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Chapter 786 - Seize

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Chapter 786: Chapter 786 – Seize


A crisp sound rang out from within, resounding in all directions. As the sound rang out, Chen Heng broke through this level and entered the next level.

Like before, a brand new level appeared after passing through this level. In front of him was a long and narrow passage. Everything was so calm, so deep that it made people feel a little depressed.

After passing this level, Chen Heng did not leave immediately like before. Instead, he waited in silence for a moment.


Chen Heng was a little surprised with his experience on this level. After passing this level, he did not feel the darkness coming. It was as if the five-minute time limit had been lifted.

“Have the rules changed?”

This thought silently flashed through his mind. Then, he continued to walk toward the next checkpoint.

The scene around him changed again. After the torrent, a fire field appeared this time.

There were burning flames everywhere. Each flame was burning with the Dao Principles between heaven and earth. The power was constantly interweaving, turning this place into a dangerous land.


If the previous stage was slowly washed away, what was displayed now was another desperate situation. An ordinary person would immediately be burned by the flames when he stepped through this stage.

Chen Heng did not hesitate. He directly took a step forward and walked in. Flames surrounded Chen Heng’s body in all directions, but they could not stop him. He would not stop even for a moment.


In all directions, terrifying fluctuations appeared, as if they wanted to destroy Chen Heng, make him disappear, and fall here completely.

This was the ultimate test of a true spirit. The flames burning on his body forged not only laws but also the power of a true spirit. If there were even the slightest flaw in his true spirit, it would immediately be burned into ashes by the flames. However, Chen Heng didn’t stop as he walked as if he wasn’t affected.

After that, it was time for the next level. Ninety-third level, ninety-fourth level… Ninety-seventh level…

One level after another appeared in front of Chen Heng’s eyes. Chen Heng stepped through them one by one and directly walked into them.

The entire process was extremely smooth, causing people to feel shocked at a glance. Deep within the Land of Origins, the Silver Moon Primogenitor and the shadow could not help but be stunned as they looked at this scene.

“How is this possible…”

The shadow muttered to himself as he looked at the scene in the Land of Origins. Disbelief appeared on his face. “This is the Land of Origins. How could it be so easy for him…

“Silver Moon, where did this descendant of yours come from?”

He looked at the Silver Moon Primogenitor in front of him and could not help but ask this question.

As the strongest powerhouses in this world, they had undoubtedly experienced this origin trial before, so they were naturally very clear about the trials.

The torrents and flames seemed simple, but in reality, they were all directed towards the source, testing the most fundamental thing of a living being.

Not to mention an ordinary descendant of the royal family, even if they, the primogenitors, personally entered, they would still need to expend some effort to pass through these layers of the Trial of Origins.

However, Chen Heng passed through so easily. The entire process was such a process that people could not help but feel shocked and speechless.

On the side, the Silver Moon Primogenitor was also somewhat shocked. Honestly, she did not expect Chen Heng to succeed from the beginning. Her expectation was only that Chen Heng would try his best to pass the trial and accumulate some strength for her recovery.


However, from the looks of it, Chen Heng was very likely to pass this trial. Moreover, his speed was faster than anyone in the past.

Was this just a mortal? At this moment, this thought flashed through their minds at the same time. If Chen Heng were here and heard their doubts, he would smile.

Of course, Chen Heng was not a mortal. Even in the World of Gods, he was an existence with one foot in the realm of Gods. His essence was equivalent to a Demigod.

Although he was not as strong as the primogenitors in this world, he was still comparable to them and their children. Whether it was the true spirit or the Power of Laws, Chen Heng was flawless at the moment.

Because of the existence of the simulator, Chen Heng’s accumulation at the moment was deeper than that of some gods. After all, his divinity within his body might be more than the divinity in the bodies of some ordinary gods. At least in terms of quantity accumulation.

With such accumulation, it was naturally no problem to try the Trial of Origins. Chen Heng was flawless, whether it was the will, true spirit, divinity, or other things.

If such a person could not pass the root trial, there was no need for this trial. Because other people definitely could not pass it. Of course, even if they could pass it under normal circumstances, it should not be so fast.

There was another important reason why Chen Heng could be so fast.

“Do you want to spend your simulation points to convert into Power of Laws?”

Entering the checkpoint in front of Chen Heng, familiar handwriting appeared in front of Chen Heng’s eyes once again. Looking at this familiar handwriting, a smile immediately appeared on Chen Heng’s face, and then he chose to confirm.

As he made his choice, the power in his body immediately surged out. The power of the simulation device surged up, capturing the surrounding lightning, and the Power of Laws within it continuously surged into Chen Heng’s body.

Chen Heng’s body simulator could transform the Power of Laws into all of his special abilities.

In the past, the divinity in Chen Heng’s body came from this. This was because divinity also crystallizes a type of Power of Laws. It was the fusion of this type of power.

And after arriving at this Trial of Origins, Chen Heng shockingly discovered that everything here was also converted from the Power of Laws. Therefore, everything here could be converted using the simulator’s power, turning it into something that belonged to oneself.

This was Chen Heng’s advantage. As the simulators’ power continued to revolve, the Power of Laws in all directions continuously surged out and augmented his body.

Instantly, all sorts of understandings about the world emerged. However, it differed from when he was in the World of Gods, where the simulation points were converted to divinity.

The Power of Laws absorbed in this world did not transform into the form of divinity under the effect of the simulator’s power. Instead, it became another form of existence.

Bloodline! Yes, Bloodline.

At this moment, Chen Heng could feel the changes in his body. The Power of Laws around him was constantly being transferred into his body, causing his body to become stronger and stronger.

The Power of Laws finally fused into his bloodline, causing his bloodline to begin to transform.

Before this, Chen Heng’s true form was very different from his form. But now, along with the constant transformation of Power of Laws, his bloodline was also transforming, gradually transforming the bloodline in his body into a different form.


A powerful aura appeared.

The space around him began to collapse spontaneously, almost unable to suppress that terrifying aura.

In the darkness, Chen Heng silently opened his eyes. In an instant, the world became bright. The light around him illuminated this dark space, bringing a new change to the world.

Through that flash of light, Chen Heng’s appearance was displayed. He was currently bare-chested, and his entire body looked exceptionally sturdy, giving off a sense of bodybuilding.

On his forehead, a complicated mark appeared. This mark differed from the Silver Moon Mark given by the Silver Moon Primogenitor. It was also different from the Mark of Sun given by the Sun Primogenitor. It was born from the two marks and had completely transcended it, becoming a different appearance.

To a certain extent, this mark completely belonged to Chen Heng. It was a brand new bloodline mark formed by the sublimation of his bloodline.

An aura that could destroy everything and shake the land of origin appeared, causing cracks to appear in the surrounding space. When Chen Heng’s bloodline transformation was complete, his aura could not help but continue to rise. He was close to reaching a certain limit.

Ninth Rank? A Demigod?

It did not seem like it. Even though he was still under the suppression of the Land of Origins, Chen Heng could still feel an endless amount of power surging within his body.

That familiar feeling of power was so intoxicating, so powerful that it was suffocating. To a certain extent, this was even more powerful than when Chen Heng was at his peak and even more suffocating. This was the level of a God.

The terrifying power made people tremble and made this Space of Origins start to collapse spontaneously as if it could no longer bear the impact of this aura and was about to collapse.

“How is this possible…”

The Silver Moon Primogenitor and the shadow looked at the scene before them in the darkness. At this moment, their faces were filled with disbelief. The changes happening in front of their eyes had already exceeded their expectations.

At this moment, the entire origin trial space was trembling, as if something was causing it to collapse on its own.

But how was this possible?

This was the location of the Trial of Origins, and it was also one of the most mysterious places in this world. Logically speaking, it should be the strongest place in this world.

Unless it was the power of a primogenitor, who else could cause such a terrifying effect on this space?


At this moment, the Silver Moon Primogenitor was stunned, and a thought flashed through her mind. She turned around and looked in front of her. As her thoughts flowed, a scene of Chen Heng appeared in front of her eyes.

At the same time, the shadow in front of her was doing the same thing. Both had realized the problem and wanted to track down that area to test their guesses.

But now, Chen Heng’s location could no longer be clearly shown. Although the scene in front of them spread, it looked chaotic everywhere. They could only see a dim scene, and nothing else could be seen clearly.

No matter how hard the Silver Moon Primogenitor and the shadow tried, they could barely see the chaos in the area and the surging Power of Laws.

Other than that, the only thing they could see was the outline of a human figure.

“Your descendant looks very impressive.”

After a long time, the shadow finally spoke with some surprise. “From the looks of it, he will pass the Trial of Origins and receive the blessing of the Power of Origins.”

“It seems so.”

The Silver Moon Primogenitor was still in a daze. At this moment, she had yet to recover from the shock.

As Chen Heng continued to pass the trial, the changes on the Silver Moon Primogenitor’s body were already very clear. Cracks appeared on her body, causing her originally statue-like body to regain some vitality. It was as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep, looking very lifelike.

This also meant one thing. She was very close to awakening.

However, the shadow did not panic when he saw this. Instead, he grinned. “Congratulations. It looks like you’re about to escape.

“I wonder how you’ll face this descendant of yours after you leave this place?”

The Silver Moon Primogenitor fell into silence. She did not know what to say. Before this, she had deliberately led Chen Heng over. She had never thought that Chen Heng would be able to pass through the Trial of Origins and even reach the end.

She had never thought of this possibility at all. She had brought Chen Heng into this trial because she wanted to use Chen Heng as a medium to absorb more power from the Trial of Origins and speed up her recovery.

But now, the development of the situation had greatly exceeded her expectations. Not only did Chen Heng not fail, but it also looked like he was even very close to success.

He was now only one step away from successfully passing the Trial of Origins. This way, things would become much more troublesome.


A crisp sound rang out on the spot. The Silver Moon Primogenitor subconsciously looked down and saw cracks on her body.

Under the effect of an unknown force, her right leg exploded and turned into dust, disappearing into the void of space. Looking at this scene, she was stunned. She could already feel the changes in her body.

“I’m losing… my strength…”

She felt the changes in her body and muttered to herself. The changes in her body caused even louder laughter.

“Looks like the results of the Trial of Origins have already started to take effect.”

The shadow let out a burst of laughter. Looking at the Silver Moon Primogenitor’s current appearance, he almost laughed his teeth out. “Before you send him into the root trial, you must not have thought about the scene before your eyes, right?

“Now that both of you have passed the Trial of Origins, according to the rules, a portion of your power will be taken away by him, and you will forever lose your authority.

“Compared to the small amount of power you have successfully recovered, I wonder if you will feel the pain of paying such a price?

“This is interesting.”

He stood and laughed maniacally as he looked at Silver Moon Primogenitor. At this moment, he seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood.

The Silver Moon Primogenitor’s expression was gloomy in the face of his laughter. At this moment, she did not say anything either. It was clear that she was not in a good mood.

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