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Chapter 1704 - 1704 Extremely Sweet Side Story (1)

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1704 Extremely Sweet Side Story (1)

“Father!” The kid extended his chubby little hand and blocked Qu Lanyi’s line of sight. Qu Lanyi raised his handsome eyebrow and couldn’t stand it anymore. He carried the kid away from Yun Feng’s arms, putting him on his shoulder. This kid seemed to like sticking to his mother so much on purpose! He had already learned to steal her from his father at such a young age?

Yun Feng smiled. Qu Lanyi glanced at her. “Mu Xiaojin is pregnant again. Aren’t you going to take a look?”

“Really!” There was an indescribable surprise on Yun Feng’s face. Qu Lanyi nodded with a smile and glanced at Yun Feng’s abdomen casually, as if he was thinking about something.

“Uncle has a child again!” The little guy on her shoulder also looked surprised. “Haha, that’s great!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “We should go and take a look. Another little life has been born in the Yun family. I haven’t seen my brother and father in a long time.”

Qu Lanyi nodded. The little guy on his shoulder raised his little arms excitedly and drew circles in the air. “Let’s go see Uncle! Let’s go!”

The Yun family had already reached the peak that couldn’t be reached in the human world right now. Their status was certainly different, especially Yun Feng’s heroic bearing in the battle. It was deeply engraved in everyone’s minds and couldn’t be forgotten. Every time Yun Feng’s name was mentioned, everyone’s heart would heat up.

Yun Feng’s arrival made the entire Yun family very happy. After that battle, she and Qu Lanyi left. This was the first time she returned home. Of course, the Yun family knew about their kid. Even though he was only three years old, he was astonishingly talented. The entire Yun family was already proud of him.

“Yun Feng, you’re here!” Yun Xiang greeted her happily. Seeing the kid on Qu Lanyi’s shoulder, she burst into laughter. “Kid, you’re here too!”

“Yes, Aunt Xiang.” The kid chuckled and smiled at Yun Xiang politely.

“Aunt Feng!” A voice called out. Yun Feng looked up. Lingyu had already grown up. Even though she still didn’t look like she was twenty, this little girl was already quite grown right now, but she still wasn’t willing to get married. There were a lot of boys who pursued her, but Lingyu had always been indifferent.

“Lingyu, not bad.” Yun Feng nodded with a smile. Lingyu couldn’t help but blush after being praised. She was extremely happy in her mind. Right now, the entire Yun family and even the human world regarded Aunt Feng as a legend. If Aunt Feng continued to be active, she would definitely be even more dazzling! Being praised by Yun Feng was a kind of compliment for Lingyu.

“Let’s go and see Xiaojin.” Yun Xiang held Yun Feng’s hand and walked inside. Then, she thought of something and looked back at Qu Lanyi. “Lingyu, find Idiot Bai.”

Lingyu sighed helplessly. “Mother, can we change my father’s nickname?”

“Why? I think it’s quite good. Yun Feng, let’s go!” Yun Xiang smiled heartily and walked inside with Yun Feng. Lingyu stood there and sighed again. Her poor father. Would he never be able to get rid of the title of a fool for the rest of his life?

“Uncle Lanyi, I’ll go first.” Lingyu chuckled at Qu Lanyi. Qu Lanyi nodded. Lingyu turned around and left. At this moment, the kid on his shoulder said softly, “Father, isn’t it nice to be a fool? Why do you have to change it?”

Qu Lanyi was stunned for a moment. Then, he chuckled. “Then can I call you Little Fool from now on?”

The kid immediately pouted. “No!”

“In that case, we certainly have to change Bai Qingfeng’s nickname.”

The kid pondered. “I think Uncle Qingfeng is quite compatible with this title.”

Qu Lanyi was stunned for a moment. Then, he smiled. This kid!

“Xiao Feng!” Mu Xiaojin walked over happily when she saw Yun Feng. Yun Feng quickly greeted her. “Be careful. You are pregnant!”

Mu Xiaojin smiled happily. Yun Xiang also came and looked around. “Where’s Yun Sheng? Why don’t I see him?”

“He went to Bai Qingfeng’s place. I think he went to get some potions.” Mu Xiaojin held Yun Feng’s hand and asked her to walk next to her. She looked at Yun Feng with her watery eyes. “It’s been so long. Xiao Feng seems to have lost some weight.”

Yun Feng smiled, and so did Yun Xiang. Mu Xiaojin smiled in embarrassment. “Xiaojin, why can’t I see that Yun Feng has lost weight?”

Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. Yun Xiang supported her chin with her hand. “But Xiaojin, you’re truly impressive. This is your third child.”

Mu Xiaojin blushed and nodded. Among the three women, she had the most children. Yun Xiang and Yun Feng only had one child at the moment. Yun Feng smiled. “Very good, or the Yun family would always seem too small.”

Yun Xiang chuckled and winked evilly. “It’s just hard on Xiaojin. Is it hard?”

Mu Xiaojin blushed. “Yun Xiang, you…”

“Hahahaha!” Yun Xiang laughed heartily, and so did Yun Feng. Qu Lanyi slowly walked over and put the little guy down from his shoulder. Looking at the three smiling women, he shook his head helplessly. Seeing that the little thing was about to stick to his mother again, Qu Lanyi blocked him. “Kid, just stay with me.”

“You’re here!” A voice came from behind. Qu Lanyi looked back. Yun Sheng and Bai Qingfeng had already returned, with Lingyu behind them. Qu Lanyi stood up. “Yes.”

Seeing that the three women were chatting happily, the three men stood together in tacit understanding. Lingyu even took the little guy aside in tacit understanding. Hearing the joyful words of the three women, Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Sheng with a smile in his black eyes. “Brother, you’re really hardworking.”

Yun Sheng looked a bit embarrassed. Bai Qingfeng chuckled and patted Yun Sheng’s shoulder. “You’ve really worked hard.”

“You two…” Yun Sheng was embarrassed. The two men smiled. After that, they both looked at their women hopefully. Yun Sheng’s black eyes glittered. “Are you envious?”

Qu Lanyi raised his brows, and so did Bai Qingfeng. Yun Sheng burst into laughter and patted the shoulders of the two men. “It seems that you haven’t worked hard enough.”

Both men looked gloomy. Yun Sheng smiled proudly. Seeing Mu Xiaojin’s motherly attitude, his heart softened. The woman he loved became more beautiful and mature, which made him more and more tempted.

“Alright, we’ll be there sooner or later,” said Bai Qingfeng as he handed the potion to Yun Sheng. “You, on the other hand, take good care of her during this period of time. Even though she’s given birth many times, you still have to be careful.”

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