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Chapter 184

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In the party room, when Yasenia touched the [Celestial Pearl], it shone with a soft dark-blue starry color, illuminating everything around with a soft and not blinding glow and immersing the room in a night-sky-like space. This glow seemed comforting, powerful, ancient, and mysterious, arousing a lot of emotion inside the people present.

The glow powdered Yasenia and the nearby Cecile beautifully, letting many people in a trance when they looked at them.

Then, without previous indications, Yasenia\'s aura unfurled powerfully, washing everyone in the room in an instant. Behind her, the phantom of her dragon form appeared, looking down at herself. It wasn\'t big, not more than five meters tall, yet the aura it leaked was enough to make all juniors present feel like the sky was falling on them.

Alaia, who had a very pure dragon bloodline, almost kneeled when she put her eyes on that dragon, and when she felt its current aura, she had to use all her willpower to not kneel to Yasenia\'s current aura release. Not because of its strength but because of the authority it exuded.

Yasenia\'s colorless aura suddenly took a dark-blue tone, which multiplied the aura\'s might again and created a shockwave that pushed the juniors back some steps, including Cecile, leaving only Yasenia in the middle of the room. The aura kept becoming denser as if something unfathomable was about to awaken.

However, when that aura was about to transform completely to something completely new and show Yasenia\'s true potential, the [Celestial Pearl] stopped emitting that soft dark-blue starry glow.

Together with the pearl, Yasenia\'s aura and the surroundings relaxed, returning to the previous atmosphere, allowing the juniors to take a deep breath to relax their pounding hearts. Then, the phantom dragon disappeared as if it was an illusion. It was at this moment that Yasenia came back from her daze and opened her previously closed eyes slowly.

In her golden slit eyes, the people saw that dark-blue starry glow flash once before it completely disappeared. When Yasenia let out a sigh and began looking around, confused, the pearl hurt Yasenia\'s palm and opened a small wound on it.

The stinging pain made Yasenia look down curiously at the mysterious pearl. Her blood, as if unaffected by gravity, flowed around the pearl. Following that, those blood droplets zoomed into the pearl and got absorbed by it. As the pearl absorbed the blood, it became smaller and smaller until it entered through Yasenia\'s wound inside her body.

The people around looked stupefied, and Yasenia hastily checked her insides with her energy. Yasenia saw that the pearl had shrunk and sunk into herself, traveling into her dantian!

Yasenia looked inside the Dantian and saw that pearl floating around and spinning, like a beautiful marble in the middle of her ocean of energy inside. The energy inside her dantian spun around the pearl and strengthened passively.

Cecile looked from the side with a smile, delighted by everything that happened. She wasn\'t worried because none of the present seniors stopped the pearl, so she was reassured that everything that happened was beneficial for Yasenia.

Cecile wanted to give something meaningful to Yasenia for her first birthday. Therefore, each time she went on a mission on her own, she had actually sneaked into the cloud layers. Cecile knew that treasures from other continents could drop in this place, so she chose this as a place to search for a treasure.

With her current strength, if she treaded the area carefully, she was able to fight against almost any threat that appeared in the first layer.

However, even with the abundant treasures inside the Cloud Layers, getting this pearl had been extremely difficult. She had been close to death a lot of times, something she hadn\'t talked about to Yasenia, but all her efforts were rewarded when she found this inside the belly of a low-level fourth-ranked beast.

Yes, Cecile managed to defeat a weak level four beast! That was a creature that was inside the Unification Realm. To be able to surmount cultivation in this realm was something not many could accomplish because the Unification realm was an enormous boost to the cultivator.

At that time, she didn\'t want to fight it. However, she spotted that this beast was slightly different, so, after preparing herself, she tried to kill it. The battle was the most difficult one in her life, but thanks to her bloodline abilities and regeneration, she was able to exhaust it and finally kill it. One of the reasons she could beat it was that she could fly, and that beast was similar to a giant elephant, and it couldn\'t attack her easily. Moreover, she was lucky that it wasn\'t a cloud beast, so it couldn\'t escape when she weakened it.

Yasenia returned to her senses and looked at Cecile emotionally. After receiving the treasure, how could our dragoness not realize how precious this treasure was? \'My sweetheart must have worked hard to get this pearl...\'

Yasenia couldn\'t hold herself back and pounced on Cecile, giving her a deep and passionate kiss. She didn\'t hold back a bit and didn\'t care about the surroundings. Cecile happily kissed her back and melted in her embrace, feeling Yasenia\'s long tongue filling her mouth. The squishy, soft, sweet, and long tongue tangled with hers and almost made her moan.

After Yasenia stopped kissing her, Cecile had moist eyes and blushing cheeks; Cecile snuggled closer and almost began purring in comfort, surrounded by Yasenia\'s soft body.

The 20 disciples were speechless after seeing the normally ice-cold woman like a docile little wife in Yasenia\'s embrace. Cecile\'s melted, blushing, and smiling face was sending many of them into a daze, unable to look away. \'Is this the same Cecile we know!? What did you do with the peerless iceberg beauty!? That woman that seemed like a lone Moon Goddess!? She looks like she is the sweetest girl in the world, ahh! She is so beautiful like that!\'

Yasenia asked without loosening her embrace and using her tail to caress Cecile all over. "Mom, how can I benefit from this pearl?"

Tatyana debated whether to tell her or not. In all honesty, this pearl is something that Tatyana had her forces looking for; she knew that this was extremely beneficial for Yasenia, and she wanted to give it to her even before Yasenia began cultivating.

Sadly, her subordinates weren\'t able to find it no matter how hard they searched. They were still searching for more treasures even at this moment, unsuccessful.

The effect of the pearl would become apparent in the Dantian Spiritualization realm. Instead of creating a core with just energy, the pearl would become the core, multiplying Yasenia\'s strength even more. Moreover, her affinity with the Sun, Moon, and Star energies will become even higher. Furthermore, this kind of pear was a Natural Treasure created in space after hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation of celestial energies, resulting in something that would be able to get Yasenia closer to her Unique Attribute.

In short, it was an essential object that would make Yasenia a lot stronger. Tatyana thought, \'Yasenia\'s body strength and energy quality make her monstrous in the Mental Nourishing Realm. Yasenia\'s spiritual breakthrough, ingested pills, and abnormal soul strength will make her monstrous in the Unification Realm. And this single pearl will make Yasenia monstrous in the Dantian Spiritualization Realm. Moreover, when I give her the thing I\'m creating with the dragon\'s resources... Wow, my daughter will be quite scary.\'

Tatyana thought with excitement, \'Will she be the first to surmount cultivation and fight against Transcendent Realm cultivations? I can\'t wait to see it!\'

Tatyana said calmly, hiding her enthusiasm. "I will tell you later. Know that right now, it is beneficial for you to understand your element deeper. I will tell you the rest when the time is right. Don\'t worry, even if I don\'t tell you, you will be able to understand its functions by yourself. I don\'t want to limit your thinking on its uses with my information since I don\'t know if what I know is accurate or complete."

Yasenia nodded in understanding, and she separated Cecile from her. Cecile recovered her cold and indifferent face the moment she left Yasenia\'s embrace and returned to her seat, leaving the people around with twitching eyebrows and speechless. \'Where is the soft Cecile!? Is everything that isn\'t Yasenia-related irrelevant to you!? Is being inside Yasenia\'s arms a completely different world for you!?\'

Thankfully, they didn\'t ask aloud because Cecile would have certainly answered "Yes." Making them spurt blood or something.

Kali\'s turn arrived. She advanced toward Yasenia, and after she took a deep breath, she took off her veil, walking toward Yasenia with confident steps. Most disciples cringed slightly at the sight of her face but recovered their calm fast. This reaction was inevitable since Kali\'s face was badly deformed. From seeing Yasenia and Cecile, two goddess-level beauties, to seeing our Kali\'s face was truly hard to process without giving a reaction. Yasenia didn\'t blame them.

However, this calm they regained didn\'t last because they saw Yasenia gathering Kali in her arms and, without a shred of hesitation, kissing her. To say they were surprised was an understatement!

Even though they knew that they were a couple, most of them thought that it was something superficial without physical contact. Cultivators generally were very shallow, so they could only think that their affection was based on benefits more than love. However, this deep kiss overturned their understanding of Yasenia, Kali, and everything they thought about their relationship.

But instead of feeling nauseated or something, they admired Yasenia with all their hearts. The fact that Yasenia could see past superficial flaws and love Kali sincerely made them all think that Yasenia had a very pure heart under all that she was.

Kali blushed while Yasenia kissed her and her verdant green eyes looked at Yasenia with tender feelings. \'She didn\'t mind about others and kissed me! So happy~.\'

In truth, this action was Kali betting on Yasenia. She still had insecurities in this aspect, no matter how intimate the relationship was in private. When they were in public, Kali had a lot of reservations, thinking things like, \'Does she mind me being affectionate outside?\', \'Should I be more modest when there are other people present?\' Or similar questions.

This kiss smashed many of these questions and deepened the love Kali felt for Yasenia.

From the side, Linda looked with a pout at their display, jealous of Kali, but then smiled lightly. \'I\'m happy for you, Kali. I hope your happiness last to eternity and beyond, and you have a lot of children.\'

To Linda, the interactions she had these months with Kali had made her realize what kind of woman Kali was, and besides her social awkwardness and appearance, Kali was extraordinary in every other aspect. Linda could say without a doubt that if Kali had her previous appearance, she would be on the same level as Angel and Andrea.

Kali took out a pill jar. Inside, a single pill resided. Kali said, "I thought about making healing pills, but I knew that most people would give them to you, so I created this."

Kali made the light green pill with golden patterns float and said, "After studying with Master Frederick, Master Avalonia, and Flora. My attainments in alchemy have improved a bit."

Flora and Avalonia at the side chuckled silently, \'A bit? She had made monstrous improvements! From being able to craft low-level earth-ranked pills with 74% purity to crafting high-level earth-ranked pills with 80% purity! If this were known outside, people would probably kill themselves, thinking about what were they doing for the last 100 years to make the same improvement!\'

Kali continued and said, "This is a pill that is able to maintain someone\'s life even if they are at death\'s doorstep, no matter the injuries. It lasts for 10 minutes; I hope you never have to use it, but… Better be safe than sorry."

Yasenia took the pill with her energy and opened her eyes. \'A low-level heaven-rank pill? Even if the others also gave me similar pills, they are from shops and made by senior alchemists!\'

Yasenia stored the pill inside the jar and kept it in her ring, "Thank you, honey. I\'m extremely happy that you advanced so much."

Kali nodded and hugged Yasenia one last time, then stepped back and returned to her seat.

Tatyana approached with a smile, and Yasenia was surprised, "Mom will give me something!?"

Tatyana almost tripped. She appeared beside Yasenia and hit her head lightly… Well, lightly for her.


Yasenia was slammed into the ground, her legs twitching. Tatyana ignored her recently planted daughter and said, aggravated, "How could you say something like that! It\'s as if I refuse to give you anything!"

While Yasenia stood up dizzily, Tatyana suddenly said, "Every night, I give- mmmph."

Yasenia flashed before Tatyana and silenced her with her hands with blushing cheeks, "What are you trying to talk about before so many people!?"

Tatyana looked at the side and saw Evelyn taking photos at high speed and lifted her thumb at her. \'We have to catch every time my daughter blushes! Good job, Evelyn!\'

Tatyana flashed between Yasenia\'s arms and kissed her chin. "Little treasure, I have something for you!"

Yasenia looked at the gorgeous woman between her arms and sighed with a smile, "What is it?"

Tatyana smiled and flickered her hand to make a book appear, "This book is part of your [Heavenly Maiden Ascends To Heaven] Dual cultivation technique. Until now, you just dual cultivated normally, benefiting both parties equally. However, as everything in this world, dual cultivation can also be a weapon~."


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