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C280 Great Boys

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In the end, what kind of background did the Shen Family have? Zhang Haichao felt that he was getting more and more confused.

"Mayor Zhang, please take a seat inside!"

When Shen Qingfeng stepped onto the stage, his expression was imposing, and Zhang Yaqiong's eyes were staring foolishly at him.

As the saying goes, a hero saving a beauty is fate. The couple felt that if the two could develop further, it would be a good thing.

Yaqiong, don't you have something you want to say to Mr Shen? "If I don't say it now, I won't have another chance in the future!"

Leng Xiyan blinked her eyes at his daughter, and timely reminded her.

"Ugh …" Thank you... Thank you Mr Shen for saving me … "

Zhang Yaqiong's face flushed red, she nervously lowered her head, afraid that her thoughts would be exposed.

"It's Miss Zhang's blessing to have such a peerless path."

Shen Qingfeng laughed. Back then, dealing with that little demon was not difficult at all.

"Yaqiong, it's really you! Hello, Uncle Zhang! "Aunt Leng!"

"Meow …"

At this time, Jiang Muwan walked over with the ragdoll cat in her arms and pulled at Zhang Yaqiong's small hand. The two of them grew up in the same courtyard.

"Shall we play together?"

Zhang Yaqiong shyly nodded, looked at Shen Qingfeng, and followed Jiang Muwan upstairs.

Seeing this, Leng Xiyan sighed in her heart, her daughter's looks were pretty good, and her family background was not bad, but compared to Wenhao's daughter, it would be difficult for her.

All of them were first-rate families with Jiangdong City. Originally, they had also wanted to give it a try, but they didn't think that even Mayor Zhang would personally come to participate in this year's annual party. Furthermore, they arrived later than the elders, so they couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

At ten o'clock, a white Audi A8 drew a beautiful curve and stopped in the garden of the villa.

"Mu Qing, we came too early!" With your dad's identity, it's not appropriate for him to be here so early! "

Jiang Wenhao frowned. He was already reminded by his eldest daughter that he was going to attend the annual party early in the morning.

"It's so lively here!" Mu Qing, didn't you like that villa back then? Later on, I heard that his Xu Family was taken down, and it has increased by several times! "

Wang Yumeng could feel the atmosphere, it was a complete garden, the design was similar to a palace, and if she was not afraid of being too high-profile, she would have paid for it for her daughter.

"Humph!" "Such extravagance and extravagance. At such a young age, this kind of extravagance …"

Jiang Wenhao snorted disdainfully. His gaze habitually swept the surroundings, and suddenly froze.

"Why are there even military vehicles …" Mayor Zhang's car is also here... "

From his experience, the specifications for this year's Clan Assembly were not small. Did Shen Qingfeng really have such a big face?

"Dad, Mom, I think everyone's here. Let's go in!"

Jiang Muqing walked out of the driver's seat with her beautiful long legs. She wore the same type of white cotton-padded jacket as Jiang Muwan, and wore black sunglasses.

At this moment, the roar of an engine could be heard. She raised her head and saw a black Shepherd, armed to the teeth, speeding over at a hundred and thirty feet, heading straight into the garage. The driver's skill allowed him to drive a sports car.

"Sigh!" Xu Zhou! We're leaving at five o'clock. It's almost noon. "

An old voice was heard as an old man with white hair walked down from the passenger seat. He was dressed in a thin Chinese tunic with an ethereal aura around him.

"Old man, you wrote it yourself, okay?" A document needs to be delayed until today to be signed. Don't you know that there's a traffic jam today!? "

After Xu Zhou pulled the hand brake, he jumped down from the carriage. It had been a long time since he came to this Spirit Mountain villa, and when he thought about the battle with Dracula, and the scene after getting heavily injured, a strange expression flashed across his eyes.

"Alright, you two have been arguing the whole way. It's only ten o'clock, so it's not too late."

Nangong Changan walked out from the back row and led the two towards the villa.

"People of the capital... "Which department are you from …"

Jiang Wenhao frowned, he had after all been in the control room for dozens of years, so he was able to tell with a glance that these two old men were definitely people with high status, and this Wrangler also had Beijing tags.

He was a little confused, wasn't Shen Qingfeng the Humble Class Champion? Their family wasn't even ranked in the middle levels of Jiangdong City, how could they create such a grand scene?

"Beijing Research Institute, Nangong Changan is here!"

"Beijing Research Institute, Qin Yuantian is here!"

Just then, Lin Feng's voice spread across the entire villa area, at the same time startling the guests inside.

For people like Xu Zhenguo, they would know what the four words Nangong Changan represented!

"Headmasters, why have you come as well?"

Shen Qingfeng's eyes revealed a trace of surprise. He remembered that he did not invite anyone from the Yanjing to attend the annual Clan Assembly!

Who are these two people? To come all the way from the Yanjing was not a special honor for an ordinary person.

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