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~: The new book "Start Trading Space Battleship" and the final testimonials

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After getting a trading platform three thousand years later, everything in the world has become an antique, worth a thousand gold.

But it was also learned that three years later, aliens invaded, human beings fell, and the dark starry era began.

In this era of unprecedented change in tens of thousands of years.

Shen Shi decided.

First trade a space battleship, and then talk about it.


Battleships come to the world from outer space! Global shock! Starry Sky Era, open in advance!


As you can see from the introduction of the book title, this new book is still the theme that Rune always likes to write about, involving various elements such as global disasters, human development, protagonist dominance, and pretending to force.

But in Rune\'s view, the new book and past books, including this organization of salvation, are very different.

It has been almost six years since Rune wrote the book. After several books, the results are not bad, but it is not too popular. An important reason is that Rune lacks "overall control".

For a long time, I thought of a very good opening plot first, and I thought it was very refreshing to revolve around a rune, and then immediately started writing and publishing a book.

For example, this Salvation Organization is "in the face of disasters, the protagonist provides help, and China is united to fight against the doomsday."

Another example is the previous book, which is also a cool starting point of "selling jars to Tsunade", which attracts Rune to write.

Facts have proved that the preferences of runes are still in line with everyone\'s preferences, so the beginning of the rune writing book has always been good.

But after writing this opening plot, a series of problems will continue to appear.

Aesthetic fatigue, interrupted rhythm, disorganized structure, fading creative passion...

Although the later grades can\'t be considered bad, and you can follow the initial outline, write all the plots completely, and fill in most of the "pits", but the grades can\'t be compared with the opening, a "high opening" Going low" is completely irrefutable (*?????).

It\'s been like this for several consecutive books.


Rune has been determined to face up to and address this shortcoming, and the new book is an attempt.

First of all, it was the first time that I started to save manuscripts and write books. With a large number of manuscripts saved, I don’t need to forcefully write when the rhythm of Kavin or creative passion subsides and the rhythm of UU reading is interrupted, and I can think about it slowly. .

Second, stop writing copy streams and exercise your ability to structure a single world.

Finally, try to develop cool points to avoid the aesthetic fatigue of the main storyline.

Of course, there are other, more meticulous efforts.

Also and the rest of the great writers, editors, consulted again and again.

It has been almost six years since I wrote books, one after another. From the ignorant writing of the debut novel to the present, with five excellent books, Rune is also a veteran writer, and has many supporting readers and fans. , your every subscription, every comment, every ticket is the driving force that supports Rune to continue writing.

Rune also sincerely hopes that it can be worthy of your support and love, and can write better and go farther.


Thanks for the support! Bye bye new book!

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