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Chapter 938 - A Submissive Woman

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Chapter 938: A Submissive Woman

Tang Yue arranged for Su Huixian to be in the same production as Su Bei.

The outside world naturally paid close attention to this matter.

This also caused many professionals to shake their heads. “Is the modeling industry in a state of decline now that it’s hard to make a living? A film taking in two inexperienced models?”

“We can look past Su Bei. She previously acted as the second female lead in another film. This time, Su Huixian directly became the female lead. What’s wrong with the modeling industry?”

The people in the modeling industry also looked down on such dabblers. Some people directly rebutted, “How are these two people from the modeling industry? They haven’t been on a runway for more than half a year. There are no such people in our modeling industry!”

All of a sudden, the popularity of the film rose and became famous.

Initially, there were still people in Sheng Tang who were dissatisfied with Tang Yue’s decision. Now, however, they were satisfied. In the entertainment industry, popularity often needed to be bought with money. If one could get it without spending money, then why not?

When Su Huixian saw the news, she was unhappy and immediately got Qiu Minxuan to suppress the negative comments about her.

Just as she was done giving her orders, Du Luo walked in without knocking and said, “You joined Su Bei’s production team and are filming?”

“Yes, this is my best chance to change my career. This time, I must seize the opportunity.”

“What’s the point? Aren’t you doing a good job managing things behind the scenes?” Du Luo said.

“A good job? What makes you think I’m doing okay? I don’t have money and I don’t have backers. Every step is difficult. If I don’t develop my career properly, I won’t even be able to afford a new bag.” Su Huixian was constantly being held back by Du Changwei and Sun Jingping. Her days were tough.

The matter of marrying into the Du family was also being dragged on.

She was almost 30 years old now. Things were not like before when everyone thought she was younger than Su Bei. If she did not earn money, how long more would she have to wait?

Du Luo said, “You’re doing this because of Su Bei, right?”

This was his personality. He liked women who were willing to submit to him. If she was too aggressive, it would hurt his ego.

He abandoned Su Bei and chose Su Huixian because of this.

This was also the reason why he disliked Su Huixian now.

Perhaps only the softest flower in the world was compatible with him.

Su Huixian was genuinely disappointed. “It was Tang Yue who specially invited me. She thinks that I’m very suitable for this role. Du Luo, I just want to work hard for a few more years to better our future. All of this isn’t directed at Su Bei. I just wish to work well with her.”

She sounded very sincere, but only she and God knew how sincere she was.

“That’d better be the case. No matter what you say, both of you are still sisters. I don’t like seeing any of you get hurt,” Durot said.

Su Huixian clenched her fists tightly when she heard that.

Even now, he was still concerned about that b*tch Su Bei!

Du Luo hugged her and gently said, “Focus on filming, then. Don’t get into a conflict with Su Bei. I will support you.”

“I-I will,” said Su Huixian gently.

As soon as she finished speaking, she thought of a plan.

Tomorrow, the cast would be meeting the reporters. The meeting would start at eight in the morning and continue until ten. They had two hours to answer the reporters’ questions.

After Du Luo left, she immediately asked Qiu Minxuan to inform Su Bei that the time had changed. It would start at two in the afternoon and end at four instead.

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