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Chapter 647

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"Hongjie, I advise you to leave here quickly. Don't think my grandfather can tell me what to do if he values you." Huang Fei Er said coldly.

"Miss, I'm just doing what I should do, and when the old man knows I'm here, he won't stop me."

Huang fei'er sneered, "you are so confident. Maybe my grandfather will open one eye and close one eye, but today I'm here. Are you more important than me in my grandfather's heart?"

Hongjie laughed. "Miss, I'll tell you the truth. When the old man knows that I'm here, he will support me, because I came here to find Lin Qingwan because I'm alone."

"Who is it?" Huang fei'er said curiously.

Hongjie's eyes gradually tightened, "a person you know, her account name on the network is Buddha Xiaoye."

Huang fei'er's body trembled. She stepped back and raised her head in disbelief. "Are you sure it's her?"

Red sister pressed her step by step and said, "yes, she is! Yes? Are you scared? Afraid that she is still alive in the world and that your sister will tell the old man all your plots? "

"Nonsense Huang fei'er's eyes twinkled for a moment, and then growled, "I can't understand what you said. My sister has disappeared in the world for seven or eight years. You make up a few lies and want me to believe it. Do you want my grandfather to believe you?"

"The day you believe." After all, Hongjie has never seen her little master with her own eyes, and she can't be sure. But if you find Lin Qingwan on this trip, you will find out. Since she was asked to look for someone, Lin Qingwan must know him.

"Who is Lin Qingwan?" she called around

Originally lying on the ground, Lin Qingwan slowly stood up and looked at her slightly complicated, "I am."

Red sister took a look at Lin Qingwan, led her men to the past, looked up and down, "are you Lin Qingwan? I was the Buddha who asked me to take you away. "

"I know," Lin said with a smile

When Huang fei'er saw that Hong Jie wanted to lead people away, she was furious and rushed to the front. "Don't let her go. Lin Qingwan is my worry. She doesn't know my sister at all. My sister has already died."

There's a crack.

Huang fei'er never thought that Lin Qingwan would dare to slap her, cover her face and look at the past.

Huang fei'er's suit man is ferocious and wants to rush past. Lin Qingwan's eyes are cold and cold, "how? Do you want to rebel with Huang fei'er? "

These people were stunned by this sentence.

Hongjie is also a Leng, and then seems to think of something, suddenly toward Lin Qingwan to see the past.

After all, after seven or eight years, she has been a little bit unrecognizable, once a teenager has not been what he used to be.

But when she looked at Lin Qingwan, her eyes began to moisten gradually. She saw traces on her face.

"Master..." A strong woman known as Hong Jie suddenly cried out, but her face was excited and surprised.

"Red sister." Lin Qingwan laughed and patted her on the shoulder. "Yes, I'm still alive. I'm back."

She felt that everything in front of her was a dream. If it had not been hit by Huang fei'er, she might have lost that memory forever.

She is a member of the Huang family. She is the most beloved Princess of the Huang family. She is intelligent. She has made great achievements in various fields since she was a teenager. Because she is good at fighting against injustice, she has set up an online account called Buddha.

Her excellence was envied by Huang fei'er, who was also miss huang's family. Huang fei'er and Lin Qingwan are not sisters. Their father is two brothers. Huang fei'er's father helped Huang fei'er plan the tragedy.

Lin Qingwan had an accident on the highway, and the driver inside was burned to death on the spot.

However, when the Huang family confirmed in the past, they found that Lin Qingwan was not in it, so they searched for many years.

Lin Qingwan's biological parents were depressed all day because of the loss of their love. Their rights in the Huang family were gradually taken away by Huang fei'er's father.

When she was in a car accident, she hurt her head, had a splitting headache, and the fire in the car made her leave the car. Finally, she was adopted by a couple in the countryside. At this time, Lin Qingwan was like a fool, dumb and silent.

Until many years later, Gu's father knew her whereabouts and sent someone to let her marry Gu Minghe.

Gu's family and Huang's are close friends. He wants to protect his granddaughter for master Huang, and then tell him the truth when the right time comes. Unexpectedly, the secret is brought underground after his death.

When Huang fei'er saw that Hong Jie called Lin Qingwan a little master, she immediately asked, "Hong Jie, are you crazy? She is not my sister."

"Huang Fei Er," Lin Qingwan suddenly looked at the past, "it is true that I don't have your sister who is like a snake and scorpion. You tried to kill me with a car in those years. Now that I'm back, you should pay the debt you owe."

Huang fei'er stepped back. "Lin Qingwan, what are you talking about?""You know what I'm saying." Lin Qingwan sneered and walked over, "or you can not call me Lin Qingwan. My name in Huang's family is Huang Yan'er."

After the name came out, Huang fei'er had a cold sweat on her forehead. She was staring at Lin Qingwan. The more she looked, the more frightened she was. It seemed that Huang Yan'er, seven or eight years ago, overlapped with Lin Qingwan at this time.

Looking at all this, Gu mingshe and Chen Tianyi are shocked. Both of them know Lin Qingwan's past in the countryside and that she has lost her young memory. However, they did not expect that she was the first lady of the Huang family who had been lost for many years.

Even Ouyang Taifeng, who was in the direction of the gate, was shocked. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingwan was the granddaughter of the Huang family, and her eyebrows began to wrinkle. Something went wrong. However, he shut up the eldest lady for two days.

Ouyang Taifeng thought for a moment and motioned to his subordinates. His eyes flashed wildly. In this case, he could only fight in danger. The people here could not let go.

After the event, as long as they perform a play with Huang fei'er, they all deal with the trouble.

When Ouyang Taifeng's men quietly wanted to surround all the people on the scene, there was dust in the distance, and more than a dozen heavy trucks and cross-country jeeps came.

The story of Hong Jie's coming to Mingzhou has been known by the master of the Huang family. He has already paid close attention to Lin Qingwan, because the account number of master Buddha has been helping Lin Qingwan. He also wants to know the truth of the matter.

When Hongjie came to Mingzhou, Mr. Huang also followed.

The truck was full of valiant soldiers. One by one, he jumped out of the car. The old man Huang had been a soldier all his life, and his body was healthy, and he came out of the jeep.

Lin Qingwan looked at Huang from a distance and suddenly laughed. When he came to him, his eyes were full of tears.

"Grandfather..." She sobbed and knelt to the ground.

At this moment, Huang shuddered all over his body and looked at Lin Qingwan for several times. The feeling of blood connection became very clear. He held Lin Qingwan in his hands and exclaimed excitedly, "Yan'er, you are Yan'er."

He thought about it for a while, quickly pulled up Lin Qingwan's cuff, saw a deep scar on his elbow, and tears came down.

No mistake. She is his granddaughter, Huang Yan'er.

"Yan'er, why are you here? What happened?" Mr. Huang looked awe inspiring and looked around. There were so many people here. It seemed that there was no good will.

Lin Qingwan's eyes tightened and turned to Ouyang Taifeng. "It's him. He caught me here. He wanted my life just now."

As for Huang fei'er's crime, she will report to the old man alone in the future.

Ouyang Taifeng shivers with fear. Although he is the leader of a powerful family, he can not be compared with Huang Jiagen, who controls the power of life and death.

Mr. Huang looked at Ouyang Taifeng and held his hand for a while. More than a dozen soldiers with real guns and live ammunition rushed over.

"Dare to hurt my granddaughter and arrest him!"

The finale!

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