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Chapter 1237-1238

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Chapter 1237  - The Region Head Manor's Mishap Part 1

Xiao Yu's complexion turned gravely pale as she retreated a couple of steps back, looking at the man before her with dread.


With a raise of the man's palm, a black ray instantly shot toward Xiao Yu. The light momentarily penetrated her chest under her fearful gaze…


Xiao You's pupil abruptly dilated as she shrieked in despair and fear. Following that, her body gradually collapsed toward the ground…

Ye Wu Chen withdrew his hand and walked out of the room.


Furthermore, flames were set ablaze the instant he left. The flames rose to the sky, burning everything in the room to crisp…


Ye Wu Chen finally couldn't suppress the urge to cough out a mouthful of blood at this moment. His handsome face instantly turned gravely pale…

"It seems that I can't use this secret technique frequently."

Ye Wu Chen wiped away the blood remnants from the corner of his mouth. With a smirk, he commented, "But I finally managed to deal with these people this way…"

He remained silent for a bit after saying that before he left the place without turning his head back.

Nanyang Region, Region Head Manor.

A powerful grandeur floated over from outside, almost suffocating the Wang family's brothers. When they hadn't gotten back to their senses, people appeared in the sky…

"Is this the Region Head Manor? It doesn't seem much. I wonder how people of the Region Head Manor offended our Lady Zi Yu, making her want to annihilate the Region Head Manor!"

The expression of the Wang family's brothers changed greatly.

"Who are you?" Wang Hai clenched his fists, surveying the group of people in the sky.

A middle-aged man wearing a navy blue robe was standing in mid-air, emitting a tyrannical grandeur. But what made people fearful was the man's might.


The middle-aged man chuckled lowly and with a slight smirk, he declared, "I am here to kill all of you!"

His grandeur instantly surged forth upon saying that, oppressing over the crowd with a might that could topple mountains and overturn seas. The crowd's complexion turned gravely pale without rosiness under that powerful might…

"Where is Mu Ru Yue? Make her appear here before me!"

'Region Head?'

Wang Hai was a little stunned before he hastily said, "Our chief isn't here."

"Where is she then?" The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and asked coldly.

"I don't know."

'It seems these people are here for the Region Head. I must think of a way to notify her about their existence, making her beware of them…

'It's a pity Hai Wei and his Master had left the Nanyang Region recently. Hence, there currently aren't any experts to guard the Nanyang Region…'

"Hmph! Even if you all don't want to reveal, I can still be able to find her location myself. Now, I shall send all of you to hell first to let you wait for her there!"

The middle-aged man sniggered and with a gradual raise of his hand, a mighty storm was gathered from his palm.


The storm was shot toward the Wang family's brothers.

"Wang Shu, be careful!"

Wang Hai's expression changed drastically as he shouted anxiously.

But it was already too late. The mighty storm had already appeared before them. Despair could be seen from all of their eyes…

Wang Hai looked dazedly at the approaching storm with a bitter smile on his face. Yet, a loud collision sound was heard at this instant. The entire ground quaked…


A stone wall erected from the ground, blocking his attack from entering the manor.

When the two brothers were clueless as to what happened, Kong Fan ran toward them from behind, stumbling. He said, "Wang Hai! Wang Shu! The Region Head Manor's magic array won't hold him back for long. The two of you should take this chance to escape!"


Xiao Yu's complexion turned gravely pale as she retreated a couple of steps back, looking at the man before her with dread.


With a raise of the man's palm, a black ray was instantly shot toward Xiao Yu. The light ray momentarily penetrated her chest under her fearful gaze… 


Miki dusted her hands and thought, 'Good riddance! Ye Wu Chen, thank you for erasing the cockroach for me! I would have personally tortured her to death if you didn't!'

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Chapter 1238 - The Region Head Manor's Mishap Part 2

The brothers of Wang family's hearts shuddered as waves of sorrow surged in their heart.

"What about yourself…"

Kong Fan chuckled bitterly after hearing their question, "I am already old. I won't be able to run. I will only be a burden to the both of you if I were to escape with you. All of you should scatter away from this place immediately. You must remember to run in all directions. Otherwise, it will be really easy to be their target! These people are here for the Region Head. Your mission is to notify the Region Head about this, allowing her to be prepared to deal with them…"

"Old housekeeper!"

Wang Hai hastily grabbed onto Kong Fan's arm and said, "No! We can't abandon you here. If we leave, we leave together!"

"Quickly leave!"

Kong Fan used all his might to push Wang Hai away and shrieked with all his might, "If not, none of us can escape!"

Wang Hai retreated a couple of steps back. His complexion increasingly turned gravely pale.


 Yet, when he wanted to say something, the stone wall had crumbled under the attacks of the middle-aged man…


The middle-aged man descended from the sky and with a sneer, he challenged, "I am curious as to who will be able to escape from me!"

When the middle-aged man wanted to give chase, Kong Fan, who was in shock, suddenly came back to his senses. He abruptly tackled the middle-aged man to the ground as he turned his head to shout at the Wang family's brothers, "Quickly leave and inform Lord Region Head about this!"

"You stubborn old thing!"

The middle-aged man's expression darkened. He raised his leg to kick Kong Fan away mercilessly.

However, Kong Fan's arms seemed to be as heavy as gold, hugging tightly on his leg not letting go…


Kong Fan shouted with all his might, exhausting his last boost of energy.


The middle-aged man palm-striked Kong Fan's head, making blood stream out from all of his orifices. Kong Fan's eyes were still fixated on the Wang family's brothers despite that…

"Second brother, let's go!"

Wang Hai clenched his fist. Traces of tears appeared on his face when he turned around…

"Stubborn old man, you're seeking death!"

The gloominess on the middle-aged man's face intensified. He drew his sword and pierced Kong Fan's head with it. Lastly, he kicked Kong Fan away, making his corpse collide with an ancient tree.

Kong Fan's eyes were widened. His blood had dyed the ground before him red but blood was still sputtering out from his body…

It was as though he had died with remaining grievance!

At this moment, people of the Region Head Manor appeared within the courtyard. A blood path was pathed wherever the middle-aged man massacred. The originally flourishing and lively Region Head Manor's courtyard was dyed entirely red in blood with corpses littered everywhere… 

God Academy.

When Mu Ru Yue was discussing something with Lin Ruo Yu, someone reported in from outside.

"Mu Ru Yue, someone is looking for you."

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment upon heading that. She remained silent for a while before heading out.

Two familiar figures entered her sight the instant she stepped out of the dorm. But the two of them seemed to have come in a rush, tattered. It seemed as though they hadn't freshen up for days. Mu Ru Yue was almost unable to recognise them.

"Wang Hai! Wang Shu! Why have the two of you come? Moreover, you seem to be fleeing from calamity…"


Wang Hai knelt heavily onto the ground. Tears of sorrow rolled out from his eyes…

"Chief, we have let you down."

Mu Ru Yue's heart skipped a beat. She frowned subconsciously as she saw their expression. "Could something had happened to the Region Head Manor?"

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