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~: Say goodbye

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, I was thinking about getting more slowly, but now it seems that the speed of my hand still can\'t keep up with the thinking in my head.

  Actually, this book says that the collapse should have collapsed long ago. I just wanted to save it, but I still couldn\'t save it.

   I\'m sorry to say to the dozens of friends who are chasing the watch.

   Actually, I really like Interstellar. Probably from the time I went to that one-dollar one-hour Internet cafe when I was a child, the first thing I came into contact with was Interstellar.

   At that time, most people in the Internet cafes were still cutting the legendary era, but it was the last warmth of the legend, anyway, I don’t remember.

   Then I was playing StarCraft One by myself. After all, I didn\'t know anything at that time, and I often couldn\'t make it through the plot.

   But it was still fun to play, after all, it felt very novel back then.

   Before I wrote this book, I wrote a StarCraft that was not eligible for signing. Hey, I have to say that what I wrote is really rubbish.

   Also, many people said that the early stage was too poisonous. To be honest, I didn\'t feel anything when I read it myself.

   But most people say that it is right, and I can\'t change it.

   Another point is that it is really difficult to write interstellar by hobby. In many cases, I don\'t know much about the setting. Baidu has to do it. The most important thing is that Baidu doesn\'t know it.

   To tell the truth, an interstellar force slings a planet casually, but you all know when you write a novel. I can\'t kill them all in that way, then I won\'t have to write.

   The power of the unit is also a problem, after all, I don’t know how big it is.

   The most important film and television drama harms people, but I have no choice but to see that the actual power depends on guesswork.

   Back to the topic.

   In fact, there are still a lot of things left unwritten in this book. Just like the archbishop said, I will come out with an outline.

   The attack after the lizard civilization must have been prevented. After all, it was attacked on the one hand, and the attack of the Void Glow Ship was completely beyond the capabilities of their warships.

   Let alone the Yamato Cannon of a kid.

   But it’s impossible to completely wipe out. After all, there are too many fleets to stop them all.

   Another place where Nova stayed, that is, the plane where the Lizardmen Expeditionary Army was located, finally came out with sacrifices.

   But the demons that came out of the abyss plane, that is, Arthas and the others, finally became a bunch of undead soldiers.

   The final ending is to be beaten back to the abyss by the protagonist.

   As for Qin Shihuang, he just opened the plane channel of the plane where Tang Tingting was, and he was fighting with them.

   The forces of heaven and **** actually have thoughts about it, but they haven’t understood it, so I can’t write about it.

   Those evil spirits eventually destroyed the source, and those humans who were transformed into evil spirits were all liberated, and no longer had to be controlled by others.

  The final outcome is that Lin Yubai leads the interstellar forces to conquer the world and conquer one world after another.



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