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Outside the ten mile Pavilion, the spring breeze turns into rain. Looking at the carriage that is gradually disappearing, Xiao Jinshu is dressed in brocade, his hands behind him, and his eyes are deep.

"Your Majesty, are you sure to let Huo dieying go? She is the one who can give birth to the Holy Spirit. Don't you mind? " Mingxin stands behind Xiao Jinshu and asks in a low voice.

Xiao Jin wrote: "have you already sent someone to follow them?"

I will never say more when I remember.

When the carriage left the capital of Xiao state, Huo dieying in the carriage said, "Your Majesty is still reluctant to leave us. There are no less people behind to protect us."

Yang Xuechen naturally knew the guard who followed the carriage carefully, and said, "why do these people care?"

With that, they got off the carriage and went to an inn.

The people waiting outside the inn also followed into the inn, but lost them in the blink of an eye.

When these people watched the inn eagerly, they had changed their clothes, left the Inn and left the state of Xiao.

"Where are we going in the future?" Huo dieying asks the man around him.

Yang Xuechen laughed: "it's OK anywhere. As long as your majesty can't find it now, I bet with him before we left. As long as he can't find us, he won't do anything to us. If he finds us, it's impolite."

"I really want to thank your majesty for clearly speaking ahead, but even if we leave the state of Xiao, as long as we step on the land of the ruler, whether it's Huihe or Tubo, we are recognized, I'm afraid we can't live anywhere."

Huo dieying is really worried about her identity. Apart from death, she really doesn't know how to live her life safely. People's desires are endless. As a woman waiting to be killed, she is really very unhappy.

"That's just days?" Yang Xuechen blinked, obviously did not put her worry in mind.

Not waiting for his wife's worried face, he took Huo dieying's body, picked her up, sent her to the carriage, and walked towards the depth of Huihe grassland.

Five years later,

"Your Majesty, we have lost the news about Xiao Jinshu and Huo dieying. The people sent to Huihe have not heard from us. I'm afraid they have been found out." Mingxin kneels down in front of Xiao Jinshu and returns to the road with his fist clasped.

Xiao Jinshu put the corrected Memorial aside. "Let Lin Nanpu out. He's not dead yet. Maybe he has his own ideas about tracking down Huo dieying."

"Yes Mingxin although some accidents, so long, Lin Nanpu is still alive, or went to Xiao Jinshu's side, quietly listen to his command, will be closed in the dark Lin Nanpu released.

Lin Nanpu, who hasn't been seen for a long time, has long been decadent. He has lost the spirit of his youth. He looks up at the gray sky, carries his soft back and says to the people around him.

"Is it to find Huo dieying's daughter and bring her back?"

An impatient frown, "yes."

With a grin, Lin Nanpu rode away from the capital and set out for Huihe.

The news of the Holy Spirit woman, who can prolong people's life, has been spread all over Xiaoguo and Huihe, and the portrait of Huo dieying, which has been exposed from unknown sources, has spread very warmly in both countries.

When Lin Nanpu was standing outside a prairie tent, he was surprised to see the strange woman in front of him. He secretly put tracking incense on Huo dieying. This kind of perfume is a secret treasure of the Lin family. When he realized that his father had been killed by Yang Haisheng, he found this treasure from his old servant. Once he was infected with it, he found it This spice can't be dispersed easily for a long time.

Only the woman in front of her, dressed in white and with a veil, could not see what she looked like. When she took off the veil, the person who looked like a 30-year-old could not see his happiness and anger, but just blocked his way.

"Lin Nanpu, your ancestors made a living by divination. Later, although they became rich in business, people have forgotten about your family for many years, but if you want to make a careful investigation, there are traces to follow."

"Your grandfather is a palace man who escaped from the Holy Spirit palace. His divination skill was also taught by our ancestors. Now that you have no knowledge and skills, you have done the thing of cursing the Holy Spirit girl. It's really natural that you should not do it."

When the woman in White said this, her eyebrows were a little more angry, and her sword in her hand beckoned to Lin Nanpu.

Lin Nanpu's face was frosty and his body swayed, avoiding the attack of the woman in front of him. But after a hundred moves, Lin Nanpu fell to the ground.

The tent was lifted, and Huo dieying's figure came out from inside.

"Your ancestors are fortune tellers. Since aunt Bai has seen through your identity, although you have done a curse to me, which made me miserable, we have known each other since we were young. I don't want to see you in such a mess. Let's settle for yourself."

Lin Nanpu's appearance didn't change. After staring at Huo dieying's appearance for a long time, he said, "your appearance hasn't changed."

"I'm the aunt of the Holy Spirit palace. It's my duty to protect the Holy Spirit girl. Since I have exposed your injury to the butterfly shadow, I can't forgive you. 'The woman in White said seriously.

Xiao Jinshu came out and looked at Lin Nanpu with a smile in front of him and asked, "do you have any last wishes? I'll try my best to satisfy you."

"Next life, I hope I don't meet you." With that, Lin Nanpu escaped from his arms a piece of Rune paper full of strange symbols and recited.

The woman in white cried angrily: "you are ready to curse the Holy Spirit!" The sword in his hand stabbed Lin Nanpu's belly impolitely.

Lin Nanpu, who was reciting the mantra, spilled blood on his lips, and the rune paper in his hand was stained with blood.

Yang Xuechen quickly took the Fu paper and threw it into the charcoal basin in the account. When the Fu paper burned to ashes, Lin Nanpu also lost his breath.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, looking at the dead Lin Nanpu, Huo dieying's worried heart just slightly relaxed.

"We found a hiding place in the Tubo basin. It is surrounded by cliffs. The secret road is only controlled by the Holy Spirit palace. It's hard for outsiders to find it. You two should come with me."

Aunt Bai has been looking for the lost Holy Spirit girl for many years, and now she has finally completed her task. She is not dissatisfied.

"We naturally want to follow my aunt, but butterfly shadow has a body." Yang Xuechen's smile is particularly brilliant, holding the woman in her arms and saying.

Huo dieying nodded, "let's go with my aunt."

Aunt Bai nodded, disposed of Lin Nanpu's body, and quietly left when the people and horses of Huihe and Xiaoguo searched for them everywhere.

Twenty years later, Xiao Jinshu was in old age and suffered from many diseases. When he made up his mind to look for Huo dieying and Yang Xuechen, he still had no whereabouts and ended up depressed.

After many years, right and wrong will come to an end, and any legend about the descendants of the GUI nationality and the Holy Spirit woman is just a legend.

As soon as Xiao Jinshu abdicated, the capital of the state of Xiao, which had been quiet for 20 years, fell into a new dispute again because of the imperial power struggle.

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