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Chapter 995: Fanqi: The Milky Way is hot, the world is scorching sun, you

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Chapter 995 Fanqi: The Milky Way is hot, the world is scorching sun, you are what my heart desires (End)

On the day the college entrance examination ended, Ye Xian was on the top of Weibo\'s hot search list. The entries were all discussing why she took the college entrance examination, and the prediction of her college entrance examination score. There were also good people betting on her college entrance examination score for entertainment, which attracted a lot of attention. Fans are betting on it.

Ye Xian browsed around Chaohua, and rubbed his head a little irritably. Originally, he wanted to take the college entrance examination secretly. If he did well in the exam, he would announce it. If he did not do well in the exam, it would be nothing. She secretly went to the exam.

She was framed. If she failed the exam, she would not only embarrass the fans, but also embarrass the president, but... what the **** is the \'Sanben Art School\' with the highest number of votes in the betting options on Weibo? ! Even if she hasn\'t studied for several years, she won\'t be reduced to this, right? !

With the feeling that she must make a comeback, Ye Xian began to look forward to the moment when the rankings would be released, but before it was time for the results...she received two strange calls.

"Sister Xian, where did this landline number come from? Do you know it?"

Xiaolu walked over holding the phone strangely, Ye Xian glanced at it, put down the script, "I don\'t know, but this area code belongs to the imperial capital..."

She hesitated for a moment, then got connected, and a gentle and enthusiastic female voice came from over there, "Is this Miss Ye Xian?"

"Yes, you are?"

"Hello, we are from the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University!"

Admissions Office of Tsinghua University? !

Ye Xian stood up excitedly when he heard the words, why did the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University call her? Could it be that she passed the Qing... No, the score hasn\'t come out yet!

"Scam call?"

"Haha, Miss Ye, you are joking. If you are worried, we can give you the address of the Admissions Office, and you can send someone over to verify."

... If you dare to say that, it should be true, but why are they looking for her?

"It\'s like this, Ms. Ye, there are still three days before the release of the college entrance examination results, but we have obtained your college entrance examination results in advance through internal channels. The scores are very satisfactory, but unfortunately...we are still ten points away from our admission score, but It doesn\'t matter, considering your status as a public figure and strong social influence, we decided to make an exception to admit you, and to show our sincerity, you can choose any major!"

It is more than ten points away from Tsinghua University’s admission score, which is about 660!

Wait... Tsinghua University is the leading university in China, the cradle of the country\'s key training of talents, the selection conditions are harsh, the academic style is rigorous, and it is supervised by ZF. How can it be possible to make an exception for a person\'s popularity and social status? Isn\'t this a joke?

Unless you’re throwing money into it, and it’s a lot of money, you can only be a borrower!

Combined with the temptation to choose a major given by the Admissions Office, a suspicion gradually formed in Ye Xian\'s mind. Could it be that the president was worried that she would be disappointed if her grades were not satisfactory, so he stuffed money in advance for Qing University to let her go as a borrower? !

"Miss Ye? Miss Ye?"

Ye Xian came to his senses after shouting several times on the phone, "I\'m sorry, let me think about it."


The admissions officer didn\'t expect that she would have to think about it, and his business-like tone suddenly became friendly and flattering, "May I ask Miss Ye, do you have any concerns or questions? You can tell us, and we will do our best to help you Solve the problem until you agree to write our school on the volunteer book."

...The staff of the admissions office of Tsingtao University, a super-first-class university in China, who would never even dream of a student, actually treated her so flatteringly. Is it really the president who paid a big price for her? This werewolf, no, this dog... I don\'t know if doing this is more insulting to her than just being admitted to Sanben Art School! !

"Excuse me."

She hung up the phone coldly amidst strong voices from the admissions office staff, and was about to call Bo Tingshen, when another call came in again, the area code was also Didu, which was different from the number just now.


"Excuse me, is this Miss Ye?"

"Yes, you are?"

"Hello, this is Peking University Admissions Office!"

Ye Xian: "...Do you have something to do with me?"

"It\'s like this, Miss Ye..."

Next, the admissions office of Peking University said something similar to that of Tsinghua University. The only difference was that they said that her score was only 5 points lower than the admission score of Peking University.

Ye Xian looked at the admission scores of the two colleges and universities in Qingbei, which were almost identical over the years, and rows of black lines floated on his forehead.

I really misunderstood her dear husband, let alone him, even the second brother who is stupid and rich can\'t do the stupid thing of spending money on two schools, besides, Qingbei is two top-ranking universities in China , world-renowned, how could he do such a thing that ruined his own reputation...

In summary, fraudulent calls are undoubtedly!

This time, she didn\'t even use polite words, she just replied boring and hung up the phone.

"Xiaolu, my mobile phone number seems to have been leaked out, please help me change a card."



The teacher of the Admissions Office of Peking University who was ruthlessly hung up was shocked and remorseful. He rushed over at the first time. Is it still a step too late for Qing University? !

Didu Center, BHS Headquarters Building


There was a clear sound of the elevator, and a blue figure flew out of it, with a speed as fast as the wind. Pang Kai was so frightened that he thought some uninvited guest had come. Before he could stand up, the figure stopped and pushed him away from the president\'s office. the door.

Xiao Sui looked at the people inside panting, and shouted excitedly, "BOSS! BOSS! My sister-in-law\'s college entrance examination score has been found!"

Behind the desk, the black gold fountain pen in the hands of the man with no distractions suddenly stopped, and he raised his eyes, "How much?"

In the afternoon, Pang Kai happily went to the meeting room to issue the president\'s order. All employees under the BHS Group can take three days of paid leave this month!

As soon as the news came out, the employees were as happy as if they had received a pie that fell from the sky, and they all discussed what kind of happy event Bo\'s company had. Since the last time the president gave benefits, he was still married to his wife!

In the afternoon, the film crew finished work early. Before three o’clock, Ye Xian returned to the Golden Palm Villa by car. When he got home, he sat leisurely on the sofa and browsed the menu, preparing to learn two new dishes for Bo Tingshen to try.

It\'s just that she hasn\'t selected a dish yet, when the door is suddenly pushed open.

Ye Xian turned his face and looked at the handsome man standing at the door with some surprise, "You...why did you come back so early?"

He seems a little different today than before. Against the light, she can vaguely feel the repressed flying spirit between his feathered brows and the vigorous spirit exuding from his whole body, as if... there is something happy to tell her.

Besides being unable to restrain himself on \'something\', he has always been low-key and introverted when dealing with other things. It is rare for him to be so emotional, which made her hold her breath and look forward to it.



"Your college entrance examination scores are out."

"It came out? Didn\'t the rankings not be released yet? You asked Xiao Sui to investigate? Are you sure it\'s true? By the way, speaking of scores, I have something interesting to tell you today..."

Ye Xian put down the menu, walked towards him with a smile, and heard him decide, "725 points."

725 points?

"The champion of science in the imperial capital."

Ye Xian\'s footsteps stopped suddenly, and the smile on his face disappeared.

725 points... 725 points? 725 points!

Fog Grass! The total score is only 750 points, and she scored 725 points!

Imperial Metropolitan Science Champion? !

Ye Xian covered his mouth in surprise, how is this possible? He must be teasing her... Wait!

She suddenly recalled the phone calls made to her by the admissions offices of two colleges and universities in Northern Qing Dynasty today, and only then did she realize that it was not a scam call at all, but a well-designed \'trap\'!

The two colleges have known her scores for a long time, and in order to compete for her college entrance examination, they specially made up a set of excuses for her, making her mistakenly think that her scores are not enough, it is an honor to be able to go to their school, and she will agree when she is excited, so The teachers of the two schools were very anxious when she refused, and they kept calling afterward. She said, how could two well-known universities in China be admitted because of one person\'s reputation...

I see!

When Ye Xian came back to his senses, he felt his body and mind were spinning, and he was dizzy.

Bo Ting hugged her deeply and walked around in the huge living room, and finally pressed her on the soft cotton sofa.

Ye Xian was overjoyed, and wrapped his arms around the man\'s neck somewhat at a loss, as the amber light hit the bottom of his dark eyes full of joy.

"...Husband, I got 725 points in the exam, so I\'m the number one student in science this year?"

"Yes." Bo Ting stroked her long hair deeply, straightened the bridge of his nose and lightly scratched her delicate cheek, "My baby is the smartest and most powerful in the world."

"I have lived up to your expectations and hard work over the past two months!"

"I will always be proud of you."


Ye Xian finally couldn\'t help but yelled out.

The couple laughed, hugged, and played around, as if they couldn\'t express the joy in their hearts. Finally, Bo Ting panted deeply, and pinned down the little woman who was so excited that she was so excited, "Baby, remember us?" Is it a bet?"


"Exceeded the Tsinghua University score line, unconditionally agree to my request."

"Yeah! Remember, I am happy today, and I will agree to whatever request you want!"


Bo Ting stared deeply at the charming smile on her delicate face, a trace of sparks gradually rose from the bottom of her eyes, which became more and more amazingly bright, "When you are happy, do you have to make me happy too? I want to go out with you."

Ye Xian, who was dazzled by happiness, did not delve into the deep meaning of the word \'play\', "Okay! But... this is obviously a reward for me!"

The corner of the man\'s lips twitched slightly, "You can also understand it that way."

"Then when shall we leave? I will ask the crew for leave!"

"No need, just now."


Ye Xian looked out the door in confusion, it was getting dark, where should I go to play...


Before she finished speaking, she was hugged by the man.

On Changyin Avenue, the cherry blossoms in the wind are as fast as lightning, and the evening wind rushing towards the face lifts up Ye Xian\'s dress and hair, elegant and beautiful.

She leaned half of her body out of the sunroof of the sports car, shaking her arms, flying in the wind like a happy and free and easy bird, shouting cheerfully, "Ahhh, keep accelerating! It\'s so fast~ it\'s so cool ~I got 725 points in the exam, and I am the champion of science in the capital, the sky, the forest, the all heard it?"

I heard.

The man with crooked eyebrows and eyes stopped the car in a scenic spot with dense forests and sweet streams.

"Wow, this place is so beautiful. I suddenly feel like having a picnic here. Why don\'t we go back and prepare some picnic tools and ingredients, President?"

Ye Xian proposed happily, but was pulled into his arms by the man, "No, you can eat like this."

That\'s it... When Ye Xian was puzzled, he saw his big palm exerting force, and there was a crumbling sound of a skirt.

Ye Xian: "?!"

Fuck, what is he going to eat here!

"Bo Tingshen, what are you doing, you\'re crazy, this is the wild, and someone outside is looking at... beasts!"

Ye Xian struggled desperately to break free, but he couldn\'t escape the man\'s iron-like embrace, and was finally pinned down on the cherry blossoms in the wind.

"Xianxian, you promised me this."

Bo Ting leaned deeply into her ear and gave a deep warning, with a strong unspeakable meaning in his voice, obviously sent...

"woo woo woo woo…"

Ye Xian wanted to cry, but when did she fall into his trap?

"I can\'t, I\'m afraid!"

"Don\'t be afraid, I\'m \'together\' with you"

The night is dark, the sky is like a cover, parked in the super sports car in the ever-shady forest, the little woman keeps hitting the man\'s chest with her hand, and the tiny starlight reflects the blurred tears on her face through the window glass, "Bastard, bastard! Bad guy!" , if you dare to do this next time, I will never talk to you again..."

"No more, no more."

"Xianxian, my Xianxian, my baby..."

Bo Ting bowed his head deeply and kissed Ye Xian\'s small face carefully, his vocal cords were hoarse and about to split, "I love you, I really love you."

Every acme in life is thanks to you.

On the eve of the release of the college entrance examination results, a recording was posted on the Internet. It was organized and reposted through multiple marketing accounts, and the name \'Xu Xinran\' was directly searched. In the recording, it was Xu Xinran who appeared in "Genius, please answer "The program group privately complained about Ye Xian\'s content.

Countless show fans and leaf fans clicked in, and their hair exploded instantly.

【I\'m out of my mouth, I didn\'t expect Xu Xinran to have two faces with this little sticky hoof? Flattering Ye Xian in every possible way on the show, stabbing him behind the scenes? 】

【No way? No way? She doesn\'t really think that if the show crew gives her a shot, she will be popular, right? Heavens answer without Ye Xian, who the **** will watch it? 】

【XSWL, where does the 18th line pheasant dare to come to the top of the class to touch the top star, want to be popular and crazy? With her popularity, I don\'t even bother to scold her. Luye sisters won\'t be beaten by passers-by if they swear casually? 】

【Identification completed, a sour chicken, sour we envy popularity, looks like a top boss and good husband! 】

【Blame us that Xianxian is too perfect, there are no shortcomings for others to step on, so we can only step on education. You are a graduate of Haida, you are so awesome, why don\'t you do academic research? Why come to the entertainment industry, where the appearance, talent, and character are all bad, so it\'s embarrassing to show off? 】

【U1S1, passers-by feel that Ye Xian’s only true point is that her education is not high, otherwise she would perfectly make me think she is a fairy! 】

【Ye Xian: What a bad luck】

【Xu Xinran get out of the sky! Don\'t be envious of the cue fairy! Do not pollute the eyes of the audience! 】

【Xu Xinran get out of the sky! Don\'t be envious of the cue fairy! Do not pollute the eyes of the audience! 】

For a while, the Internet was full of voices telling Xu Xinran to get out of the sky. The employers who had signed contracts with Xu Xinran also called Xu Xinran\'s company to question Xu Xinran\'s company, asking for termination of the contract and compensation. Xu Xinran woke up from her sleep and cursed loudly.

"I think you are crazy! I asked you to please Ye Xian, what are you doing???"

"Ye Xian is the most popular actress in the entertainment industry today. She can\'t even beat the top male traffic. Fans can drown you with a single mouthful of saliva! Not to mention relying on Star Entertainment Bo\'s back, she can beat you with a little finger." You crushed to death! Who are you to dare to make moves behind your back?"

"Before Ye Xian and Xingyu haven\'t responded publicly yet, you should quickly send me an apology statement, no, just shoot a video and cry for me, cry hard!"

"Just forget it yourself, don\'t bring trouble to the company!"

Xu Xinran was pulled up from the bed in the middle of the night, and when she heard the news, she was almost scared out of her wits.

The words were indeed spoken by her, but where did the recording come from? She was complaining in front of her best friend... Could it be? ? ?

Turned on the phone, only to find that Guo Ru had already blocked her.

This traitor!

Xu Xinran recorded an apology video in front of the camera with fear and hatred. Because she was in a bad mood, she was slapped several times by her manager, and recorded a \'poor and sincere\' apology statement with tears in her eyes.

But after the apology statement was issued, the audience and fans didn\'t buy it, as if they had seen through her hypocritical face, they scolded more intensely.

Although Xu Xinran is just a tepid third-tier star, but graduated from Haida University, she has a sense of pride in her bones. She has never been so embarrassed as she is today, bowing her knees and apologizing in front of the camera with tears. Attacking and cursing with extremely mean words for a whole night has become a joke in the entertainment industry.

The more she watched, the more resentful she became, and the more she watched, the more aggrieved she became, but she didn\'t dare to confront publicly, so she only registered a small account, and quietly sent a paragraph of words to vent her anger behind the brokerage company\'s back:

Am I the only one who thinks what Xu Xinran said is right? No matter how popular Ye Xian is, no matter how good her acting skills are, no matter how talented she is, she can\'t hide the fact that she is a high school student! !

Ordinary people can get into a junior college no matter how stupid they are? She couldn\'t even go to college, and she came to participate in puzzle programs, saying that there is no script to lie to ghosts! What happened to this world? Capital is in power, traffic is king, fans are violent, can\'t even tolerate a person who tells the truth?

The source of this content is n0v//el//bin[./]net\'

As everyone knows, not long after she sent this sentence, someone dug out her IP address, and #许欣然小号# was once again on the trending list.

According to Ye Xian\'s intentions, Jiang Wen released the recording at the beginning just to warn those with pink eyes not to gossip behind their backs. He didn\'t plan to do anything to Xu Xinran. After all, a celebrity with traffic and popularity like her is not worthy. Xingyu\'s public relations made a move, but she didn\'t expect her to be so troublesome, like a dog\'s skin plaster, so she called Ye Xian.

"Xianxian, have you read the trending searches? How about I just ask someone to give Xu Xinran to..."


Ye Xian lightly picked up a small dried strawberry and threw it into his mouth, glanced at the time on the wall, his amber-like eyes were full of joy, "Soon, no one will pay attention to her anymore..."

Jiang Wen: "?"

why is that? About her, no matter when and where, there will be many people paying attention, not to mention it is still on the hot search, unless there is more explosive news that diverts everyone\'s attention, but who in the entertainment industry is popular? Bigger than her!

Time passed minute by minute...

At 12:00 noon, the National Unified College Entrance Examination Result Inquiry Portal was officially opened.

Countless long-awaited students rushed into the webpage excitedly with their admission tickets, #高考倒案# also officially appeared on the trending searches, and major provincial and municipal official Vs, public accounts, and social apps began to release statistics of local surpassed Qing The information and identities of the students with the admission scores of the two colleges and universities in the North and North.

At the same time, a thunderous hot search airborne to the top of the Weibo list and the headlines of the current news, blowing up the entire entertainment circle, the entire academic circle and the entire network system!


When everyone saw this hot search, they thought they were hallucinating, or some tricky entry launched by Sina, but they clicked in to see

Ye and Ye Xian really scored 725 points in the test? ! It is only 25 points away from the full score! !

Is the most popular female top performer in domestic entertainment the champion of science in Beijing? ! The plot that even the most exciting Mary Su novels dare not write actually appeared in reality!

The Bo and Ye families, who had not heard the news beforehand, were stunned.

"Is this true? Is Xianxian really the number one student in science this year? My son\'s father, come and help me find out, is it my eyesight?"

"Damn it!! Little Yezi\'s beer! Little Yezi is the best! Little Yezi is indeed my sister Ye Shaowen, I can\'t take it anymore, I\'m going to go to the set to kiss Little Yezi!"

The three of FOR were also stunned, especially Cary, who held his mobile phone for a long time, staring at the three numbers 725 without blinking or blinking, rubbing his European-style double eyelids into swollen single eyelids, and dared not Believe this bad news, "It\'s over, it\'s over, it\'s over, even the only education I\'m proud of has been lost to Ye Xian, I will never stand up in front of her anymore!!"

A quarter of an hour later, all the celebrities, actors, and media who had known Ye Xian who had accepted the shocking news forwarded Weibo one after another, and sent floods of congratulations to Ye Xian with pride, and among them the most astonished, Nothing is more exciting than Ye Fen.

【...The legs are all purple, but I don’t seem to be awake yet. I think Xianxian still has a score of 725, and he is still the number one student in science in the imperial capital. How about you? 】

【Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I\'m crazy, I\'m crazy! Crazier than when Xianxian teased me, crazier than knowing that Xianxian is a woman disguised as a man, crazier than the day of Xianxian\'s wedding! Xianxian is actually Ma Ma, the champion of science in the imperial city, is Ma Ma a fairy? She must be! ! 】

【Help...I take it back and said that Xianxian\'s lack of education is the only real thing about her, and she has never been real! Looks, acting skills, talents, IQ, none of them are real! In reality, there is no such perfect person at all. She has been a **** from the very beginning, the only god! God Xian, let me be your faithful believer! 】

【The little fan next door climbed over the wall and came over to ZQSG\'s Reese, I am so envious of internal entertainment! 】

【Tuanfan sent ten thousand sincere blessings! Ye Xian Miracle Creator Stone Hammer! 】

【Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Lever L L L l L L M M M M M M O M M M M M E O M M O M A N M M M M M O O N M M O , how can you be so good and so good! After you are so perfect, how can your mother criticize you, there are no black spots at all! 】

【Apologize to Ye Xian in a **** letter, I voted without authorization to predict your college entrance examination score of more than 400, I am blind, idiot! ! 】

【Me too, me too! In this bet, I don’t have any underwear left, but I’m so happy! 】

【You fake fans, if you were more careful, you should have discovered that Xian Xian has a superior IQ and extraordinary conversation! It\'s just that I didn\'t expect that she would score 725 in the test! Is this the score that the human brain can get? 】

【Hahahahaha Ye Fen, who had been disgusted by Xu Xinran all night, is now refreshed and happy, Xu Suanji, hurry up and pay homage to the number one scholar in science! 】

【Hahahaha what kind of face-slapping madman is Ye Xian? Xu Xinran just mocked her education background on the Internet, and she immediately became a top student in science. This feeling is so f*cking cool! Now Xu Xinran\'s face should be swollen from the beating, and her Haida who talked about it twice for three days was directly crushed into the dirt! 】

【Has no one discovered that Xu Xinran has secretly canceled her account? Tian Answer just released Weibo and terminated the contract with her, what a clown hahahaha! 】

【Ye fans, don’t mention such unlucky things during the Chinese New Year, hurry up and congratulate the title of the Xianxian Gold List and top the list! 】

#叶仲高考725分帝市科学校元# To break the heat of the big wedding at the beginning, it lasted for more than half a month. The reporter of the "Genius, Please Answer" program group made an appointment for the first time to conduct an official interview on the public platform information about her.

"The following is a question that all netizens on the Internet are very curious about. May I ask Ye Xian, how did you become the number one student in science in the city\'s college entrance examination after just over two months of review?"

Just when everyone thought she would talk about IQ in a calm manner, Ye Xian pondered for a moment, looked at the camera, as if looking at someone, with the corners of her lips slightly curled up, "First of all, you have to have a Husband of the Provincial Institute of Technology."


While everyone shouted Versailles, they were stuffed with a mouthful of Xueba-flavored dog food.

It’s fine that the goddess is perfect in every way, but the key point is that she has a top-notch boss husband that no one can do.

Liqiu, France.

The jewelry design major of the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris ushered in the annual opening ceremony. Thirty-seven outstanding students from all over the country stood on the stage and accepted the meeting gift from the old principal Henri-Claude Gusso. When it was Ye Xian\'s turn, the big 3D screen behind the stage lit up abruptly.

Everyone turned around curiously, including Ye Xian.

On the big screen, a beautifully packaged silver-gray gift box suddenly appeared. The lid of the box was slowly opened, and when everyone was looking forward to seeing what was inside... the same box came into her eyes very close at hand.

Henry: "Monsieur Yexian, voici uncadeau de votremari, M.Bo, pour votree entrée à l’école." (French: Ye Xian, this is the opening gift from your husband, Mr. Bo)

"…jevousremercie" (thank you)

She parted her cherry lips slightly, and took the box in surprise.

The silver-gray gift box was slowly opened, and the little woman\'s movements were synchronized with the 3D big screen behind her. A string of bright and beautiful necklaces flowed out of her hands, like meteors passing across the sky in the dark night, extremely beautiful.

The necklace pendant is a beautiful figure with complex design. The front is a small sun forged from platinum, inlaid with a brilliant sunflower inside, and the reverse is a five-pointed star made of high-purity fine diamonds. It is full of beautiful pink gypsophila stars.

In the screen, a line of words slowly floated up:

You are the hot stars, the scorching sun in the world, and what I want all my life.

Ye Xian\'s eyes gradually became hot with tears.

She raised her head and looked at the handsome man who was staring at her affectionately in the mottled light and shadow under the stage. Amid thunderous applause, she opened her lips lightly, "TuQuoque" (you too)


A little easter egg—

After the school opening ceremony, Ye Xian, immersed in the emotion of the Starry Necklace designed by a certain wolf himself, took the initiative to cook dishes for her husband for a month, and in one afternoon, opened the Starry Necklace again with treasure. When I picked up the gift box, I was surprised to find that there was a small note at the bottom, which read:


My little star

I miss you every day

Mr. BO

Ye Xian: "???" So this is the true meaning of the Star Necklace? ! Oh, no, it should be the sun star!

"Ah, ah, ah, Bo Tingshen, you bastard, kneel the durian in the hall for me tonight!!"

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