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Chapter 445 - Terrible News!

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Chapter 445 Terrible News!

The next day, the sun gradually rose.

The battle report from the Northern Region spread to Central Plains City, shocking everyone who read it.

The three divine-tier experts defected at the last minute, working together with the Dark Magi to break through the temporary defensive line set up by the Imperial Palace.

This battle report was very short, but it was like a twist of a knife, setting off the explosive barrel of public opinion in Central Plains City.

All kinds of rumors were created at once. Some even said that the Ruler had already fled from Central Plains City and had started to take refuge further away. For a time, everyone was in a panic and had no morale to speak of.

The Ruler looked at the battle report in his hand and felt extremely regretful. He wondered if he had listened to Mike at that time, would it have been a different scene?

“What would Mike think about me now?”

Mike’s handsome face appeared in the Ruler’s mind. However, that face was not as respectful and kind as the Ruler had seen before. Instead, it was filled with indifference and ridicule, it was as if he was saying, ‘You are a stubborn and short-sighted bastard.’

The Ruler threw the report in his hand onto the table and roared at the guards, “Send out the guards and capture the Sea King!”

Everyone heard the Ruler’s roar. They mourned for the Sea King in their hearts for three minutes.

To be able to get the Ruler to send out his most trusted aides was enough evidence of his anger.

Mike looked at the two reports in his hands and was extremely shocked. The first report was about the Dark Magi going one step further, and the other was about the guards going to capture the Sea King. The results of the second report were out. The guards had been wiped out by the Sea King’s private army, and the captain and vice-captain had been killed.

Mike was surprised at the Dark Magi’s ability to infiltrate the various powers. He was also surprised at how much the Dark Magi valued Sea King

Mike had met Sea King before, and he had also met the captain and vice-captain of the guards. He believed that he had seen through all three of them. After thinking about it carefully, he realized that Sea King needed at least three divine-tier experts to take down the captain and vice-captain of the guards.

Mike sighed. He understood that he had to hide a part of his power. When those traitors surfaced, he would capture them all in one go. At this moment, he realized that he would have to walk a tortuous path in the future.

Within the Gnome Dwarves, the corpse of the divine-tier undead that Mike had left behind had been sliced up and subdivided into different medicinal systems for research.

“Confirmed. The organs contain Huanzhen grass, Qu Yang Pill… They are all unbounded substances.”

“Confirmed. The limbs contain unbounded substances…”

“Confirmed. The brain stem contains the God-cleansing Flower… contains sixteen unknown drugs.”

The elder looked at the reports from the various systems and sighed. He asked, “That is to say, we have confirmed that the divine-tier undead’s body contains substances from outside the world, right?”

The elder walked over and said, “Although I don’t want to admit it, that brat didn’t lie to


The elder nodded and said, “Call those few old fellows over and have a meeting.”

Very soon, the ten great elders gathered in the meeting hall. At this moment, they all knew the specific results of the analysis, so everyone’s expressions were extremely unsightly.


The elder looked at the other nine elders and asked, “Tell me, how should we form an alliance with them and who should we send?”

Zi Wu asked in surprise, “Don’t tell me we have to go to the front line personally?”

The elder sighed, nodded, and said, “It’s not just going to the front line personally, we might even have to go into battle.”

All the elders were shocked, they all looked at the elder with disbelief in their eyes.

The elder continued, “I asked King Zhao. King Zhao told me that the current situation is not looking good, but the Ruler is still determined to find out the remaining spies.”

Zi Wu cursed. “This Ruler is really a f*cking stubborn bastard.”

The elder glanced at Zi Wu, but did not say anything to refute her.

Zi Wu’s chest heaved up and down violently. She said to the elder, “I’ll sign up for this. I want to go to the front line. I want to see what those guys are capable of, to be able to make the entire high-level rank burn with anxiety.”

The elder looked at Zi Wu and said, “Alright, who else wants to sign up?”

The old man stood up and said, “I’ll go too.”

Zi Wu glanced at the old man but did not say anything

Although they did not like each other, they had never underestimated each other’s courage and spirit.

The slightly plump old man stood up and said, “I’ll go too. I’m the head of the internal injury medicine department. I can be of use there.”

The old man glanced at him and nodded. After a while, two more elders registered. The old man looked at the five elders and said, “Okay, you must help more at the front line, especially you, Zi Wu. You have a bad temper, so don’t rush too far ahead.”

Zi Wu felt a surge of warmth in her heart. She said to the elder, “You must remember Senior Brother’s good intentions.”

The elder nodded and said, “Then I’ll take you to the Dragon Castle now to discuss matters at the front line.”

At this moment, Dragon Castle was busy. Everyone was preparing for the expedition. Mike sat upright on his seat and looked at his team members. He felt a little relieved.

Everything was going as planned. Suddenly, a weak voice sounded in Mike’s mind. Mike could tell that it was Black Dragon’s voice:

“Master… Suddenly…”

Mike could feel the pain in the Black Dragon’s voice. He also understood what the Black Dragon wanted to do. He did not delay any longer. He immediately brought the Black Dragon and flew into the distance.

Mike flew for thousands of miles and found a plain rich in earth and wood power. He scanned it with his spiritual power and found that there was no one living here. He immediately released the Black Dragon.

As soon as the Black Dragon’s body came into contact with the soil, it began to expand rapidly. Ten feet, a thousand feet, ten thousand feet, all the way to 9,999 feet. Mike understood that this was the limit of a heaven-grade magical beast, and what the Black Dragon needed to do now was to break through the limit of 9,999 feet.

Thinking of this, Mike quickly stood to the side and protected Black Dragon.

Very soon, dark clouds gathered in the sky, and the first bolt of lightning was already looming.

The Black Dragon’s breakthrough only lasted for six hours. After six hours, a child with a childish voice walked out from the 9,999-meter-tall body. He threw himself into Mike’s arms and called out in a childish voice,


Mike pinched Black Dragon’s plump and tender face, smiled, and nodded. “Black Dragon, not bad. Keep up the good work.”

Eva appeared and said, “Wow, Black Dragon has already broken through to the divine-tier. I don’t know how long it will take for me.”

Mike smiled. “Don’t worry, you will.”

Before Eva could reply, Mike suddenly raised his head and looked to the west.

A person flew over from the west and released his aura without hiding it.

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