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Chapter 816

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Six years later, by the sea.

Under a huge sunshade, two pairs of young people sit or lie down. Beside them, there are several children carved in Pink Jade. They are very cute.

"I said, how long has this been going on? Are you so upset?" Tang Tiantian stares at Cheng Shaochen a little speechless.

"When will Jane Shaodong make up with his brother-in-law, come again and persuade me to make up with you." Cheng Chen is the most angry.

Jane Xiaoshan is rubbing sunscreen for that person, smell speech the action on the hand to pause, cause that person is not happy to look over.

"Hello, Huo Jingqing, don\'t..."

Huo Jingqing youyou looked at her and pointed to the fruit on the table: "grapes."

Jane Xiaoshan took it and put it in his mouth.

Huo Jingqing seized her, turned over and pressed down, and then got together. The grapes just filled by Jane\'s small sheet came into her mouth, sweet and greasy, and delicious.

Jane Xiaodan couldn\'t help but deepen the kiss.

Two people a pair of do not care about the appearance, let have bitter can\'t say Jane Shaodong envy envy hate.

Tang Tiantian could not help laughing at her appearance.

After running away from his wedding ceremony six years ago, the Lin family\'s counterattack was "very serious", of course, it also looked serious. This is their agreed condition. If the other party wants face, they can only give it.

Who let them choose to make fun of their wedding?

Therefore, this huge confrontation lasted for more than a year, and finally ended with the permanent cooperation of the Jian family, the Cheng family and the Tang family.

After a certain incident, Tang Tiantian lay on Jian Shaodong\'s body, and didn\'t want to move a finger. He was afraid that he would like to have another shot. He opened the topic and asked, "at the beginning, I only promised the part of the Cheng family. How could you take the initiative to add so many yards?"

"Because of Lin Quan!" "After that, Mr. Lin said to the public that he was ill and needed to rest. He gave everything to Lin Quan, who was said to have just recovered. After more than a year, can\'t you see what Lin Quan is like? "

"That Lin Quan is also true, unexpectedly can install the mental retardation for such a long time..." Tang sweet make complaints about Tucao. Jane Shaodong hugged her and said with a smile, "where is he trying to pretend? The Tang family has more hands, and their family is one of them. However, their participation is not deep, and the Lin family is not as powerful as others. Knowing that sooner or later, everyone will boycott the Tang family. Do they want to protect themselves and become a gunslinger? Desalination, slowly forgotten, is the most correct choice. "

"Then why marry me again?" Tang Tiantian said angrily, "if you marry me, you have to be dragged in?"

Jane Shaodong looked at her with disdainful eyes, "how much ability do you think an illegitimate girl can have? Most people don\'t know your identity. What happened at that time was clear to our family and your family. Everyone thought you were the illegitimate daughter of the second child of the Tang family. How could they think of anything else? "

Tang Tiantian suddenly said: "Oh, too."

Jane Shaodong said with a smile, "what\'s the matter? Have you had enough rest? Let\'s come again! "

Tang Tiantian immediately wanted to escape, "come on, your sister! The chief executive doesn\'t do serious things every day. You haven\'t explained clearly about Lin Quan\'s affairs! " Jane Shaodong easily caught her, "what can I do for you? Lin Quan had been mentally retarded for so many years, but after taking over the Lin family, he was able to revive the Lin family immediately, even surpassing the Tang family before my annexation. Isn\'t that evidence? Seriously, Xie Huilin is not even mentally retarded

"Hello Jane Shaodong! Ah

Being bullied, Tang Tiantian can\'t help shouting.

Said good pet me, love me, protect me? How does it hurt me every day now?

Your uncle\'s! Men are all lower body animals, no guarantee can be trusted at any time! She believes it is a pig again!

"Well Jane Shaodong, you stop I feel sick

Jane Shaodong is adjusting her posture to let Tang Tiantian play the flute. Suddenly, she makes her reaction a little embarrassed, "Tian Tian, are you disgusting me?"

"No I Oh

Even a word can\'t finish, Tang Tiantian can\'t help retching.

Seeing this, Jane Shaodong was startled and quickly helped her to get up and walk to the bathroom.

Tang Tiantian held the toilet and vomited for a long time, but nothing came out.

Then, she stroked her chest and looked at Jane Shaodong pale.

You don\'t think of sweet like Have you got it

Tang Tiantian was surprised to feel his stomach, "how can, before I went back home that meeting, you so hard have not been pregnant, now this is pregnant?"

"But You have taken more initiative and worked harder than before. I can be drained by you every day... "

Listen to his words, Tang Tiantian can not help but black face.

Without realizing it, Jane Shaodong continued: "I\'m not wrong. You see, before you didn\'t clean up, you would be uncomfortable. You wouldn\'t take my things to sleep. But after we were together, you agreed. It\'s very normal for you to have that thing all night long, isn\'t itTang Tiantian pushed him heavily and said angrily, "one more word, you\'ll get out of here, and you won\'t be allowed to go to bed again."

Jane Shaodong watched her go back to the room, sat by the bed, meditated, and chased after her.

"Really, really, I didn\'t lie to you. Since I\'ve done everything, you\'ve never been in the habit of cleaning up after going to bed. You always sleep until dawn, sometimes until noon. My swimming competition for those things has long been... "

"Go away, my Lord!" Tang Tiantian blushed and lost a pillow in the past.

Jane Shaodong still wants to talk, but Tang Tiantian directly knocks out the door with a pillow. Without even giving a piece of clothes, she closes the door directly.

She touched her stomach and began to smile.

Although one\'s mouth is open, he is right.

In that case, it\'s not difficult to get pregnant, right?


"Sweet Sweet

Jane Xiaodan\'s voice suddenly raised brought her back to reality.

Tang Tiantian turned her face, and Jian Xiaoshan was angry with Huo Jingqing and whispered, "he wants face. Can you persuade my brother to take a soft coat?"

Tang Tiantian turns her face and looks at Jane Shaodong, thinking that you are afraid of your husband. Don\'t I love my man?

Whether on family background or identity, Jian Shaodong is above Huo Jingqing. But there is one thing, even if Huo Jingqing falls in love and gets married, he is always strong and does not want it. Jian Shaodong Tang Tiantian doesn\'t want to recall what childish stupid things this guy has done.

"No, I don\'t want him to bow to others except in front of me. Xiaodan, Huo Jingqing wants face, so does my man! It was so serious at the beginning, but now we can\'t persuade it. You see, the fire medicine smell, tut

Jane Xiaodan came to talk to her in a low voice and didn\'t pay attention to the two men. Now by Tang Tiantian a reminder, look at the past, good guy, the sparks between the two people, crackling, simply!

Tang Tiantian sighed, turned her eyes back and decided to turn a blind eye.

Jane Xiaoshan smiles and turns her head back with an innocent face.

“…… What was that about? "

"I forgot, too."

"Say something else


"Why didn\'t Cheng Shaochen come today?"

"You have nothing else to say?"

"No Now it\'s him who can hold them down. "

"Don\'t be funny. He\'ll only come in and get worse."

"Well Let\'s be quiet and watch the sunset

"Do you think men are all immature creatures?"

"Well, it\'s really naive. I\'ve been fighting for years, but I haven\'t had enough."

"Sometimes I feel that they are in love and killing each other No matter what kind of quarrel, it\'s time to meet and talk about business. It won\'t be affected at all. "

"When it comes to love and kill each other, I accidentally found a CP article about them. Do you want to read it?"

"No Who\'s so good at it, YY? "

"Let me see, let Bai Qingting help to check, sure it is Zhuang Xiaoran."

"Sleeping trough, cult! But... " Looked at the distance is still noisy two people, "they two who take the initiative?"


With the sun setting and the sea, the waves were beating on the beach, and the laughter of several children was particularly clear. [end of the full text]

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