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Chapter 722

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Three years later, an island near Maldives.

Bo Liang and Mi Ziqing have lived here for three years. In recent years, they have no contact with Lubei night. With more contact, they have less hatred and gradually have communication.

Now Mi Ziqing and Bo Liang have a child more than one year old, and he has always felt that he owes miziqing a wedding, so he decided to hold a wedding ceremony, and the people invited are naturally Lu Beiye and them.

When they came, they naturally brought a lot of people, and the whole island became lively in an instant.

The wedding ceremony is very simple, and there are not many people to attend. Basically, they all know each other.

Although Bo Liang only informed Lu Beiye and other people, he was very welcome to come. After all, he and Mi Ziqing had lived on this island for three years, and no one felt very lonely.

But now that they have their own children, it will be much better.

"Ziqing, how do you feel? Is thin cool good for you? " Qiao Nuan helps Mi Ziqing dress up in the dressing room. Miziqing, who has given birth to a child, is more flavorful and looks particularly attractive.

Hear Qiao warm words, MI Ziqing mouth slightly up, "well, he is very good to me."

When she left Los Angeles with Bo Liang, she was very worried. She was mainly worried that Bo Liang would not change herself. Even if she left with her, she would still hate landing in the North night.

But in fact, it was not. After arriving at the island, he didn't really mention anything about Lubei night, as if he had forgotten this man. Until now, when he said that the wedding was held, he said he would call them to the wedding.

"That's good. I'm afraid he won't let go."

If he still hates landing in the North night, even if he leaves with miziqing, he is not very happy.

But now it seems that she thought more, thin cool after all or changed.

The wedding was held very quickly. When Qiao Nuan returned to the wedding site, she met a person who made her somewhat unexpected, Pei Youxi.

To sum up, she has not seen Pei Youxi for several years. When she meets again, she still feels so familiar.

"Surprised to see me?" Looking at Qiao Nuan in front of her, Pei Youxi smiles at her. She hasn't seen her for a long time. In his opinion, Qiao Nuan is still the same as before, with no big change.

Pei Youxi's voice came to Qiao Nuan's mind. "It's some accident, but if you think about it carefully, you don't feel surprised. After all, you and Bo Liang were partners. It's no surprise that you came to attend his wedding."

In fact, Qiao Nuan's heart is still a little bit lost. Pei Youxi has not contacted her all these years. Even when she was married, she did not come. How much will make her a little lost.

"Well, I did come to his wedding, but I also came to see you by the way. After so many years' absence, you are still the same." He came today mostly because of Joe's warmth.

Too long no see, occasionally think of, or some miss.

Qiao Nuan also laughed, leaving so long Pei Youxi can think of her, which really surprised her and made her happy. "If you don't come to see me, maybe the next time you see me, I will be old."

Although she was not young now, Joanne would not admit the harsh fact.

"You're young, and I don't think you're old at all."

When he said this, they both laughed.

Qiao Nuan stood opposite Pei Youxi, thinking about the past things, always felt like a dream, "how are you these years?"

"It's good. I've been very busy all day. I'm not as free as you are." Since leaving Qiao Nuan, he has been busy with one thing. Because of this, he has been busy for many years. Now he has succeeded. He also appears in front of Qiao Nuan.

"No, I'm busy, OK?" Qiao Hao denied that she would not admit that she had been idle.

Pei Youxi stopped smiling. He thought it was time to talk to Qiao Nuan about business. "In fact, in addition to seeing you this time, I really have something to tell you."

"What's the matter?"

At the sight of Pei Youxi's serious appearance, Qiao Nuan is still worried. She has been happy for so many years. She is not used to sudden worry.

"About Dabao, how is he recently?" After leaving, he not only did not contact Qiao Nuan, but also Dabao. He was worried about whether Dabao still remembered him.

Hearing Pei Youxi mention Dabao, Qiao Nuan immediately understood his meaning, and his mood was also depressed. "Every day is very happy, but you also know his situation, not very optimistic."

Dabao has congenital heart disease. In recent years, they have not stopped looking for a suitable heart for him, but they have not found it. Qiao Nuan is almost desperate.

"Don't worry. This time I'm here to bring you good news. I've found the right heart, and the other party has promised to donate it. When you get back to Los Angeles, you can arrange surgery."

These years, he also did not stop looking for, even if he did not warm up with Joe, but he really loved Dabao.Suddenly hearing this, Qiao Nuan doubted whether he had heard it wrong. "Are you serious?"

"Of course, how can I make fun of you about such things?"

"I..." Qiao Nuan did not know what to say for a moment. All the joy and joy mingled in this moment. Finally, he could only open his mouth and say, "thank you."

"You don't have to thank me. I help Dabao because I like him. Although we didn't get together in the end, I used to live with him for a period of time, and basically regarded him as my son."

Almost, he'd be able to warm up with Joe, just a little.

Pei Youxi suddenly talked about this matter. Qiao was a little embarrassed. "Haven't you found a suitable girl these years?"

"No Pei Youxi shook his head, but as if thinking of something, he continued to say: "you don't have to think about what. After you have solved the Dabao affair, I will find my own happiness. I believe I will find it."

"I believe it, too."

She really hoped Pei Youxi could find her own happiness. No matter what, she would like to thank him.

After a lot of chatting between the two, Qiao Nuan and Pei Youxi separated. After returning to Los Angeles, Dabao's operation could not be delayed any more.

After Pei Youxi said something to Qiao Nuan, he left the island. For him, what he had to do was finished.

When he recalled the first time he saw Qiao Nuan, he still had some vivid memories. He thought more than once that if he had been selfish and even domineering, would he have been with him today?

He is some regret, but he also knows that in this world, there is no regret medicine to take.

If you give him another chance, maybe he will hold on to Joe's warm hand and never let go.

Qiao Nuan and Lu Beiye left after attending Bo Liang's wedding. Before leaving, Bo Liang solemnly said sorry to Qiao Nuan and Lu Beiye, which was an apology for what he had done in those years.

After returning to Los Angeles, Qiao wennuan rushes to his old house. Before leaving, they sent Dabao to his old house. Now Dabao is eight years old.

"Mom and Dad, you're back at last." Seeing Qiao warm and Lubei night appear, Dabao breathed a sigh of relief, as if he was finally relieved.

Hearing Dabao's words, Joe frowned, "what's the matter?"

"It's not my sister. She's always crying. I can't stand it. Fortunately, my grandmother takes care of her. Otherwise, I'll be driven crazy by her."

Qiao Nuan and Lu Beiye gave birth to a daughter, whose nickname is Xiaobao. Now he is only over one year old. Dabao has always said that he wants a younger sister, but now that he really has a younger sister, he finds that the fact is not as good as he thought.

Listen to Dabao's complaint, Qiao warm helpless smile, who was the first to say to want a sister?

Entering the old house, Qiao Nuan went to see Xiaobao. Seeing that she was already asleep, he told Zhao Wenya that he would take Dabao to have an operation.

They all know the situation of Dabao, naturally there is no obstruction, but they are still very worried.

Qiao Nuan and Lu Beiye leave with Dabao, while the two old people stay to take care of Xiaobao. The children are still so small that Qiao Nuan can't take them with them.

The operation was carried out in M country, and everything went smoothly because Pei Youxi arranged everything before. He never liked Pei Youxi's Lubei night. He also said thanks to him for this.

Pei Youxi didn't feel anything, and he didn't feel proud of helping Dabao. He really hoped Dabao would be good, so he would try his best to help him recover.

Lu Beiye and Qiao Nuan have been guarding the state of M until the doctor announces that they can be discharged from hospital. They leave with Dabao. Because Dabao's health has recovered, all the people of the Lu family are very happy

After returning to Los Angeles, because Dabao's body recovered, the Lu family held a banquet, not only because of Dabao, but also because Xiaobao, who is more than one year old, has not been officially introduced to everyone.

And Qiao Nuan saw Pei Youyan again, which happened to be at the banquet.

Compared with the past, his whole person has changed a lot. After seeing Qiao Nuan, he only exchanged a few simple greetings. There was still no one around him, but he did not go to Lu Yexin again, as if everything was open.

During the whole party, Pei Youyan sat alone in the corner and didn't say anything to anyone.

He began to recall all kinds of things he had done over the years, which flashed in his mind like a fleeting movie.

He regretted that he had been sorry for Qiao Nuan and that he had not cherished Lu Yexin. However, these were not the things he regretted most.

What he regretted most was that he lost Pei Youyan, who was innocent at that time, and he could never find it back again

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