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Chapter 989

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Being frightened by Xie Jingqing, Wu Baolin was extremely upset.

She doesn\'t understand that a woman who has lost her favor will die sooner or later.

She just went to give her a ride. How could she feel guilty and regret?

Yes, how natural.

In the harem, there is only one ending for women without the emperor\'s favor.

There is no exception

However, even if she comforted herself like this, she still hurried back to her Baoyue pavilion with panic.

This was originally a place specially built by the first queen to watch the play.

However, the Chu emperor arranged her such a newly sealed Baolin in the most remote place of the harem.

Therefore, many people laugh at her openly and secretly.

This is why she went to Xie Jingqing to find a sense of existence.

Dong Dong Dong

Wu Baolin grabbed the arm of the palace maid around him and looked in horror at the Baoyue Pavilion without any sound or light. His heart couldn\'t help jumping.

For no reason, her eyes flashed through Xie Jingqing\'s dead eyes, and her heart trembled fiercely, "you, go and have a look. Why is the pavilion so quiet?"

It shouldn\'t be.

No matter how ridiculed.

She is also Xie Jingyi\'s only empress.

This is also the only place where people are placed.

Those palace people will never despise this.

Besides, there are other people serving her in her palace, and they can\'t do it if she hasn\'t rested yet.

"Yes, Baolin." although the palace maid felt strange, she dared not disobey the master\'s order, so she had to go forward and push open the door of Baoyue Pavilion.

She looked up and found that there was nothing wrong except dark spots, so she turned back and said, "Baolin, there is no problem."

Seeing that the palace maids said so, Wu Baolin calmed down and strode across into the Baoyue Pavilion.


No sooner had she stepped in than the door behind her was closed.


She exclaimed, turned around and looked again. Not only the door was closed, but also the maid in waiting was gone.

Wu Baolin panicked and pushed the door desperately. However, the door seemed to be welded to death. He couldn\'t open it. He also made a strange sound of clang.

Fear is like poison, slowly spreading from the bottom of her heart, nibbling her away bit by bit.

This, this can\'t stay long!

Wu Baolin covered his chest, stepped back quickly and ran towards his bedroom.

However, before she ran to the door, a dark shadow passed quickly in front of her eyes.

"Ah! Don\'t come to me. Your majesty let you die!"

She lost her voice and screamed.

Keep yelling loudly.

"It\'s really none of my business. Your majesty doesn\'t like you, and I can\'t control it. If you want to find it, find your majesty!"

She cried and shouted. She didn\'t notice that when she roared everything out, a group of people came out of the corridor, and Xie Jingyi was the leader.

"How dare you move my royal sister." a cold, angry voice sounded behind Wu Baolin, startling her all over.

Wu Baolin thought he had an auditory hallucination, but he turned slowly with some disbelief and fear. When he saw that it was really Xie Jingyi, he was relieved and subconsciously called, "Your Majesty..."

However, as soon as she got up, she suddenly woke up.

Instantly, she poured ice water on her head, which made her feel cool.

Your majesty, does he know she went to kill Xie Jingqing?

No, don\'t you say your majesty hates Xie Jingqing?

No, don\'t they all say that your majesty will never spoil Xie Jingqing again?

But, but what\'s going on?

She, she\'s clearly going to share her Majesty\'s worries.

What, how can your majesty hate yourself?

Xie Jingyi looked at the innocent face in front of her, and her anger could not directly strangle her.

But no.

After seeing Xie Jingqing who died without closing his eyes, a feeling called fear and regret in his heart swallowed him directly.

In his mind, he played back again and again all kinds of evil deeds, bad words and pressure on Xie Jingqing recently.

Hehe, he, how could he be willing to treat her like this?

Obviously, that should be their favorite woman. How, how did they die in a corner when they didn\'t know?

It\'s her, this damn woman!

At the beginning, how did he get out of his head and sealed the woman who had promised him several times in front of Xie Jingqing.

If it were not for his childish self at that time, how could he help this woman\'s ambition in disguise?

This woman has no ambition. How could his Jing Qing die?

Hehe, so what he did made these people think she had lost her favor and became a loser?

So, after all, is it his fault?

"Your Majesty, forgive me, I, I won\'t dare again next time." Wu Baolin climbed to Xie Jingyi with a pale face and knelt down, kowtowing one head after another, hoping that the man would spare her.

She was delighted to find that Xie Jingyi didn\'t kick herself directly.

Unexpectedly, he raised his head to make the beautiful scenery on his chest more clear.

As long as Xie Jingyi lowers his head, he can see it.

She remembered that Xie Jingyi had said that he liked her best.

As she thought, Xie Jingyi really lowered her head and saw her.

But what flashed at the bottom of his eyes was thick disgust and dislike.

"The next thing."

The cold and heartless words spit out from the beautiful lips. Coupled with Xie Jingyi, who is no longer young, it is comparable to the devil.

Wu Baolin covered his chest and his eyes were red. "Your Majesty, my concubine, my concubine is just..."

"Hehe, all the royal guards listen to the order and feed Wu Baolin well. Don\'t stop until tomorrow morning!"

After that, Xie Jingyi stepped back to one side and sat on the seat put by the eunuch manager, looking at it calmly and coolly.

"No, no, your majesty, I know I\'m wrong. No, don\'t treat me like this... Ah!"

With a pale face, Wu Baolin kept retreating and shouted in horror at Xie Jingyi.

In front of these servants who she despised, they really showed their evil eyes and approached her step by step.

No, she\'ll die!

"Your majesty!"

At the moment when these people knocked him down, tore his sleeves and forced him on, Wu Baolin let out a sad cry, and then he lost his voice like a doll who had lost his soul.

After only half an hour, Xie Jingyi lost interest.

Casually ordered the manager to stare at the end, and then left with his sleeve.

But after leaving, he thought the palace was so big, but he didn\'t know where to go.

"If Jingqing is still there, he will show me the way."

He said a light sentence with a smile in his eyes. When he finished, he was cold in his heart, "but it\'s gone. Now it\'s gone..."

Xie Jingyi walked vaguely in this unpopular palace.

I don\'t know if it\'s a coincidence that he actually came to Xiben.

This is where Xie Jingqing once lived.

As if bewitched, he walked in with a brisk step.

He knows him well here.

He used to be a regular here.

Similarly, Xie Jingqing knows him very well.

They said at that time that they should be so familiar with and trust each other all their life.

They did it later.

Until this time

He made a slip of the tongue.

After arriving at the courtyard where Xie Jingqing once lived, he squatted down slowly, leaned against the locked door, and wept silently.

"Jing Qing, I\'m wrong. I just want you to have only me in your heart. I, I just love you..."

However, the sky is vast, the night is like the sea, and there is nothing else except the tranquility of the courtyard.

The lonely and cold sadness makes his heart no longer warm more cold. Without Xie Jingyi, he no longer needs these things. His heart can only beat for her, forever

Five years later, Xie Jingyi, who was only 31 years old, burned himself to death in the West Third Institute. Xie Jingyi\'s former residence, together with this house, burned to ashes, just like when he came, disappeared clean

His bad reputation and prestige make him so special in such a peaceful era.

In addition, he died in the woman\'s residence. For a time, he said that he was affectionate and loyal, and that he was disgusting. However, under his leadership, the great Chu has become an existence that can compete with the Three Kingdoms of Xia Liang.

As for the state of Yue... As early as three years ago, it was completely destroyed by Liang. The territory was eroded by the Three Kingdoms of Xia, Liang and Chu, and completely disappeared on this continent. It is also sad

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