength achieved by the host in this simulation. 】


When Bai Ye saw the evaluation of this simulation, he was taken aback for a moment.

He never expected that this simulation would have an S rating, after all, he hadn\'t solved the decadent wind.

But if you think about it, this is normal.

Although he didn\'t solve the decadent wind, the decadent wind couldn\'t defeat him either.

Hard to say.

Should this be considered a draw without a winner?

In the case of a tie, although it is a bit unexpected to have an S-level evaluation, it is also reasonable.

But looking at the rewards, Bai Ye was a little confused.

234 What Does He Want To Do?

Needless to say, the strength of the protagonist\'s halo and limit breaker.

Red talent is enough to prove everything.

And the strength he improved in this simulation is also to a level that can be called terrifying!

All of a sudden.

Looking at the option thinker, Bai Ye found it difficult to make a choice.

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