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Chapter 673 - The Attack

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Chapter 673: Chapter 673 – The Attack

The battle was still ongoing under the watchful eyes of Lu Yao and the others, and it was getting increasingly intense.


A muffled sound sounded cleared in the air. Chen Heng and Philip retreated concurrently, and their bodies were full of wounds. If one looked carefully, one could see that both Chen Heng and Philip’s auras were weak and had already decreased significantly.

Their auras were no longer at their peak compared to before. The wounds on their bodies were bleeding, and their Heavenly Venerate’s blood dripped continuously onto this wasteland.

The crimson blood transformed into a surging spirit aura. If this place was bathed in the blood of a Heavenly Venerate after a few hundred years, this land might become a holy land for cultivation, changing the current situation.

“Are we still going to continue fighting?” Chen Heng parted with Philip. Looking at Philip’s similarly injured figure, Chen Heng’s expression was solemn, then he slowly said, “Our strengths are on par. You should be very clear on this point. If we continue fighting, it won’t be of any benefit to either of us. It will only hurt both sides.”

Philip’s expression was indifferent as he listened to Chen Heng’s words and did not reply. The result of this battle was the same as the previous one. They were equally matched.

Of course, both of them still have not used their respective trump cards. However, the result would only be slightly more tragic even if they used them. There was not much difference. Therefore, Chen Heng was the first to speak up. He did not want to continue fighting, which seemed very much in line with the situation.

However, Philip shook his head at Chen Heng’s words, “The situation has changed…” Then, he looked at Chen Heng and spoke as if he was pointing at something.

“What?” Chen Heng frowned, looking a little puzzled.

Then, a cold and gloomy voice sounded behind him, “Indeed, it has changed.”

It faintly carried an extremely intense and exceptionally hot killing intent.

“This is…” Chen Heng’s expression immediately changed.

Before he could react, a divine sword descended from the sky. The heaven-cleaving divine sword reappeared and descended with a loud bang.


The Power of Laws was trembling. A terrifying Dao rhyme circulated in all directions. Finally, the vast and infinite Gen Qi was inhaled and exhaled, turning into an exceptionally shocking strike that smashed heavily towards Chen Heng’s body.


Although it was just a single strike, Chen Heng’s powerful body, which was incomparably sturdy, had only suffered a slight injury even in the intense battle earlier, was directly damaged.

His body was flying, and he was almost cut in half at the waist. The crimson divine blood splashed across the sky. It was as if a crimson meteor shower had descended from the sky, looking dazzling and incomparably vast.

The shocking scene immediately shocked everyone around. The heaven-cleaving sword appeared, along with the figure of a middle-aged man.

The cultivators in the surroundings were furious.

“The heaven-cleaving sword!”

“It’s that person from back then!”

“He still dares to attack!”

The Heavenly Venerates cultivators from the Hao Hua Sect shouted furiously, immediately realizing something was wrong.

Since then, the black hand had not appeared for many years, avoiding the Hao Hua Sect Leader. However, why did he appear and attack again this time, during such precise timing? What kind of agreement had the black hand made with the Star Alliance Leader? Various thoughts appeared in the surrounding cultivators’ minds, making them shocked and angry.

However, the battle situation was still evolving.

“It’s you!” Divine blood spilled in the air as Chen Heng’s body reassembled. Every inch of his flesh and blood was glowing.

He was trying his best to expel the divine laws of the heaven-cleaving sword in an attempt to heal his body. But, simultaneously, his body’s vast and powerful divine aura surged into the sky.

A series of faint prayers sounded behind him, and a vast divine power faintly emerged, condensing into a terrifying and infinite Saint Child’s dharma statue. The Saint Child’s dharma statue was about to reappear!

During the previous battle with the Star Alliance Leader, the Hao Hua Sect Leader did not reveal everything about himself and did not revive his immortal God’s great power. However, he finally did not hold back anymore and attacked with all his strength. The cultivators’ mood immediately boosted looking at the scene.

The Hao Hua Sect Leader was like this in the past. He awakened the Dao weapon of his previous life and temporarily obtained the immortal God’s power to suppress the powerful enemies. Even the middle-aged man with the heaven-opening sword could not defeat him and escaped in panic.

The situation should not be too surprising this time. However, before they could cheer, the situation quickly changed again. Venerate Ming only sneered when facing Chen Heng’s Saint Child’s dharma statue. The heaven-cleaving sword next to him was in a state of recovery.

On the side, the Star Alliance’s Leader made his move. His expression was indifferent. A few initial stone tablets permutated and combined with his body. Then, a powerful aura that surpassed the supreme immortal God was emitted, suppressing the surrounding.

He had also awakened his own immortal God’s power. Moreover, he had prepared in advance, much earlier than the Hao Hua Sect Leader. Although it was only for a moment, it was sufficient to make a call on many things.

He instantly struck out swiftly, pressing forward with one hand. A surge of power of the world’s origin surged as if it was suppressing the entire great world, smashing heavily onto Chen Heng’s body.


In that instant, the Dao Principle collapsed, and the chains formed by the Power of Laws broke. Chen Heng spat out a mouthful of blood. His body, which had already been reassembled, broke apart again, turning into pieces of flesh and blood.

Behind him, the Saint Child’s dharma statue, which had already been formed and was about to recover fully, was also affected. It immediately became dim and then completely disappeared.

He had been struck out from his recovery state and was forcefully prevented from fully recovering.

“Although the immortal God’s great power is mighty, it was not helpful as long as you cannot recover.” Philip’s indifferent voice sounded after he heavily injured the Hao Hua Sect Leader with one strike.

“It seems you won’t be able to escape this time.” Venerate Ming also smiled when he saw the changes in Chen Heng’s body. A sinister smile appeared on his face, which seemed to be full of killing intent.

He was very satisfied with Philip’s attack, though he was also slightly surprised. Chen Heng had already used his immortal God’s power just now, preparing to summon back the Dao weapon of his previous life, and was about to display the immortal God’s great power.

Venerate Ming boasted that under such circumstances,he might not be able to do much even if he held the heaven-cleaving sword. At most, he could only take advantage of the fact that Chen Heng had not fully recovered and continued to injure him and weaken part of his power.

However, Philip was different. He relied on his strength to forcefully repel Chen Heng from the state just now, captured the flaw during his transition and forced him out of that state. This required strength, a grasp of the timing, and even an understanding of the opponent.

‘As expected of the reincarnation of an immortal God, right?’ Looking sideways at Philip, the Venerate Ming felt fear in his heart.

Philip was different from him. Like the Hao Hua Sect Leader, he was also a reincarnation of an immortal God. So, it was normal for him to have some understanding of the opponent. But, more importantly, Philip had fought with the Hao Hua Sect Leader twice before, so he most likely already understood his counterpart’s strength.

Various thoughts flashed through Venerate Ming’s mind, and he rushed forward without hesitation. The heaven-cleaving sword flashed through in all directions, like the divine light that had cleft the heaven and earth, directly slashing forward.

With a rumble, the space around shattered, turning into pieces. Even the Dao Principle within it seemed to have shattered, becoming extremely fragile at this moment.

It was the legendary heaven-cleaving divine weapon. Before this divine weapon, they all appeared extremely fragile, whether it was space, Dao principles, or anything else. They could not withstand a single attack and were unable to fight against it.

A powerful aura spread and charged out. Before the heaven-cleaving divine weapon, the current Chen Heng was completely unable to fight back. In the air, he was choking on blood and kept falling back. There were wounds all over his body, and his aura was reduced to the extreme.

The crimson blood dyed the sky red, making the entire sky look rosy. This scene made the many Heavenly Venerates around in tears. They wished they could rush over to help the Hao Hua Sect Leader block the attack. But unfortunately, they couldn’t do it.

As the battle before them became more intense, the domain belonging to the three supreme Heavenly Venerates had already spread and blocked all the existences below them. But, with their strength, they couldn’t break through this domain’s obstruction.

“Despicable!” Many voiced their resentment, looking at Chen Heng, who was choking on blood and cracking his body in mid-air, falling into a desperate situation.

If he were defeated and killed in a one-on-one head-on battle, no one would say anything, even if he died. However, Venerate Ming launched a surprise attack while the two were fighting and even forcefully suppressed the Hao Hua Sect’s Leader’s strength, causing him unable even to recover his power as an immortal God. This kind of approach was too shameless and made people despise him.

However, some people had different views on this, “So what if he’s despicable? So what if he’s disgraceful?”

On the Star Alliance’s side, some evil sect cultivators who had defected to the Star Alliance sneered and said, “What’s good and what’s evil? As long as the result is good, that’s enough. When the Hao Hua Sect Leader dies, all of you will be exterminated. By then, who will know that someone is speaking for you now?”

“After thousands of years, the Star Alliance will be the world’s true lord. Who would dare to dispute by then?” They sneered, happy to see this result.

In this world, most of those who submitted to the Star Alliance was evil sect cultivators. As long as they could achieve their goal, using some small tricks was nothing to them.

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