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"Laugh again, believe it or not I\'ll let you be a vegetative person for the rest of your life?"

"I\'m sorry, I just didn\'t expect you to have a crush on me, eh, how long have you liked me?"

"Time is an empty thing, it\'s useless to tell you, how about it? Would you like to stay with me?"

"don\'t want."

After Feng Lian was rejected by her, she lost her face. She was getting angry when the door was pushed open, and a middle-aged woman walked in with a man.

Seeing the two of them, Yan Qingyi\'s eyes immediately turned red, and soon, tears fell like a kite with a broken string.

That middle-aged man was Yan Qingyi\'s father, Yan Zhaocheng, and the woman was Yan Qingyi\'s mother, Sun Lianying.

When the two saw that their daughter was awake, they strode over to the bed, and then Yan Qingyi hugged their mother and cried a lot.

Five minutes later, Sun Lianying wiped away the tears on Yan Qingyi\'s face and choked up, "Daughter, you are suffering."

"Mom, I\'m sorry, I made you worry." Yan Qingyi pursed her lips and her eyes were red.

Yan Zhaocheng looked at Feng Lian, "Qingyi, who is he?? I don\'t remember you having such a friend!"

Feng Lian said: "Hello uncle, my name is Feng Lian, I am Qing Yi\'s boyfriend, you can just call me Feng Lian."

Sun Lianying and Yan Zhao were dumbfounded when they set up a horse.

Their daughter has been in a vegetative state for five years. During this time, apart from her friends, no boyfriend has ever visited her!

Yan Qingyi had a dark face, "Who said you were my boyfriend? Shameless!"

Feng Lian smiled, "I\'m not your boyfriend, who is your boyfriend? Huh?"

Sun Lianying looked at Yan Qingyi with angry eyes, "Cut your temper, what a good person, if it\'s your boyfriend, you can have fun!"

Yan Qingyi rolled her eyes, he wasn\'t her boyfriend in the first place, right?

Yan Qingyi said, "Mom, what about my grandfather and the others?"

"They..." Sun Lianying lowered her head, her expression gloomy, "They have already..."

Yan Zhaocheng sighed, "Your grandparents passed away two years ago."

"What?" Yan Qingyi was shocked, "But haven\'t they been healthy all the time? How did they pass away?"

Sun Lianying said: "What\'s the matter, since your accident, their health is getting worse day by day, no, your grandfather just walked on the front foot, and your grandmother followed!"

Yan Qingyi really didn\'t expect that her grandparents had already...

If she hadn\'t been in a car accident, her grandparents would certainly not have died. Even if she dies, she can see them for the last time!

The topic was too heavy and the air became very oppressive, so they didn\'t continue the topic.

Yan Qingyi\'s body has now completely recovered, and there is no need to be hospitalized again, so she went through the discharge procedures in the afternoon.

When they got home, Yan Qingyi asked Sun Lianying about the tombs of her grandparents, then she took a taxi and went to Cemetery Mountain with Feng Lian.

After finding the tombs of the two old men, Yan Qingyi placed flowers bought on the road in front of their tombstones.

Because the old couple were more affectionate before their death, the filial Sun Lianying and Yan Zhaocheng buried them together.

"Grandpa and Grandma, I\'m here to see you." In Yan Qingyi\'s mind, she recalled the moments when she was with her grandparents.

How happy was that time.

Unexpectedly, the two old people are now separated from her forever.

Yan Qingyi stood in front of the tomb until it was dark before leaving.

When they reached the foot of the cemetery, Feng Lian suddenly grabbed Yan Qingyi\'s hand.

Yan Qingyi looked at him and said nothing.

"Actually, I have been seeing you in the hospital for the past five years, but you just don\'t know it."


"It was after your car accident that I was always watching over you in the hospital. Because of this, you didn\'t die. But at that time, I didn\'t have a physical body, and no one saw me."

"You...have been watching me silently?"

"Of course, if you die, when you come back in the future, you can only live in someone else\'s body, so how will you recognize your parents?"

Yan Qingyi hugged Feng Lian.

Feng Lian patted her on the back.

"Are you impressed?"

"You really are, why didn\'t you tell me?"

"It\'s a secret, it can\'t be said."

Yan Qingyi pushed him away and looked up at him, "Then will you return to the Lord God in the future?"

"No." Feng Lian stroked her face with her palm, her eyes moist as jade, "I will be where you are in the future."

"I didn\'t say I wanted to be with you, why are you talking about yourself?" Yan Qingyi pushed him away and walked forward, but the corners of her mouth couldn\'t help but rise.

"In that case, you used to attack me, but in the future, it will be me who will attack you." Feng Lian caught up with Yan Qingyi, tilted her head and looked at her, her lips slightly curled, "Okay?"

Yan Qingyi stepped back, put her hands behind her back, and said with a wicked smile, "I\'m different from those men. For a woman like me who has experienced ups and downs, it\'s very difficult for a successful strategy."

"It doesn\'t matter, I want to catch you anyway." After Feng Lian finished speaking, she chased after him.

The moonlight is thick, and the fragrance of wild flowers is in the nose. In this moonlit night, they are laughing and cursing as they walk away, and their laughter is melodious, echoing on this unmanned and winding oil road.

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