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Chapter 1774 - 1774 Decoction Dragon Bath Devil

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Chapter 1774 - 1774 Decoction Dragon Bath Devil

1774 Decoction Dragon Bath Devil

Qian Yu would also better be able to use the intermediate devil’s abilities then.

Although the Vortex Fairy could not deal any damage to Lin Yuan, it would prevent Liu Yifan from supporting Lin Yuan.

Before Qian Yu and Lin Yuan’s weapons clashed, Qian Yu realized with a shock that the Vortex Fairy had suddenly started to quiver.

As a source-type lifeform, the Vortex Fairy’s spirit was closely linked to Qian Yu’s spirit.


When Qian Yu had been fused with the Diving Songstress’ body, his bloodline had been suppressed by Lin Yuan’s bloodline to the point that he was completely immobilized. It was as though he was a pathetic clown.

But now, he had already separated himself from the Diving Songstress and had summoned his reserve combat fey.

Qian Yu could sense that the Suzerain X/pinnacle Myth II Vortex Fairy was being suppressed.

This made Qian Yu feel humiliated once again.

But he was also suspicious.

Lin Yuan was a merman. How could his bloodline suppress the Vortex Fairy?

No matter how pure or strong Lin Yuan’s mermaid bloodline was, he was just a merman. Not even the six-winged Insect Queen would be able to terrify the Vortex Fairy to such a degree and render it completely unable to battle.

However, Lin Yuan did not give Qian Yu the time to puzzle out the reason before he reached out and grabbed the Vortex Fairy.

Even a distance away from Lin Yuan, the Vortex Fairy was trembling in fear over his bloodline.

Now that it was in his palm, it could even more clearly feel the might of Red Thorn’s bloodline.

The Vortex Fairy was so afraid that it could not even respond to Qian Yu’s orders.

Meanwhile, Qian Yu had launched his fist at Lin Yuan’s shockingly pristine face.

In the past, the Goddess of Mercy would have wanted to step in multiple times to help Qian Yu eliminate the five members of the Radiance Federation team because she was afraid that he would use up the rare mermaid king’s bloodline.

Now, she was about to step in again.

But instead of protecting Qian Yu, she wanted to crush him into a mangled mess.

How dare he touch Lin Yuan’s face?

The Goddess of Mercy had always solely sought after her own benefits.

She had to have such a character to become one of the Freedom Federation’s royalty and break through to heaven’s path to access her birth horoscope.

However, the issue of bloodline made it impossible for the Goddess of Mercy to think rationally.

The mermaid bloodline in her body would cause her to proceed with caution when it came to anything that involved Lin Yuan. The entire mermaid clan lived to serve the mermaid emperor clan.

The orders of the mermaid emperor clan were no different from a religious commandment.

The Goddess of Mercy’s entire attitude depended on the expressions on Lin Yuan’s face.

Qian Yu was indeed powerful when he was fused with his intermediate devil.

Spikes suddenly sprouted from Qian Yu’s purple-scaled fist and shot out with the force of a Myth Breed fey’s power.

Moreover, Qian Yu’s punch not only carried his physical power, but also had curse effects.

Qian Yu’s intermediate devil was called the Decoction Dragon Bath Devil.

It normally needed to be fed the essence blood of water-type dragon-species feys, and its power was significantly boosted when it was in the water.

The devil was extremely suitable for Qian Yu.

However, the entire sea was under the control of Lin Yuan’s mermaid bloodline.

Qian Yu realized with dismay that despite being in the water, he could not tap into the Decoction Dragon Bath Devil’s ability to use the sea to recover himself.

Ironically, Qian Yu was also the one who created this sea.

Luckily, the Decoction Dragon Bath Devil’s abilities also came with curse effects.

As long as it could break its opponent’s flesh and inject its energy into its opponent, it would be able to steal the water-elemental energy within the target’s blood. This would result in the target’s blood drying up.

The cursing effect increased Qian Yu’s battle endurance and gave him his reputation of being able to single-handedly take on a Class 4 water world dimensional rift.

Qian Yu had initially calculated everything very exactly. However, he had made one wrong calculation.

He assumed that Lin Yuan was weak in his mermaid form just because he appeared so.

Lin Yuan had transformed into a merman because he had fused with Dark Blue.

Dark Blue was now Diamond X/Legend and could produce a region of water that spanned 10,000 square kilometers. This exactly covered 1/10 of the area of the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

Dark Blue originally consisted of balls of water.

Every one of Dark Blue’s attacks would carry the power of this volume of water.

Moreover, Lin Yuan’s attacks came with the attributes that Dark Blue had gained control of.

Additionally, Lin Yuan could use the combat skills and fighting strategies he memorized using the Muscle Hyperthymesia Grass in the water.

He still had a portion of his power that he had not utilized yet.

Lin Yuan could not only use Spirit Essence Explosion with his fist. Rather, he could use any part of his body he wanted to release the attack.

Lin Yuan did not dodge Qian Yu’s attack.

With a sway of his head, Lin Yuan’s flowing blue and gold hair was imbued with the flow of the current and sailed toward Qian Yu.

When the gold and blue hair slammed into Qian Yu’s fist, Qian Yu felt as though he was punching a glacier.

He was astonished by the might of the hair.

At that moment, Lin Yuan flipped over his fishtail, and it slapped Qian Yu’s lower back while wrapped in a layer of pure spirit qi.

Lin Yuan’s attack rang out loudly, and Qian Yu spat out a large mouthful of blood.

There were even dark red fragments in the blood, making it clear that the attack had even damaged Qian Yu’s organs.

This attack dazed Qian Yu, but Lin Yuan did not halt.

The fishtail swooped in a beautiful arch and landed on Qian Yu.

As a result, Qian Yu felt as though all his bones had cracked.

Qian Yu lost all his ability to fight back.

This did not mean that Qian Yu was not strong but that this young man had completely jammed him. All of his abilities had been countered.

Qian Yu felt as though the Radiance Federation had specially nurtured this young man to trap him.

Luckily, Qian Yu was still fused with his devil. Otherwise, he would already have been crushed into an unrecognizable state by Lin Yuan’s attack.

When Lin Yuan and Qian Yu started fighting, Lu Ou stopped attacking and silently watched from the sidelines.

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