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Chapter 283 - A Love Worth Waiting For (End)

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"Your Majesty, do we need to compensate everything, including the soldiers from that guy?" the Prime Minister frowned, it had been almost three years since that incident in Golden Palace. His Emperor had been working tirelessly for the past two years as the new emperor.

"Yes," the Emperor nodded, "It is partly my fault to be unable to control my husband, we've exhausted the fund of Golden Camellia to compensate for the war in each region and rebuilding Golden Palace slowly. So, for the servants, guards and soldiers that had died due to the war, I will compensate their family," he said.

The Emperor knew that the Prime Minister was unwilling. The Prime Minister was a native Diondian. He would gladly execute anything related to the state importance, but he was not willing to compensate the previous Emperor, Emperor Charles' soldiers. They were the one that had massacred many people in Dionde, now that they lost, they demanded for compensation.

The Emperor pressed the matter, "While Roagelt is now in peace, we cannot let any rebellion rise up. Roagelt is still the only state that has yet to forget about the war. We need to compensate them fully, rebuilding Golden Palace is a way to restore their trust, although the capital city has been moved now."

The Prime minister was silent. What the Emperor said made sense. Although Dionde was the capital city of Golden Camellia now, Roagelt was still their biggest military base. The amount of military noble houses in Roagelt was simply too great to be moved.

The Prime Minister sighed, he was already forty this year, he was considered as young for a prime minister, but compared to the Emperor in front of him. For a young Emperor of the age of twenty when he was crowned, the Emperor's gracefulness and tolerance was simply incredible. He was not moved by any provocation or mockery in Roagelt by the time he usurped the throne.

The Prime Minister was in Roagelt back then, he was working as a small minister in Golden Palace. Half of Golden Palace had been destroyed to the ground by Sun King Rama of Sun Kingdom, explosions happened again and again, killing many guards and servants, also few young ministers. He was still lucky that Sun King Rama didn't come to his side of the palace back then.

In the first year after the new Emperor usurped the throne, Roagelt was the only one that resisted. They didn't like Emperor Charles either, but they absolutely despised the new Emperor for destroying Golden Palace to the ground.

The new Emperor still stayed in Roagelt and wanted to maintain Roagelt as the capital city of Golden Camellia. But after two ȧssassination attempts, the Emperor decided to move the capital city to Dionde City.

Of course, the Emperor knew which house had dared to send ȧssassins to kill him, but he didn't demolish the house. He just immediately demoted the dukedom into barony to show an example, and it was effective.

Golden Camellia military nobles were not afraid of death, but they were afraid of being shamed.

"Your Majesty, I will compensate the previous emperor's soldiers, guards and servants. But, are you sure that you want to use your own wealth to compensate them?" the Prime Minister asked once more, and the Emperor nodded without hesitation.

"It is I who waged the war, and it is also my responsibility to compensate for the war," the Emperor smiled. The Prime Minister was stunned when the Emperor smiled. The Emperor was twenty-two now, the age of ripe beauty. Somehow, even a forty years old man like him was mesmerized by the Emperor's beauty.

"I know that you are unwilling, but Roagelt is still part of Golden Camellia. I've already promised myself that I will not discriminate against anyone inside Golden Camellia, including the previous slaves," the Emperor said.

However, he didn't want the slaves to be strayed without food and shelter. Thus, instead of master-slave, he allowed employer-employee relations between two people. The slaves were allowed to accept payment and they were allowed to settle and have home for themselves.

Of course, to compensate every previous masters, the Emperor had to use his own wealth. At this point, the new Emperor was penniless, he was able to survive with his day and night work. In fact, the new Emperor bȧrėly slept every day. He only had three to four hours of sleep every day. The new appointed line of ministers was doubtful that the new Emperor would be able to stabilize Golden Camellia. Because he was controversial and he was still young, his incredibly mesmerizing and seducing face didn't help either. At first, they saw him as just a beautiful man that bewitched the country.

They were mostly afraid of Sun King Rama of Sun Kingdom, and they thought that the new Emperor was just an obedient wife. Who would've expected that the obedient wife turned out to be so competent in ruling and managing the country? It was surprising to see that Golden Camellia actually started to prosper slowly after how bad the previous emperor ruined the country's economy.

Thus, after the new Emperor proved his worth, the ministers shut their mouth and worked obediently.

Knowing that he was in good hand, the Prime Minister said, "Your Majesty, you've been working tirelessly for two years nonstop. I know that you are very capable, but you need to rest," the Prime Minister advised, "Maybe I can recommend some noble maiden that—"

"I will not marry anyone," the Emperor said flat.

"But, Your Majesty, the Empress seat has been vacant since Emperor Charles' time. Although we have Crown Prince Ardent right now, we still need an Empress to secure the country," the Prime Minister urged.

He still didn't understand why the Emperor was so stubborn to wait for Prince Rama. That guy was a hero in Sun Kingdom and Great Arctyr, but he was not welcomed in Golden Camellia. Especially in the northern region of Golden Camellia, Prince Rama had a bad reputation himself.

The people in the southern part of Golden Camellia loved the Emperor and Sun King Rama, but in the northern part, they only accepted the new Emperor, Emperor Gardenia.

The Emperor looked at his Prime Minister and he smiled softly, "I will never marry until Sun King Rama wakes up from his deep slumber. Then, I will marry him and only him."

The Prime Minister sighed, the tale of Emperor Gardenia and Sun King Rama's love was truly popular within the continent. It was then written and published as a eulogy, the love of two men from different backgrounds. The tale of Sun King Rama who was forced to be a slave, and Emperor Gardenia who was just a sheltered fragile noble.

Even after many twists and turns, including Grand Duchess and Emperor Charles' antagonism, they stayed together and remained faithful to each other. Although it was a beautiful novel, it was heartbreaking. Because it was written to be a eulogy, a praise to someone who had just died.

The book was titled, Eulogy of the Prince.

The book was written as a eulogy because the main character, Sun King Rama, was still in deep slumber after he lost control in Golden Palace. But Emperor Gardenia swore that he would not marry anyone but Sun King Rama.

Everyone sympathized with this painful love story, but Emperor Gardenia really did not marry anyone. He deliberately left the Empress seat vacant and waited faithfully until Sun King Rama woke up from his deep slumber.

Emperor Gardenia said, "I will take a rest during winter, by that time, the weather in Sun Kingdom will be slightly cooler for me, I cannot live there with my skin condition when it is too humid."

"You are going to spend your first break in Sun Kingdom?" The Prime Minister felt that it was funny for himself to ask that. Of course, the Emperor would go there, it was where Sun King Rama was in his slumber now.

"You know the reason well," Emperor Gardenia said, "I don't know when he will open his eyes, but I want to be there. You can go now, Prime Minister. Thank you for your hard work," the Emperor smiled.

The Prime Minister nodded and excused himself. He sighed as he closed the door, because he could feel the pain in his heart, he was not the one who experienced the pain, but if he was in Emperor Gardenia's position, to wait for his loved one indefinitely, he would rather die.

Emperor Gardenia was staring at the yellow leaves from a tree. He was still in his office, since he moved the capital city to Dionde, he had lived in Lantern Palace for almost three years.

After he settled everything during the first three years of his reign, he was finally able to get this free time. He only got the news from the letter from Sun Kingdom, stating that Sun King Rama was yet to wake up.

'Ramuja… I miss you a lot…' Aster sighed. He still vividly remembered the moment when Ramuja covered him in his embrace. Ramuja separated the purple and orange aura from his body. The Purple aura created a huge explosion and destroyed the small palace to ashes. But the warm orange aura around Ramuja protected them from harm, it also healed his burned body completely. But there was one thing that didn't get healed, his temple still had a trace of burn.

Aster ċȧrėssed his right temple, on his right temple, there was the similar Sun Emblem like in Ramuja's back, just in smaller size.

Aster woke up in a hospital in Leinbell City. The generals from the Sun Kingdom told him about what had happened. After the huge explosion happened, Prince Rama was still crouching inside the palace, protecting Aster and the baby.

After that, Prince Rama also fainted. But he never woke up anymore. He was still breathing steadily, but was in deep slumber. King Chandra was notified about this news and ordered Prince Rama's body to be brought back to Sun Kingdom.

King Chandra sent a letter to Aster, who had hurriedly been crowned as the new emperor to prevent more uprising, stating that Ramuja was in deep slumber in the Sun Temple indefinitely. He was not sure when Prince Rama opened his eyes, but they could only wait now.

Aster wanted to stay with Ramuja and waited for him to wake up. But he knew that he couldn't live his responsibility. Thus, he was determined to rebuild Golden Camellia as fast as he could, so he could stay with Ramuja again.

The Emperor's road was not smooth at all. Without Ramuja by his side, some people, especially military nobles, looked down on him. He faced many ȧssassination attempts, but he survived everything, because he wanted to show Ramuja that he had successfully ruled Golden Camellia once Ramuja woke up.

'I'll go to Sun Kingdom next week…'

As Aster was in deep thought until his door was opened. He turned his head and saw Ardent who ran towards him and hugged his leg. Ardent was about to turn three years old in two months.

"Papa!" Ardent called Aster happily.

Aster smiled and picked Ardent up, "Why are you here? Where is uncle Irion?"

Ardent grinned mischievously, and then, his door was knocked again. Irion entered the room in an embarrassing state. His cloth was soaked wet, and he was covered in mud. The fierce General Irion Swordheart was reduced at this state by a mere three years old boy.

"What happened to you?" Aster chuckled.

Irion had been promoted to be the General of Golden Camellia, he held the highest military position in Golden Camellia. Although some military houses were against it at first, after Irion challenged them to a duel one by one, they could only admit defeat and submit to General Irion. 

Irion put a wronged expression, "Prince Ardent didn't want to go with me, he wanted to play with Your Majesty. Thus, he threw his ball to the pond and asked me to retrieve it. When I tried to retrieve it, Prince Ardent pushed me to the pond and ran away."

Irion was Ardent's babysitter. Ardent was not compatible with anyone but his father, Aster, and Irion.

"Ardent, don't be naughty!" Aster tried to reprimand Ardent, but Ardent put a sad expression and tugged Aster's collar;

"Papa, Ardent miss papa. Ardent is sad…"

This stinky boy! He dared to shift the topic after he had pranked Irion badly. He didn't even say sorry! He acted cute so Aster would be softened.

Aster sighed and pinched Ardent's cheek, "I will not forgive you if you pulled another prank to Irion or anybody else, understand?"

"Yes, papa," Ardent lowered his head. But inside his tiny head, he had already schemed another way to prank Uncle Irion and came to his father again next time.

Ardent was a smart kid, he started to walk early and started to talk earlier. He was simply a wonder boy. Too bad, he didn't seem to inherit Floren's pacifist nature, but at least he didn't inherit Rosalie's cowardly nature either.

Ardent was more similar to his uncle, Charles. In fact, his face was similar to little Charles.

Ardent could scheme at such a young age and Irion said that Ardent's physical prowess was really amazing for a three years old boy. It was Aster's task to shape Ardent, so he would inherit Charles' amazing skill, but not his ruthlessness.

"Anyway, Ardent, do you want to meet Arya again?" Aster asked. Arya was Arjun and Anya's daughter, the next Sun King after Ramuja. The sun emblem was already printed on her back since her birth.

The family visited Aster a few months ago to tell about Ramuja's situation.

Ardent protested, "Arya is a bully!"

Aster was surprised, "Arya is a bully? What do you mean?"

Arya was a few months older than Ardent, since she was the next Sun King, she was also very domineering for a little girl.

"She said that papa is so beautiful, she will snatch papa from Papa Rama! She will make papa dump Ardent to the horse dung!" Ardent reported with red eyes. He was so scared at that time, that he almost pissed himself.

Ardent had been taught that he had two fathers, although the origin of his real parents was still concealed. Papa Aster and Papa Rama. Although he never saw Papa Rama's face before, he noticed that Papa Aster loved Papa Rama very much, because when they slept together, Papa Aster often called Papa Rama in his sleep.

Aster grinned and pinched Ardent's cheek, "She is just trying to get your attention, you don't need to take it seriously."

Ardent still protested. But he finally relented after Aster coaxed him for a long time.

After a month, they were inside the ship, heading to Sun Kingdom.

It took a while until Aster arrived at Sun Kingdom. He was royally welcomed, because he was now Emperor Gardenia of Golden Camellia. He was a beloved ruler in the Sun Kingdom and Great Arctyr, though his popularity in Golden Camellia itself was mixed.

King Chandra, Prime Minister Arjun, Anya and Princess Arya greeted him personally. They bowed their head gently, acknowledging that Aster was bound to be their Sun Queen once Sun King Rama woke up.

Aster was carrying Ardent and he also bowed gently. After the welcoming celebration ended, Aster and his entourage were escorted to a big room. Aster put down everything and said to Ardent, "Ardent, Papa will go and see your Papa Rama, maybe he already wakes up."

Ardent pouted, "Papa Rama sleeps too much! Ardent will beat him for sleeping too much!"

Aster laughed and patted Ardent's head. He then left Ardent with Irion and left the room. He walked towards the King Chamber and entered; King Chandra had been waiting for his arrival and he smiled low.

"Emperor Gardenia is here, do you want to accompany me to Sun Temple?" King Chandra asked.

"Definitely, I miss him a lot," Aster said truthfully.

King Chandra and Emperor Aster walked in the middle of the night alone to Sun Temple not far from the palace. When they entered, the air was warm even if it was midnight. Aster was really familiar with this warm air, 'Ramuja's aura…'

King Chandra seemed to notice Aster's expression, he said, "My son is inside, he has been in deep slumber peacefully for three years."

There was a trace of sadness and helplessness in King Chandra's eyes. If the Emperor is willing, please accompany my son. At this point, I don't know whether my son can open his eyes or not."

King Chandra turned his back. Aster braced himself and entered one room in the temple. The room was lit by many torches, and in the middle, there was a man sleeping on a stone slab. He was nȧkėd and his body was still a healthy chocolate color.

It really looked like someone who had just fallen asleep.

Aster approached Ramuja and kneeled beside the stone slab. He observed Ramuja's face and ċȧrėssed his forehead, nose, cheek and lips. Ramuja was still his perfect hero.

"I miss you, I really miss you, Ramuja."

"I've persevered three years so I can rebuild Golden Camellia, I've suffered long enough. Why won't you be more sensible and help me here! I am tired, you know."

There was no response, but Aster didn't mind. He kept talking to Ramuja and even joked with him, even though there was no answer. Aster didn't know when Ramuja would wake up, but he promised that he would wait.

After two full hours of chatting alone, Aster felt a bit tired. He sat on the stone slab and put his head on Ramuja's ċhėst. Ramuja's breathing was steady, he was still alive. But he wouldn't wake up.

Aster was in this position for a minute and raised his head, his face drew near Ramuja's face and their breaths entangled with each other. Aster smiled and said, "Ramuja, a fairy tale said that a kiss will wake up the princess. But I don't know which princess has a big, muscular body," Aster laughed.

"I hope this kiss can wake you up, my hero. I miss you," Aster gently kissed Ramuja's lips and then stood from the stone slab. He noticed that something was wrong, when he looked down under Ramuja's belly, he saw the thick and long manhood sprang up mightily.

Aster blushed and scolded Ramuja, "You damn pervert! You've been asleep for three years and you dare to get aroused like this?! What a shameless man!"

Aster humphed, he turned his back, but before he could leave, a strong hand gripped his wrist tightly. Aster held his breath and glanced back.

Ramuja had opened his eyes, he smiled at Aster and chuckled. He said playfully, "Of course, I get aroused. It's been three years since our last mating."

"Ramuja!" Aster threw his body to Ramuja, he hugged him tight, "I will not let you sleep anymore! I will fuċkɨnġ kill you if you dare to leave me again!" Aster scolded Ramuja, but he cried on Ramuja's ċhėst.

Ramuja gently patted Aster's head and said:

"Aster, I will never leave you alone."

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