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Chapter 171 - 2.91

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"Until Will bonds with someone new, he will continue to be sick."

"Then he just has to bond with someone else, right? Then this will all be fixed!"

I shoved my chair back as I shot to my feet and glared at Cam. "So I should be forced to bond, AGAIN, before I am ready?!" I yelled and fought tears, "I already was forced into a bond! You have no idea what that\'s like Cam! And do you know why?! I went out of my way multiple times when we worked together to ensure that you didn\'t have it happen to you! You can\'t imagine how terrible it was to be forced to bond with an Alpha when I was in love with someone else! I had no choice last time but, with this medication, I can finally choose what I want!"

Cam rushed to his feet and around to me, "I\'m so sorry, Will, I didn\'t mean..."

I shoved his arms away when he tried to hug me, "just leave me alone." I growled before going over to Elijah. "Let\'s get this over with." I stormed out of the room as Elijah and the lawyer followed behind.

When I finally was free to leave the large table, I stumbled to my feet and crouched over with a groan. Elijah rushed past me and further into the house. The Beta female lawyer came over and tried to determine how she could help me.

I felt relief when Alex rushed over and kneeled in front of me. He touched my forehead and I couldn\'t stop myself from leaning into his hand that felt so cool against my hot skin. He grumbled, "Elijah, get my smaller black bag that has my medical supplies in it. Hurry." Elijah rushed off as the world became fuzzy, "you can\'t let your temperature rise so much before getting help. Can you stand?"

I slowly shook my head so I would not fall over with dizziness but was thrown off guard when Alex stood. Suddenly my feet left the ground and I was in his arms as he carried me. He rushed through the building and paused when he reached the large staircase.

"Fight vomit?" I ġrȯȧnėd as I laid back, "are you really a doctor?"

He chuckled slightly and, for a moment, it threw me off enough to distract me from my nausea. "Let\'s get some of these clothes off or you\'re going to overheat." Alex helped me sit up and aided me in taking off my shirt. I laid back and watched as he rolled up my pants legs before he stood up. "Stay here."

I chuckled with a slight groan, "I don\'t think I have a choice." I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. I opened my eyes when I heard someone walking nearby and saw Elijah coming near. I could feel his pheromones filling my body again and felt dizzy.

"What suddenly caused you..." Elijah began but stopped in his tracks as an arm extended in front of him right before the door frame.

"You\'ve never been around Will when he wasn\'t bonded." Alex growled with his mainly monotone voice while claiming the small black bag in his grasp. "All Alphas are too much for Will to be near."

"Then you shouldn\'t be near him either."

Alex rolled his eyes as he came into the room and towards my side, "the medication hasn\'t had strong effects on me yet. I\'m still in a destined partnership bond. He can\'t feel my pheromones and I can\'t feel his." Alex came and sat on the edge of the bed near me. "Hold still." He plunged the needle in my arm before injecting the medication. I was confused when he pulled out another shot from his small bag. "You\'re making yourself sick being here. I can give you a sedative."

"I don\'t want to be knocked out, Alex. I only have a short time before we go back and want to spend this time with my loved ones."

We both froze as light footsteps filled the hall nearby, "Momma!" The twins sang as they snuck around Elijah and came into the room. They froze when they noticed the syringe in Alex\'s hand.

He nodded, "your Momma just got nauseous and overheated from your uncle\'s pheromones."

Ashley took my hand in hers and Archer quickly scrambled to sit beside her and also hold my hand.

"Can we help?"

I smiled to them with a chuckle, "just seeing you two makes me feel better." I was stopped from saying anymore as I finally felt Asher\'s presence from the doorway as he stood beside Elijah while holding Addie. Heat rose in my ċhėst, my body began to tremble, and my mind became fuzzy.

Alex put the syringe away and looked directly to me. He leaned to my ear, "the medication works against Jayden, but it can\'t hide your needs and dėsɨrės."

I frowned towards him, "I\'m fine."

Alex glanced over to Asher, "no need to raise your pheromones, Asher. I\'m still bonded to my destined partner."

Asher shamefully looked down to the ground, "I\'m doing everything I can to fight them."

"You both are," Alex said as he began shaking his head. "And you are both idiots."

"You love each other and clearly have a physical compatability. Stop being hard headed." Before I could argue, Alex stood and gestured to the twins to follow him. "Let\'s give your Momma and Asher some time to talk alone."

"Why don\'t you show Alex and I around the beach? I heard it was really nice in this area." Elijah added as he took Addie from Asher\'s arms and moved so Alex and the twins could leave.

Asher didn\'t move from the doorway as we both intently listened to the others until a door shut at the house fell silent. I caught my breath as Asher\'s pheromones began increasing rapidly and then started fluctuating.

He sighed as he leaned on the door frame, "I really am trying to keep my pheromones down, I swear." He gulped and finally met my gaze, sending a spark through my body. "I don\'t want to make this harder on you but my instincts keep getting in the way." Asher slowly walked over and my heart raced. He sighed again as he ran his fingers through his hair, "do you think he\'s right? Are we just being stubborn? Are we just hiding from what we both want?" When he sat on the side of the bed and gently touched my cheek, I felt beyond overwhelmed with excitement and anxiousness. "Do you want to bond with me? Right here, right now, are you ready to take that step?"

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