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Chapter 893: "Little Mafia Boss Vs Most Popular Internet Celebrity"

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Chapter 893: “Little Mafia Boss Vs Most Popular Internet Celebrity”

The talk show was super important for Ainsley. 

She could k.o Leroy in this talk show, but she might also let Leroy have his way with the family. 

That's why Ainsley cared a lot about the talk show progress and the evidence they had gathered so far. 

The person in charge of the case immediately stepped up and nodded solemnly. 

"I guarantee that we are ready to fight Leroy at the talk show, boss. We have gathered all evidence needed to refute all of Leroy's upcoming statements." 

No matter what he said, the Sloan Family was ready to refute him to death using the evidence they gathered. 

They even got another piece of evidence to ensure that the pile of evidence they got before wasn't forged or faked at all! 

If Leroy said that they faked the proof, they could take out the evidence proving that the previous data wasn't faked at all. 

Ainsley was amazed at her people's efficiency in handling this case. 

Maybe everyone just hated Leroy to death or something until they were so eager to prove him wrong. 

"Okay, that's good. Let's organize the evidence and send it to my email. I'll read the evidence and prepare for the upcoming talk show." 

After all, Ainsley could only bring Jevon and Elliana as her assistants to the talk show. 

She wasn't allowed to bring anyone else with the excuse of protecting the guests' safety. 

After all, the talk show crew members weren't ability users and even if they were, they weren't combat ability users, unlike Elliana and Jevon. 

That's why Ainsley could only bring the two of them for her own safety and couldn't bring more people, afraid that she would harm the innocent. 

Well, the talk show crew members knew that Ainsley wasn't that malicious, but she was still a ruthless mafia boss. 

Who knows if something triggered her in the recording studio and she attacked others in the studio? 

Because of this, Ainsley had to understand all the evidence needed to refute Leroy's statements, and she also had to be able to master it well. 

In the end, Ainsley spent the last two days before the talk show started to study the pile of evidence! 

At the same time, Leroy negotiated and signed a contract with the chosen Talk Show. 

It was a popular talk show with the highest rating on TV and the Internet. 

The reputation was also good, and the talk show itself focused on inviting guests with personal disputes and acted as a local court for personal disputes. 

Because the personal disputes usually didn't involve the country's law, the guests could only solve the issue at this talk show. 

The guests invited were not celebrities, and they could be anyone, as long as their problem was interesting. 

Usually, only the talk show hosts were popular celebrities invited as temporary hosts. 

The talk show itself also had a permanent host and the host already became one of the most popular celebrities in Godlif Country. 

The show was called 'Let's Bring This To The Court', and the fans gave it the nickname 'the Court Talk Show'. 

The Court talk show was popular among non-ability users and even ability users. 

After all, even people with special abilities also liked to watch other people's 'melons'. 

If the 'melon' a.k.a the gossip or the drama was satisfying, the ability users could relieve their stress altogether by watching gossip and drama. 

That's why this talk show was considered as a national talk show, and 90% of the Godlif country's citizens have watched at least one episode of the show. 

The show was broadcasted on TV and various official platforms on the internet. 

That's why the guests who came to the show were all prepared to be 'scolded to death' by the entire nation if they lost the case. 

The guests who came to the show were all armed to the teeth, bringing various legal evidence to prove them right. 

They would also bring one lawyer with them to help them debate with the opposite party because if they're not eloquent enough, they might lose. 

Winning or losing didn't depend on the talk show's hosts but depended on the on-site audiences and the audiences behind the TV or the netizens. 

That's why the guests needed to simplify their evidence to persuade the audiences to side with them. 

Not all guests could be eloquent and good at talking, so they brought lawyers with them. 

But Ainsley herself didn't need any lawyer and such. 

As a mafia boss, if she's not good with her words or witty, how could she win negotiations on a daily basis? 

Leroy himself was also an internet celebrity and influencer.

If he's not good with his words, even if his charm were unique and strong, he wouldn't be able to fool everyone for so long. 

Well, the battle between the two naturally became a hot topic among the netizens, especially the talk show's loyal audiences. 

The guests so far were usually ordinary people and not celebrities. 

They only had interesting cases, and that's why they could go to the show to earn money while solving their dispute. 

However, both Ainsley and Leroy were ability users. 

One of them was a well-known little mafia boss and was very popular in the mafia and ability users society. 

The other one was a famous internet celebrity among the ordinary people. 

He's also famous among a small part of the ability users society– mainly the idle ability users, which were usually elite youngsters. 

Such identities would naturally attract the audiences even when they didn't know the crux of the dispute the two people had. 

The headline 'Little Mafia Boss vs Most Popular Internet Celebrity' was enough to attract all sorts of audience! 

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