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Mo Ziran had never believed her words, he had always known that the antidote was in Fang Han's hands.

The reason why he did not look for Fang Han was very simple, it was because he knew as well as she did what Fang Han would propose.

"Nope." Sun Gu paused for a few seconds before adding, "Our people are monitoring him."


So, the day she handed over the key, Mo Ziran found out about this not because he had someone following her, but because his person was following Fang Han?

"If possible, all of you, think of a way to get the antidote back."

She clearly knew that her hope to survive was right there. She really didn't want to give up just like that.

Why did she have to wait for death? If she already paid off the debt for being infected by the X1N34, then could she be selfish for once, she really wanted the antidote.

Zhao Xi turned to look at Mo Ziran who was lying on the bed, and silently prayed, if she did not give up, would he also not give up?

"Any method?"

Sun Gu asked again, somewhat uncertainly.

"…" The instant Zhao Xi raised her eyes, the resolution in her eyes showed that she had already taken her first step, "Right, any method is fine, but don't force him. The reason why Mo Ziran doesn't dare to take any action is definitely because Fang Han might very well destroy the formula."


Sun Gu's face still had some scratches, causing his expressionless face to look even more severe and fierce. Just as he was about to leave, his phone vibrated.

Hearing the description on the other side, a rare look of panic appeared on Sun Gu's face. He turned to look at Zhao Xi, and spoke with an anxious tone: "Miss Zhao, something has happened in the country."


When the plane smoothly flew up into the sky, Zhao Xi leaned on the soft sofa, rubbed her forehead and let out a long sigh.

The domestic news came too quickly and was a little strange.

"The media leaked the news about the OSI and Mr. Mo, but only a few people knew about it. The most important thing is that the explosion and disappearance of the Mr. Mo caused the entire Mohist Group in the Asia-Pacific region to fluctuate.

The media knew that the news was going a little too quickly, which meant that Elder Mo and Mo Ziji must have received the news as well.

Who exactly was the person who betrayed Mo Ziran?

Mo Ziji had not called her yet, it was as if nothing had happened. However, this also meant that they would not form an alliance.

At this critical juncture, when Elder Mo wanted to expose Mo Ziran's identity, the negative impact on Mo Ziran would be great.

The airport was clean and tidy, surrounded by shade. The environment was pleasant.

Li Yi was already waiting at the airport. When she saw Zhao Xi, she seemed to have seen his savior, but when she looked behind her, he was stunned: "Miss Zhao, where is President Mo?"

Following Zhao Xi were Sun Gu and a few bodyguards, but Mo Ziran was nowhere to be seen.

"He's busy right now."

Only now did Zhao Xi realise that she seemed to have been constantly flying in the air these past few days, and the feeling of her feet on the ground was exceptionally good.

Li Yi looked a little hesitant, and asked tentatively: "The media reports..."

"It's fake!"

Zhao Xi resolutely said as she took the lead to walk towards the convoy: "Can I help with things here? We're married. "

Li Yi wasn't sure if she should say a word of congratulations at this time.

But the Mr. Mo's wedding was not announced to the world?!

Sun Gu stepped forward to help Zhao Xi open the car door, and Zhao Xi entered first. Li Yi followed closely behind: "Miss Zhao, only President Mo can stay at the company's side."

Those upper echelons were all personally brought out by the President Mo, and other than the President Mo, they did not buy anything at all.

During the period when President Mo returned to the European Consortium, the number of companies in the Asia-Pacific region had greatly decreased. It was because those old fellows that were hard to deal with did not listen to the orders of the newly appointed president.

In this situation, the president could still hold it in?

What important thing did he have to do at this time?

Zhao Xi hesitated for a moment, a faint light flashing in her eyes: "He's still looking for the antidote."

There was no need for further explanation.

If it was for the antidote, it would indeed be enough to make Mo Ziran let go of everything.

"Right now, it's all media outside the company. We can't contact the CEO, nor can we get any orders, so we don't dare to explain it easily." They kept their mouths shut. Although they did not admit it, neither did they deny it. It was enough for the people outside to start a new round of speculation.

"The company needs to be stabilized. Does the Mo family have any orders?"

Whether it was Elder Mo or Mo Ziji, neither of them contacted her after the incident.

"No, the consortium hasn't contacted us yet. We tried to find the President Mo but always met with obstacles."

They had already contacted President Mo the moment the news had leaked, but they did not receive a reply.

"… …." "Right."

All the information had been sealed, so of course they couldn't contact Mo Ziran.

Now I just hope nothing happens in Europe.

The entrance of the company was completely blocked by reporters, and from afar, one could see numerous cameras. When their car approached the company, the reporter closest to the company had already rushed to the front of the car. Some of them even started to beat on the windows.

"Where are the security guards?"

Li Yi dialed a number, and asked the people on the other side to gather the security guards.

"I don't think the current security situation is of any use."

Zhao Xi looked outside the window disapprovingly. There was a one-sided window preventing people from peeking in the car, but because of the crowd gathered, they were forced to stop.

"But if we're going to use bodyguards, we might stir them up, and it'll be even worse." Li Yi looked outside, and immediately decided to get off, "I'll go talk to them, distract them."

However, Zhao Xi opened the door before her and said, "I'll go."

"Miss Zhao?"

Li Yi and Sun Gu were both shocked as they quickly followed her out of the car.

When they saw the car door open, the reporters were all waiting excitedly for the news. However, when they clearly saw the person who got off the car, after a brief period of silence, everyone went crazy.

"Is what the Miss Zhao news says true? Can you give us some response? Why hasn't President Mo appeared? "

"Miss Zhao and President Mo are getting married soon, and now that the news has come out, will it affect your marriage date?"

"Where is the Miss Zhao s? Are you really related to OSI? It is said that the companies of the President Mo are related to both black and white, is that true? "


Zhao Xi frowned subconsciously. This kind of relationship that had to do with the underworld could very likely cause the masses to trust a company, so she immediately refuted that reporter's words: "Those pieces of news were all false. My husband and I have been preparing our wedding when we went back to Europe, it had nothing to do with OSI."

The reporter was about to say something when he suddenly stopped, and the surrounding media had already caught onto the key word of Zhao Xi's words, as they all rushed to her front to ask for an answer.

"Did Miss Zhao just say husband? You and President Mo are married? Why didn't we get the news? Or is it just a unilateral explanation from the Miss Zhao?! "

"The Mo family announced the wedding date for the middle of next month, but Miss Zhao is claiming that President Mo is your husband right now, isn't that a little too hasty?"

"Miss Zhao is now the second young mistress of the Mo family? Why didn't the Mo family admit it? President Mo did not come forward to provide any explanation, and his whereabouts are still unknown. Did something happen between Miss Zhao and President Mo? "

Zhao Xi was satisfied to see that everyone's attention was focused on her. The best way to cover up the news was to create a bigger news to attract their attention.

Compared to those rumors about the business world, Mo Ziran's rumors would definitely attract even more attention.

"I …" Zhao Xi slowly spoke out, her voice slightly hoarse. Grief quickly gathered in her eyes and a single tear instantly flowed down.

She lowered her head in panic and quickly wiped it across her eyes. When she raised her head, her face had already regained its calm: "My relationship with President Mo is very good."

He wanted to cover it up.

The reporters excitedly pressed the shutter button to record Zhao Xi's expression. The headlines for the live broadcast had already been posted, Mo Corporation's Asia-Pacific region CEO Mo Ziran and her mistress Zhao Xi had a change in feelings?

Li Yi stood at the side with her mouth agape.

Tears came just like that?

Women were naturally born to be actors!

"As for the news on the report …" Zhao Xi deliberately paused, "It's completely illusory, my husband is currently preparing for our wedding, so... There's no time to bother about it, but we already have our marriage certificate, I am indeed Mrs. "

Shocking news!

Based on Mo Ziran's previous support of Zhao Xi, for the sake of organizing the wedding, his explanation of letting herself announce the marriage announcement was a little forced, and the pause that could be made seemed to contain even deeper meaning.

But it was simple for Zhao Xi to stand here and explain the reason behind the report, because she was already a legal Mrs. With this obligation, even women would want to announce the news of marrying Mo Ziran to the world.

But the problem was, Mo Ziran's attitude was somewhat subtle!

The reporter's keen sense of smell towards the gossip on the news did not doubt at all. Zhao Xi's current image had already become the pitiful woman in the rich and deep courtyard.

Li Yi took the opportunity to come forward and remind them in a low voice, "Miss Zhao, let's go in."

Zhao Xi unwillingly looked at Li Yi, bit her lower lip and nodded, but hesitated to emphasize it again the moment she left: "My relationship with my husband is very good."

Although Zhao Xi only appeared for a few minutes, the effect was extremely obvious.

Even though she repeatedly emphasized that she was already Mo Ziran's wife, her tone and situation made everyone suspicious. Even Mo Ziran's secretary had only called her Miss Zhao, and the truth was that there was simply another hidden grudge between Wealthy Class families.

Zhao Xi and Mo Ziran's relationship had practically been high-profile from the very beginning all the way until the wedding.

However, the situation was changing, and Mo Ziran, who was not even at the wedding ceremony, was already tired of it?

Everyone's attention shifted from the relationship between Mo Ziran and the terrorist organization to the emotional changes between Mo Ziran and Zhao Xi. In just two short hours, this news had already spread to all kinds of versions, occupying all the headlines on the internet and television.

"The relationship between the CEO of Mohist Group, Mo Ziran and Zhao Xi has changed. The female lead is crying."

"Suspected a third party inserted? Mo Ziran did not appear, and Zhao Xi unilaterally declared the marriage. "

"Zhao Xi is suspicious and has been abandoned. She won the marriage and lost the love.

And in the many scenes shown in the news reports, they had all given Zhao Xi the deep sapphire ring that she once envied. Now, with these words, it was no ordinary satire, a gimmick that was enough to attract everyone's attention.

In the meeting room, Zhao Xi stood behind them and watched the media monitoring them. After hearing the result, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

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